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Sprint offers DirecTV customers free year of phone service

Sprint is offering DirecTV customers one free year of cellphone service in a bold move aimed at the satellite TV company’s new owner, AT&T.

Local Business News

Ruling could ease way for unionizing at fast-food chains

It could be easier for unions to bargain for better pay and working conditions on behalf of millions of workers at McDonald’s, Burger King and other fast-food chains after a National Labor Relations Board ruling on Thursday.

NRC, Dominion settle dispute over safety pump at Conn. plant

Dominion Resources Inc., the parent company of Connecticut’s nuclear plant, and federal regulators have reached a settlement over the plant operator’s decision, without regulatory approval, to halt the use of a safety-related pump in the event of a severe accident.

Newspaper seeks information on work-life balance

How is your work-life balance? Have you changed jobs in recent years to gain a better work-life balance, or perhaps for better pay, benefits or opportunities?

Alexander's Antiques and Auctions to close after more than two decades

After 21 years in the auction house business, husband-and-wife owners Keith and Barbara Ann Smith are ready to close Alexander’s Antiques and Auctions.

Part of East Grace Street becoming restaurant row

Chris Tsui, owner of five Richmond restaurants including The Blue Goat and Osaka, is opening a new restaurant — this time on East Grace Street in downtown Richmond.

Magnus Jepson

I doubt I’ll ever go back to corporate work. Once you see the light, there is no turning back.

Fresh Market sets hiring event for new Chesterfield store

The Fresh Market plans to open a 23,710-square-foot store in October in the Commonwealth Center shopping center off Hull Street Road just west of state Route 288. 

Airline voucher doesn't make up for cost of delay

QUESTION: I boarded a flight in San Francisco headed for New York. The flight was on the runway three hours before passengers were ordered off to board another plane. I missed my appointments and incurred about $375 in expenses due to the delay. The airline is offering me a $50 voucher on a future flight.

Working the web: Three digital marketing tactics with high failure rates

Last month, I shared my thoughts on why organizations fail with digital marketing. Continuing this theme, the following discusses the digital marketing tactics most prone to failure, and why it is they fail.

Business principles 101: There is a method to hiring people

The ability to pick talented employees is the most critical part in building a successful team that allows any business to smoothly produce its goods or services.

Ask Doug & Polly: Using cash or accrual accounting

There are ways to reward employees and mimic ownership without handing over shares.

More Learning Center
Getting to know: Dan Steiner of Steiner Business Solutions

Title: President and CEO of Steiner Business Solutions, a provider of business consulting, bookkeeping, tax preparation and training services

Getting to know: Thomas A. Garner

Title: Thomas K. Garner, managing director and portfolio manager of Kanawha Capital Management LLC

Getting to know: Dr. David C. Reutinger

The Texas native is president of Virginia Physicians for Women.

Getting to know: Viren Kapadia of Gyrus Systems

Viren Kapadia, president and CEO of Gyrus Systems, a learning management system software vendor based in Henrico County. Best business decision: “One of the toughest and scariest decisions I made was to leave the comfort of a corporate job and pursue owning a software company. Five years later, it clearly was the best decision I made.”

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I doubt I’ll ever go back to corporate work. Once you see the light, there is no turning back.

— Magnus Jepson



Congressional Bill Could Impact How Employers Schedule and Manage Their Workforce

A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would require employers to consider their employees’ requests for changes to their work schedules and to provide more predictable and stable schedules for employees in certain occupations with evidence of unpredictable and unstable scheduling practices. The Schedules That Work Act, S.1772, also would require employers to make, keep, and preserve records of compliance with the Act and post a notice in the workplace explaining employees’ rights under the Act. An identical bill, H.R.3071, also was introduced in the House of Representatives.

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