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CarLotz founders are finalists for business award

The three top officers for Richmond-based CarLotz are finalists for the 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Greater Washington region.

Local Business News

Kmart closing its Colonial Heights store

The store has 113 employees, most of them in part-time jobs.

HHHunt building house in Magnolia Green for charity

Proceeds from the sale of the 2,586-square-foot home will benefit Hope International, a nonprofit that works to alleviate poverty in developing countries.

Class action against LandAmerica wins prelimary approval

A $5 million settlement was preliminarily approved, but a class-action lawsuit filed against the company’s former officers and directors is still making its way through the courts.

Michelle Singletary: A financial plan on the back of a napkin

Many people score poorly on financial literacy tests.

Activist firm holds large stake in The Brink’s Co.

Starboard Value has bought more than 8 percent of the shares of Brink's and will push the company to take actions to boost its share price.

James City development gets fast charger for cars

The charger enables owners to recharge their electric and plug-in electric vehicles quickly. The service currently is free.

Steve Case, AOL co-founder

If you really want to change the world, it will take some perseverance. 

Labor Law: Nursing mothers and the Fair Labor Standards Act

If nursing moms want to pump milk at the office, you need to provide them a place to do so. And a bathroom just won't cut it.

Economic Impact: Worker productivity growth could shed some light on what the Federal Reserve might do

Working productivity is increasing at slow rates, which could lead the Fed to wait longer on raising rates.

Working the web: What keywords should I target?

Start by optimizing for the words that already show up on your site, then figure out what you need to add. 

More Learning Center
Decision Maker: Brian D. Haney

He's the chief operating officer of Kinsale Insurance Co.

Getting to know: Alex Cordero of Lasso Data Partners

Lasso is a consulting firm specializing in data analysis for small to medium-sized businesses.

Robert E. Martin III

He's managing partner of the Richmond practice of certified public accounting firm Cherry Bekaert.

Q&A with Beth Weisbrod, executive director of the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation

 Twenty-four miles of trail through Varina in eastern Henrico County and in western Charles City County are currently under construction, and work in East Richmond will finally bring construction to a close this fall.

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If you really want to change the world, it will take some perseverance. 

-- Steve Case, AOL co-founder


What is active investing, and why is it important?

Because the world is a complicated place.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy law protects rights and assets

Consumer bankruptcy protects the legal rights of people who have financial problems. There are two options – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 is often best for people with few or no assets to protect. It quickly gives them a fresh financial start.

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