Virginia State Police Special Agent Michael T. Walter was felled by a single shot Friday night as he was working to make one of Richmond’s most crime-plagued and violence-prone communities a safer place to live.

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Virginia Salary Database

Over the years, has published several data projects using public information.
Here's a sampling of some of those projects.

- Our annual database of state employee salaries was recently updated with 2015-16 data.
- Our salary database of local government employees was updated in February.

Your Right To Know publishes important public notices that may affect the lives of Central Virginians.
We fight for the public's right to know about government actions and information.

- Read important public announcements that may affect your neighborhood.
- Read notices about upcoming trustee sales around the region.
- Read information about local governments seeking bids on projects.

RTD wins VPA's highest honor

This is what judges for the Virginia Press Association Award for Journalistic Integrity and Community Service said about our in-depth coverage on the death of a mentally ill prisoner in Portsmouth.