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Museum District could get new apartment building

An entire city block in Richmond’s Museum District could become an upscale garden-style apartment complex with as many as 50 units.

Local Business News

Getting to know: John Lewis

John Lewis is co-founder at The CoHero Institute, a business leadership and management consulting and coaching firm in Richmond.

Regulations for Uber, Lyft clear General Assembly

Regulations governing transportation companies Uber and Lyft were approved Friday by the Virginia House of Delegates in a 67-28 vote, with one abstention.

Biz Buzz: Cornering the market

Shahid Ali is bringing a new restaurant franchise to the Richmond area.


ShopRite Supermarkets is a chain of stores owned by members of Wakefern Food Corp., a retailer-owned cooperative. Its parent company was incorrect in a story Friday on Page D1.

Earnings: Altria

Richmond-area firms:

Friday at the Assembly: Hemp, Uber and major Constitutional overhaul

The House of Delegates will consider whether it should call for a convention of states to propose amendments to the Constitution. 

Thomas Watson

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.

Working the web: Don't confuse a great story with the right online strategy

You probably won't get results if you're holding out for the next Ice Bucket challenge. 

Ask Doug & Polly: How do I fire an employee who has a unique skill set?

A problem employee needs to go, but he's the only one at the company who can do his job. How should the business avoid being held hostage?

Labor Law: Wage wars

States and cities are increasingly mandating a minimum wage that is higher than the national requirement. 

More Learning Center
Sharon Juozapavicius

She's the head of CCHASM, a social ministry organization helping people in Chesterfield and Colonial Heights. 

Scott Turner

He's the new senior relationship manager at Oyster Consulting.

Sabrina Walters

She's the Owner of Umami Gourmet Coffee & Exotic Tea Shop on Lakeside Avenue

Melissa Mae Miller

She's executive director of the Hanover Association of Businesses and Chamber of Commerce.

More You Need To Meet


To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.

– Thomas Watson, Sr


Getting medical bills paid after an accident

Regardless of who is at fault for the accident, it is important to check to see if there is medical payments coverage.

A conversation with your Morgan Stanley financial advisors

Who will be the winners and losers from cheap oil prices? 

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