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Cross Grain Brewhouse opens at Richmond International Airport featuring local brews, food

For the past decade, Richmond has steadily built a reputation as a destination for dining and craft brewing, though you might not have gleaned that from a visit to its airport.

Local Business News

Richmond Main Post Office unit handling business discounted bulk mailings closing

Business customers accustomed to dropping off discounted bulk mailings at the Richmond Main Post Office will have to take those items to the large mail-processing facility at 5801 Technology Blvd. in Sandston in eastern Henrico County beginning Sept. 26.

Study shows Virginia consumers still have affordable care access, even if ACA rates increase

Even while double-digit rate increases loom for Virginians with Affordable Care Act plans in 2017, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says reasonably priced plans will still be available to consumers in the commonwealth.

Banking executive named to succeed Billy Beale as CEO at Richmond-based Union Bankshares

A seasoned banking executive has been named to replace G. William “Billy” Beale as chief executive officer and president of Richmond-based Union Bankshares Corp. and as president and CEO of its Union Bank & Trust subsidiary.

Airrosti signs contract with Va. Health Network

San Antonio-based musculoskeletal health care group Airrosti Rehab Centers, which operates two locations in the Richmond area, has signed a contract with Virginia Health Network to expand access to Virginians.

Longtime Martin Agency executive joins Montpelier board

John Adams, chairman emeritus of The Martin Agency, has joined the board of trustees at James Madison’s Montpelier in Orange.

6 Essential Things to Bring to an Interview

So much preparation (and blood and sweat and tears) goes into getting a job interview that sometimes it’s easy to forget the practicalities. In other words: there’s so much we can’t control when going to an interview; it’s hard to remember the few things we can control.

Rob Kalin, Etsy founder

I don’t think an economic slump will hurt good ideas.

Dominion gets approval to replace vulnerable overhead lines at monthly cost of 50 cents for customers

Dominion Virginia Power won approval Tuesday to bury about 400 miles of power lines, and to charge its typical customer an extra $6 a year to pay for the $140 million project.

Business Principles 101: Be happy. Do what you love and what you are good at doing.

You will likely spend more hours working than doing anything else except sleeping. In my latest book “Finding a Career for Life, the Road to the Top,” which is written to help young adults make better career choices, I suggest that the foundation of their career path should be doing what they love and what they are good at doing.

Ask Doug & Polly: Job descriptions not required, but valuable

QUESTION: A candidate I was interviewing for a job opening in my company asked to see the job description. I don’t have job descriptions. Do I need them?

Labor Law: Employees may not be protected by mental health issues

Employers frequently struggle to know how best to accommodate mental disabilities, especially when those same disabilities cause disruption in the workplace.

More Learning Center
Getting to know: Michael Thaler with Equity Concepts

Title: founder, partner and wealth manager of Equity Concepts LLC, a wealth management and financial services firm based in Henrico County with an office in Carytown and two in Altoona, Pa.

Decision Maker: Roy Huhta with West Cary Group

New position: Chief product officer, West Cary Group

Decision Maker: Kendall Marie Rice with Greater Richmond ARC

New position: director of compliance, Greater Richmond ARC. Primarily responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance for all programs and services offered by Greater Richmond ARC; human rights advocate and licensure specialist.

Getting to know: Elliot Haspel with Virginia Early Childhood Foundation

Title: policy analyst with the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps the state’s young children achieve lifelong success through partnerships and initiatives

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I don’t think an economic slump will hurt good ideas.

— Rob Kalin, Etsy founder 



Should I compare my portfolio to the S&P 500?

This question is on the minds of many investors.  I would suggest that we broaden the question to how should I measure your portfolio.  There are three measurements to utilize.

Verdicts versus Settlements: What Does the Public Get to Know?

Did you know that the vast majority of civil cases settle and never go to trial? Many settled cases also are subject to confidentiality agreements - meaning that the names of the parties or the details of the case or the settlement - will not be shared with the public. On the other hand, if a case goes to trial (unless the case involves a juvenile or is put under seal), the public generally can know the case details - including the outcome if the case goes to verdict.

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