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Powhatan’s first craft brewery in planning: Fine Creek Brewing

Powhatan County should see its first craft brewery operating next year.

Local Business News

State joins efforts to curb payday debt traps

Virginia will develop strategies to combat predatory lending practices that ensnare thousands of people in cycles of debt, Attorney General Mark R. Herring said Thursday at a field hearing in Richmond held by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Web firm founder named Entrepreneur of the Year

Kishau Rogers, founder and CEO of the Websmith Group, was named Entrepreneur of the Year on Thursday by the Metropolitan Business League.

Virginia business briefs for March 27

Va. wine grape harvest grows sharply in 2014

Goodwin says children's hospital could be a "dominant force" for region

While a decision has not been made on where to locate the proposed children’s hospital in the Richmond area, one of its most prominent backers has acquired a tract that could serve as its site.

Lou Holtz, football coach

Don't tell your problems to people; 80 percent don't care, and the other 20 percent are glad you have them.

Construction squeezing Manchester business owners

Business owners said parking and traffic problems are hurting sales and leading them to consider moving out of the city.

Working the web: Is your digital marketing out of date?

Digital marketing is changing quickly. Are your strategies keeping pace?

Business principles 101: With franchises, try it before you buy it

If you're thinking of buying a franchise, get training from the owner of another location who you won't compete with. 

Ask Doug & Polly: How do I control the e-mail avalanche?

We've all felt overwhelmed by e-mail at times. These strategies can help you manage the daily onslaught of messages. 

More Learning Center
Craig Truitt

He's a new partner at Canal Capital Management.

Sunday Q&A with Bernie Henderson, Woody Funeral Home

Henderson, who has been president of Woody Funeral Home since August, talked about the changing trends in the funeral business. 

Edward A. Lane IV

He's president and CEO of Lane Homes & Remodeling Inc., a family-owned and operated design and building firm 

Barry Rickert

His company lends businesses money in exchange for royalty payments.

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Don't tell your problems to people; 80 percent don't care, and the other 20 percent are glad you have them.

-- Lou Holtz, football coach


Premises liability law: Keeping businesses safe for customers

When customers or clients enter business establishments, many customers think that a business must ensure that the property is 100 percent safe to prevent a customer from injury – but that is not necessarily the law in Virginia. Clients or customers of business establishments generally are considered “invitees.” While an “invitee” in Virginia has “the right to assume that the premises are reasonably safe for his or her visit” (Va. Model Jury Instruction 23.030), a business owner “does not guarantee an invitee’s safety” (Va. Model Jury Instruction 23.040).

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