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Sale of museum mansion provides infusion of funds

The Oaks, an 18th-century house in Windsor Farms, was home to five directors of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and their families. Now, it is funding the professional development of the museum staff and the upkeep and maintenance of museum …

Local Business News

State peanut production flourishes in 2014

Virginia growers broke national records with a yield of 4,350 pounds of goober peas per acre. Yum.

Distillery and malting plant to open in Petersburg

A former muffler shop in downtown Petersburg will be converted into a distillery and malting plant to supply Virginia's growing craft beer industry.

John Williams, Domtar

You can spend your life refining a business model that's going off a cliff. The reality is that we have a declining core business. So the key is convincing the troops where to go next and having the resources to get there.

Crime-fighting accountants? New specializations are changing long-held industry perceptions

Optimistic job forecasts for trending specializations in accounting are making the field more appealing than ever for recent graduates. Accounting jobs are projected to grow 13 percent between 2012 and 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with select specializations projected to grow even faster.

Bechtel Corp. relocation to Fairfax creates 700 jobs

Bechtel Corp., one of the world’s largest engineering, construction and project management companies, will invest $10 million to relocate its Frederick, Md., operation to Fairfax County as a result of global restructuring. The project will create 700 new jobs.

Office Depot closing Bristol customer service center

Office Depot Inc. says it is closing its Bristol customer service center as part of its merger with Office Max Inc., laying off about 140 people.

Old will should be updated

QUESTION: My husband and I have a 15-year-old will that was written in Michigan before we moved to Florida, and the home that is in the will has been sold. We now own a home in Florida. Does this go to probate if something should happen to us? Do we need to redo the will, and about what does it cost to have this done? Also, we have a living will.

Sales strategies: Three reasons digital marketing doesn't work

If you're busy talking to the wrong customers, you won't see results from your digital marketing.

Business principles 101: If you buy the stock, you buy the liabilities and problems of a business

Most sales of small businesses are structured as transfers of the business’s assets, not as a purchase of the company’s stock, because that protects the new owner from many past problems.

Ask Doug & Polly: How do I rescue my sinking business?

A business with 25 employees is underwater and can't pay all of its employees? The owner wants help with a rescue plan. 

More Learning Center
Decision Maker for Sept. 29: Mark Cacamis

He's the mid-Atlantic delivery manager for HNTB Corp.

Dan Mortensen

He's the executive director of the Virginia Council on Economic Education.

Petrina Jones

She's the new executive director of Virginians for the Arts.

Robert D. Steele III

He's director of camp services at Camp Baker in Chesterfield County, a division of The Greater Richmond ARC.

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You can spend your life refining a business model that's going off a cliff. The reality is that we have a declining core business. So the key is convincing the troops where to go next and having the resources to get there.

- John Williams, Domtar


A conversation with your local Morgan Stanley financial advisor

Why is risk management important, and how does a financial advisor help me with it?

Locke & Quinn welcomes new lawyer

Locke & Quinn welcomes the addition of Kati Kitts Dean who attended law school at the University of Richmond, graduating cum laude in 2013. Kati received her undergraduate degree from James Madison University in 2007, after which she obtained a Master’s degree in English from the University of South Carolina, and then spent a year working as an AmeriCorps volunteer in the Richmond Public School system. During law school, Kati was admitted into the McNeill Law Society, was a John Marshall Scholar, and received 2 CALI Awards for Excellence and the Orrell-Brown Award for Clinical Excellence in the Children’s Law Center. She is admitted to practice in Virginia and in the Eastern District, and is a member of the Richmond Bar Association, the Virginia Trial Lawyers’ Association, the Equality Bar, and the Metro Richmond Women’s Bar Association.

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