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Tacky Lights Tour

9604 Asbury Court

9604 & 9606 Asbury Court will flip the switch on their lights Thanksgiving night at 6 p.m. Owner Bobby Phifer says you can hear the breaks go on. It's the only night they light up their amazing million & a half lights in total darkness.

9606 Asbury Court

The Phifer home is one of the best-known tacky-lights houses in the area. Just follow the trail of buses and limos which have been visiting the Phifer home for 40 years for Tacky Lights.

6421 Fitzhugh Ave.

Check out this "gingerbread" home in the West End featuring more than 75,000 lights. On the list for the fifth year in a row.

8711 Greenford Dr.

New to the list! The roof of Donnie Kaloski's home looks like a gingerbread with 3,000 criss-cross lights.

9213 Holbrook Drive

Right around the corner from the Phifers on Asbury Court, James Bishop has been lighting up his West End home for the last 10 years.

10120 Idlebrook Drive

The Riddick's have moved from 6307 Millhiser Ave. and they brought their light display with them. 

2503 Pine Grove Drive

Bob Siceloff's family home sports more than 30,000 lights, 6 blow-ups, 7 figurines, 3 M&Ms characters, and the giant Shrek has been repaired and will return again this year.

8720 River Road

The Whitlock’s house on River Road will light up early again this year for Thanksgiving weekend.

2334 Thousand Oaks Drive

The Preissner home, covered with 60,000 lights, is in the same subdivision that offers “The Christmas House” on Wistar Court.  

9215 Venetian Way

Check out the Thediecks’ home from Maybeury Drive, where you get the best view. Eighty-thousand lights reflect in the lake behind the house.

2300 Wistar Court

Known as “The Christmas House,” Frank Hudak’s display takes four miles of wiring. The twinkling and blinking is achieved via miniature variable computer circuits.

1510 Claiborne St.

1510 Claiborne St. in the Maymont neighborhood has been lighting up for years.

Downtown Richmond Grand Illumination is Friday

Grand Illumination will be held Friday, Dec. 4. From 5:45 – 5:55 p.m., VCU’s Pep Band The Peppas will get the crowd ready for the Illumination.

7709 Duncaster Road

This Stratford Hills home features over 50,000 lights, including 9 lighted deer, a "flowing" blue stream and color coordinated shrubbery.

2814 W. Grace St.

New to the list! Check out this brightly lit home in the Fan. George Lough has been decorating for years, but he's new to the area and he's bringing his "tacky lights" with him.

1510 Grove Ave.

1510 Grove Ave. will be lighting up again this year.

Be sure to stop by this beautifully decorated Victorian home in the Fan. You'll see lots of bright lights, strands, and many colorful lights.

3209 Hanover Ave.

New to the list! This brightly lit home in the Museum District crams as many lights as possible onto its front porch.

3307 Kensington Ave.

Check out this Museum District home for bright rope lights strung down from a star at the top of house to form a bright tree.

1925 Laburnum Ave.

The Rosedale Christmas house features 90,000 lights set to set animated songs with 592 channels controlled by Light-O-Rama.

408 S. Laurel St.

You’ve got to see this bright, fun house in Oregon Hill.

Marc Leslie and Liz Kolonay have been lighting up since 2003 with each year getting bigger and brighter and now, they’re officially on the Tacky Lights List.

Monument Avenue

The mansions on Monument Avenue definitely aren't "tacky." But they are so beautiful we had to add them to the list!

2100 Rosewood Ave.

Lawrence & Virginia Johnson’s home is decorated every year with bright lights.

3325 Warner Rd.

Bright, whimsical light display in Stratford Hills lights up Saturday, Nov. 29.

831 Woodhaven Drive

New to the list! Glen and Joan Meeks have 70,000 lights on their home in South Richmond.

5112 Andradell Lane

New to the list! This Chesterfield home has 50,000 lights, all controlled by Lightarama and set to music. Expect a set list of songs from "Frozen," the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and holiday classics like "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer."

1130 Arch Hill Drive

Check out the Christmas tree lot which features a 12-foot-tree and six other 6-foot-trees. It is called "Ra'Ra's tree lot" because that's what their grand-daughter calls their grandfather.

