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Richmond's Hilb Group has major expansion plans across U.S.

The Hilb name carries a lot of weight in the insurance industry.

Local Business News

Va. Power might have to refund $11.2 million

Dominion Virginia Power customers will not be getting as large a potential refund or see a rate reduction they otherwise could have been entitled to because of actions by the General Assembly in the past two years, according to a witness hired by the Attorney General’s office.

Consumer Reports: Kitchen counter intelligence

As chameleons go, quartz is impressive. The man-made stone offers an increasingly realistic look, mimicking materials such as marble, granite, concrete and more.

Biz Bites: Air traffic, home sales up


Frugality sometimes can cross line to unhealthy extreme

You may have seen the news reports about Ron Read, a Vermont man who spent his working life as a gas station mechanic and janitor yet managed to amass an $8 million stock portfolio.

Helping underwater homeowners move on

Could a little-noticed policy change by giant mortgage investor Fannie Mae help homeowners who’d like to move but can’t because they’re underwater — they owe more to the bank than the likely selling price of their houses? Could it help you?

Verizon strike possible as contract deadline looms

Verizon workers in nine states, including Virginia, could walk off the job as soon as early Sunday if union negotiators don’t reach an agreement over benefits.

Survey: Local CEOs expect better sales but little change on hiring

Nearly three-quarters of top executives for local businesses in one recent survey said they expect to see an increase in sales over the next six months, but a majority do not expect that to change their hiring plans.

Ex-Massey Energy CEO asks to make trip to N.C.

Former Massey Energy Co. CEO Don Blankenship wants a federal judge to let him take a business trip to North Carolina.

Working the web: Why organizations fail in digital marketing

By now, most established businesses have experienced some digital marketing successes and failures. Given all the hype around digital marketing, it comes as a surprise when most campaigns fail to live up to expectations.

What can my organization do to boost respect among colleagues?

Senior executives must lead by example, and training can also help. 

Ask Doug and Polly: How can I motivate my employees better?

Money isn't the only way to let people know that you appreciate the work they are doing.

More Learning Center
Getting to know: Viren Kapadia of Gyrus Systems

He's the president and CEO of Gyrus Systems.

Decision Maker: Andrew Routh

He's director of therapeutic resources at the Virginia Home for Boys and Girls.

Bryan C. Green

He's director of historic preservation for Richmond-based Commonwealth Architects

Decision Maker: Barbara Joynes

She's the new senior vice president and director of account management at West Cary Group.

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-- Horace


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