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From the Archives


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In March 1969, a group of 24 women were extended provisional invitations to join the Junior League of Richmond. The prospects had been busy making visits to various organizations where the league provided assistance. Here, Mary M. Trice (from left), Beverly L. Crump and Anne Cooke played music with children at the St. Paul’s School for the Deaf. The children were Joe Bise (from left), Mills Cokes and Jimmy Taylor.


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In mid-1949, youths from the Richmond Boys Home were eager to appear in “This is Our Way,” a 20-minute movie that told the story of the Community Chest, now known at the United Way. Each of the 31 agencies serviced by the Chest had a part in the film, which premiered in September that year and was made available to anyone willing to show it. It was filmed over several months by the motion picture department of Reynolds Metals Co. as a donation to promote the good works of the Chest.

June 1934

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This June 1934 image of Cary Street helped illustrate a traffic problem along Richmond streets. Drivers tended to use the center lane instead of the right lane, next to the parked cars. With passing on the right prohibited, traffic would stack up behind slow cars, usually resulting in someone pulling into oncoming traffic to try to pass – and increasing the chance of accidents.

April 1941

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This April 1941 image shows the old-fashioned way the Pamunkey Indians in King William County cured the shad they caught. The fish were split in half, cleaned thoroughly and nailed on boards, upon which they were allowed to dry. At intervals, salt was sprinkled over the curing fish. At the time, shad was the most valuable commercial food fish in Virginia waters.

March 1936

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In March 1936, throngs of Richmonders crowded the Mayo Bridge at 14th Street to view the torrent of the James River, but shortly after this photo was taken, the span was closed to traffic and spectators. Flooding in a dozen Eastern states killed more than 100 people, and while the James crested at 28.3 feet, the temporary dyke at the foot of 17th Street held.

April 1951

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This April 1951 image shows St. Andrew's School in Richmond's Oregon Hill area. Noted philanthropist Grace Arents founded the school in 1894 and was a key supporter of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. The school offered a wide range of programs, including sewing, music and physical education. It still stands today, serving low-income children.

December 1951

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This December 1951 image shows the “Tummyache” persimmon tree in the back of Retreat for the Sick Hospital at Grove Avenue and Mulberry Street in Richmond. According to the story, in about 1922, the 6-year-old son of a preacher-farmer in Powhatan County kept eating persimmons one day until he developed a stomachache and was brought to the hospital. A doctor removed about a pint of seeds from the child's stomach – and then planted one, which became this tree.


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In October 1967, a freight train pulled into Richmond along the Seaboard Coast Line tracks on the edge of Windsor Farms. With an accompanying story, this photo was used to show the changing face of Richmond, where an expressway system was planned alongside the tracks in place of the vine-covered banks shown here.

1926-1933 Bank

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This image from the later 1920s or early 1930s shows the State-Planter's Bank and Trust Co. building at the corner of North Avenue and Brookland Park Boulevard in Richmond. In January 1926, two banks merged to become State-Planter's, and this building, constructed in the early 1920s for the State and City Bank and Trust Co., was home to the merged bank's North Side branch until June 1933. The building still stands today.

May 1937

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This May 1937 image shows Trinity Methodist Church in Chesterfield Courthouse. The church was dedicated in 1889, built on land donated by Mack Cogbill and with donations from 40 members of the community. Offerings included a Bible, pulpit chairs, an organ and a total of nearly $1,500.

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