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Monkee’s clothing boutique on the move

The store is leaving the Short Pump area and heading to the north end of the Huguenot Bridge. 

Local Business News

Hourigan Construction takes on the toughest projects

From a massive brewery for the City of Richmond to a new operations headquarters for Dominion Virginia Power, Hourigan is handling some complex buildings.

Trade Names: Boone Homes lets buyers to completely customize their homes

Customization is a growing trend at the top-end of the market. 

Pump leak at Surry reactor prompts power reduction

A leaking pump at the Surry 2 nuclear plant prompted Dominion Virginia Power to reduce the reactor’s power output Monday, the company said.

MeadWestvaco to merge with Rock-Tenn Co.

The merger of paper packaging giants MeadWestvaco Corp. and Rock-Tenn Co. will create a larger, more diverse business with a significant presence in Virginia, but it also will result in cost-cutting measures.

Westhampton Theater to close, be redeveloped

A real estate broker working with the owner said no specific plans have been made for the building's future.

Full Metro Business calendar for Jan. 26


Convention Calendar for Jan. 26, 2015

Upcoming conventions, conferences, meetings, events and trade shows:

Labor Law: Wage wars

States and cities are increasingly mandating a minimum wage that is higher than the national requirement. 

Leading-Edge Law: Is there First Amendment protection for offensive trademarks?

Can you trademark a business name -- or other title -- that some people find offensive? The Redskins and others could find out this year?

Sales strategies: Selling yourself to sell your company

If you're not making the right impression on a client, it doesn't matter how good your product or sales strategies are. 

More Learning Center
Scott Turner

He's the new senior relationship manager at Oyster Consulting.

Sabrina Walters

She's the Owner of Umami Gourmet Coffee & Exotic Tea Shop on Lakeside Avenue

Melissa Mae Miller

She's executive director of the Hanover Association of Businesses and Chamber of Commerce.

Alan Cannaday

He's the mortgage sales manager at the Virginia Credit Union.

More You Need To Meet


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


A conversation with your Morgan Stanley financial advisors

Who will be the winners and losers from cheap oil prices? 

Garnishments negatively affect employers & workers.

About 7 percent of the U.S. workforce will have wages garnished in 2015

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