3531 Bellbluff Dr.

One of the busiest houses in the area, 3531 Bellbluff Drive is a regular with limo and bus tours. The Kittells houses features an acre of lights, tons of blow molds, Santa and his reindeer raised 70 feets off the ground, two big bubble machines, Spongebob characters, fairies, a new gingerbread set-up and more.

4424 Belmar Drive

This Chesterfield home is back on the list after suffering a fire and taking a few years off the "Tacky Lights Tour."

9907 Blarney Lane

This home has over 50,000 lights and is decked out with everybody's favorite Disney characters.

9813 Brenspark Road

With more than the 40,000, the McDonnell home lights up the street.

9006 Canvasback Circle

New to the list! The Englert's home in Chesterfield have over 70 holiday inflatables throughout their front and backyards that are very fun to look at.

10154 Carol Anne Road

The Morton home will have a lighted trail that people can explore.  You'll see all kinds of lights and trees, as well as Charlie Brown and Snoopy, the Grinch and his dog Max, Frosty, a ferris wheel and seesaw. 

2007 Castle Glen Court

Castle Glen Court has been decorating for the past 8 years, gradually growing in size. This year the house has around 55,000 lights. They use mainly C9 lights.

14337 Clemons Drive

The Putney home features about 40,000 lights synchronized to music.

12618 Dawnridge Court

The whole cul-de-sac on Dawnridge Court in the Walton Park subdivision of Midlothian lights up for Tacky Lights.  That’s over 18 houses on this holiday lane!

1847 High Hill Drive

More than 90,000 lights illuminate this home in Powhatan.

The Bruces have over an acre of land and most of it is covered in lights. They have a variety of multi-colored lights, icicle lights, characters, blow-ups and more.

8400 Highland Glen Drive

Paul Hendricks has been lighting up his home at 8400 Highland Glen Drive in Chesterfield for the past 20 years.

2216 Millcrest Terrace

This home in North Chesterfield features two shooting stars, animated golfing and fishing Santa displays, a dogwood tree with 5,00 lights, and a 30 foot tree with 6,000 lights.

Quail Hunt Court Cul-de-sac

Head to Midlothian to check out the brightly lit houses on Quail Hunt Court.

12612 Queensgate Road

Check out this beauty in the Walton Park Neighborhood of Midlothian.  The home is set up on a small hill with over 40,000 lights that cover the yard and the house. 

6700 Rossville Drive

Check out this house in Chesterfield with over 45,000 lights.

9242 Scotts Bluff Lane

Jeff Johnson and his family moved from New York to Richmond and brought their spectacular holiday display with them.

14609 Standing Oak Court

Hartley's Family Christmas has over 48,000 lights synchronized to music. The show begins at 5:30 p.m. and runs until around 10:30 p.m. nightly.

8009 Summerbrooke Court

The Howdyshell home is a must see and even bigger this year.

It's been described as the Phifer's home on Asbury Court -- only on the South Side!

7406 Summerleaf Court

The Summerleaf Christmas Show is a Christmas Light display containing over 40,000 lights controlled by nearly 2000 channels. Each channel controls a group of lights or in some cases one light.

12612 Walking Path Ct.

New to the list: This Midlothian home features 45,000 lights set to music.

1315 Walton Creek Drive

Check out this home in the Walton Lake subdivision that has over 30,000 lights set to music.

8022 Whittington Drive

The Snyders' Christmas display has approximately 90,000 lights and is intended as a walk-through for children of all ages. 

9328 Coleson Road

The Wrays are adding even more lights this year -- bringing their brightly lit home up to approximately 90,000 lights. They light up Saturday, Nov. 29.

9004 Covewood Road

This colorful display of lights is a must see.  Plus, don't miss the owners favorite decoration -- her gingerbread house.

GardenFest of Lights at Lewis Ginter

GardenFest of Lights has 500,000 holiday lights that help transform Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden into a winter wonderland of fantasy, festivity and family fun.

