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Former United Way chief Brach to lead The Community Foundation

Brach was the unanimous choice to succeed Darcy Oman, who is retiring after 30 years with the foundation.

Local Business News

Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion offering joint park pass

The partnership, their first in nearly 15 years, is part of the two parks’ 40th anniversary celebrations.

TESTING Workplaces

PHOTOS: Protesters outside Dominion's annual stockholders meeting
Dominion shareholders pepper CEO with questions about the proposed natural gas pipeline

The $4.5 billion to $5 billion pipeline will carry natural gas from the abundant shale fields of West Virginia to Virginia and North Carolina.

Jeanette Rankin

Go! Go! Go! It makes no difference where, just so you go! go! go! Remember at the first opportunity: Go!

Your Funds: Bigger isn't better when it comes to fund files

She thought it was going to be bigger.

Ask Doug & Polly: Can two captains sail one boat?

50-50 partnerships can work but are also fraught with peril.

Labor Law: Nursing mothers and the Fair Labor Standards Act

If nursing moms want to pump milk at the office, you need to provide them a place to do so. And a bathroom just won't cut it.

Economic Impact: Worker productivity growth could shed some light on what the Federal Reserve might do

Working productivity is increasing at slow rates, which could lead the Fed to wait longer on raising rates.

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Decision Maker: Brian D. Haney

He's the chief operating officer of Kinsale Insurance Co.

Getting to know: Alex Cordero of Lasso Data Partners

Lasso is a consulting firm specializing in data analysis for small to medium-sized businesses.

Robert E. Martin III

He's managing partner of the Richmond practice of certified public accounting firm Cherry Bekaert.

Q&A with Beth Weisbrod, executive director of the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation

 Twenty-four miles of trail through Varina in eastern Henrico County and in western Charles City County are currently under construction, and work in East Richmond will finally bring construction to a close this fall.

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Go! Go! Go! It makes no difference where, just so you go! go! go! Remember at the first opportunity: Go!

-- Jeanette Rankin, First female representative in the U.S. Congress


What is active investing, and why is it important?

Because the world is a complicated place.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy law protects rights and assets

Consumer bankruptcy protects the legal rights of people who have financial problems. There are two options – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 is often best for people with few or no assets to protect. It quickly gives them a fresh financial start.

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