10424 Marbury Terrace

Brightly lit home in Glen Allen. In addition to the many thousands of lights, this house features a mechanical waving Santa with runway, huge tree of lights with three foot star atop, blow molds, and airblowns including a 15 foot hot air balloon with Santa aboard and 14 foot animated train.

4610 Packard Road

The family at 4610 Packard has been going “tacky” for years. Each year, they try to add something new. Their oldest display...

1411 Pennsylvania Ave.

The Live Grinch will be lighting up again this year. He hopes to light up by Thanksgiving and may make an appearance at 9716 Wendhurst Ave. for their Grand Illumination.

520 Plantation Dr.

The Johnson’s 35,000-plus lights in Glen Allen light up Saturday, Nov. 29.

8212 Rocky Branch Lane

The Clark’s house is decked out in 35,000-plus lights with many figures, blow ups and a nativity scene. Lighting up nightly Dec. 1- Dec. 31.

9716 Wendhurst Drive

Al and Esther Thompson will light up Thanksgiving night with their Grand Illumination which draws close to 200 people every year. They will stay lit through New Year's Eve night.

8602 Anderson Court

Chuck Cassick's home features about 60,000 lights, more than 20 inflatables, 10 animated scenes, a drive thru and more.

6995 Birchbark Court

There are over 45,000 lights on this Mechanicsville home.

7952 Colony Dr.

Charla Elswick has been decorating her Mechanicsville home for 33 years. Her Mechanicsville home features over 50,000 lights. 

10307 Henderson Hall

Over 65,000 lights in the Kings Charter Subdivision in Mechanicsville.

7396 Kelshire Trace

Hadley's Winterland will be lighting up again this year with 150,000 lights.

7402 Kelshire Trace

This Mechanicsville home is back on the list after taking last year off.  This cute gingerbread house is outlined in lights and the lawn is strewn with candy canes and Santa blow molds.

8124 Kiwi Lane

Jim Winkler’s neighbor called the police to lodge a complaint about the Christmas music that runs with his display at 8124 Kiwi Lane.

6444 Little Sorrel Drive

Head to Chuck and Sherry Hudgins “Christmas Fantasyland” where they have been lighting up for years.

236 N. New Ave

Known as the “Rock n’ Roll Christmas House,” the house features a computerized light show with lights “dancing” to music. Each show takes approximately 25 minutes to view. Many of their visitors like to get out and walk around, especially children.

5494 Smithy Court

Donnie Leake has been decorating his house in Mechanicsville for several years and this year went over the top with over 100 blow molds.

8265 Soft Wind Court

The Stevesons’ home features more than 70,000 lights. The Winter Wonderland theme features 15 animated deer, 17 blow ups, and 13 other animated figures, which included a igloo, polar bears, seal, and penguins. They hope to light up Thanksgiving and remain lit through New Year’s Eve.

4233 Spring Run Road

Joining their parents at 4500 Studley Road in the tacky lights tradition.

4371 Spring Run Road

Joining their parents at 4500 Studley Road in the tacky lights tradition.

7703 Strath Road

Head to Strath Road for over 50,000 lights along with more than 250 inflatables.

4500 Studley Road

The Scott family has been decorating their home in Mechanicsville for over 30 years. They have three acres of land, all of which will be lit up with strings of lights, blow ups, wire framed figures, plastic mold characters, and numerous trees. 

10288 Wanchese Way

This Hanover County home will light up again this year with a Wonderfully White Winter Wonderland theme…The Staver’s use all white lights except for character blow ups. The yard is in motion. Close to 40,000 lights.

6387 Wedgewood Road

Check out 6387 Wedgewood Road for over 50,000 lights this year with over 20 inflatables, a fully lit front porch with 7 Christmas trees, theme areas including Disney Characters, Nascar and college logos.


Light Up the Tracks in Ashland

New this year, the town of Ashland will light itself up for the holidays. The Grand Illumination will happen Dec. 5.


Illuminate Light Show

The light show consists of hundreds of thousands of LED lights synchronized to music from your car radio, and features an 80-foot tunnel of lights, 50-foot Christmas trees, dancing snowmen, singing trees and Santas and festive decorations.

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