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1130 Arch Hill Drive

Check out the Christmas tree lot which features a 12-foot-tree and six other 6-foot-trees. It is called "Ra'Ra's tree lot" because that's what their grand-daughter calls their grandfather.

3531 Bellbluff Dr.

One of the busiest houses in the area, 3531 Bellbluff Drive is a regular with limo and bus tours. The Kittells houses features an acre of lights, tons of blow molds, Santa and his reindeer raised 70 feets off the ground, two big bubble machines, Spongebob characters, fairies, a new gingerbread set-up and more.

9813 Brenspark Rd.

With more than the 40,000, the McDonnell home lights up the street.

10154 Carol Anne Road

The Morton home will have a lighted trail that people can explore.  You'll see all kinds of lights and trees, as well as Charlie Brown and Snoopy, the Grinch and his dog Max, Frosty, a ferris wheel and seesaw. 

13301 Carters Way

Decker’s Winter Wonderland featuring 40,000 lights.

14337 Clemons Drive

The Putney home features about 40,000 lights synchronized to music.

2600 Cropper Circle

This home in North Chesterfield features two shooting stars, animated golfing and fishing Santa displays, a dogwood tree with 5,00 lights, and a 30 foot tree with 6,000 lights.

12617 Dawnridge Court

The whole cul-de-sac on Dawnridge Court in the Walton Park subdivision of Midlothian lights up for Tacky Lights.  That’s over 18 houses on this holiday lane!

1847 High Hill Dr.

More than 90,000 lights illuminate this home in Powhatan.

The Bruces have over an acre of land and most of it is covered in lights. They have a variety of multi-colored lights, icicle lights, characters, blow-ups and more.

8400 Highland Glen Drive

Address: 8400 Highland Glen Drive, Chesterfield, VA 23838 

14309 Long Hill Road

This notable Tacky Lights home in Brandermill will be back with 15,000  more lights -- bringing their count to over 160,000 lights.

Quail Hunt Court Cul-de-sac

Head to Midlothian to check out the brightly lit houses on Quail Hunt Court.

8009 Summerbrooke Court

The Howdyshell home is a must see and even bigger this year.

It's been described as the Phifer's home on Asbury Court -- only on the South Side!

7406 Summerleaf Court

The Summerleaf Christmas Show is a Christmas Light display containing over 40,000 lights controlled by nearly 2000 channels. Each channel controls a group of lights or in some cases one light.

1315 Walton Creek Drive

Check out this home in the Walton Lake subdivision that has over 30,000 lights set to music.

8022 Whittington Drive

The Snyders' Christmas display has approximately 90,000 lights and is intended as a walk-through for children of all ages. 

6700 Rossville Drive

New to the list! Check out this house in Chesterfield with over 42,000 lights.

2600 Cropper Circle

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2600 Cropper Circle North Chesterfield VA

Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 12:00 am

Address: 2600 Cropper Circle, North Chesterfield, VA 23235

This home in North Chesterfield features two shooting stars, animated golfing and fishing Santa displays, a dogwood tree with 5,00 lights, and a 30 foot tree with 6,000 lights.

The home of Daniel and Leslie Pendergrass features both traditional incandescent and bright new LEDs for a total of more than 70,000 lights.

From the owners:

"This magnificent display has grown to be one of the best houses in Chesterfield County. There are numerous unique animated displays that won’t be found anywhere else in the Richmond area. This house features a beautiful arrangement of bright new LED’s and traditional incandescent bulbs totaling over 70,000 lights.

Included in this display is a 30’ mega tree in the backyard, an elegantly decorated dogwood, twinkling shooting stars, and almost a dozen custom animated LED displays. In addition, this unique home features a beautiful arrangement of over 10,000 meteor rain shower lights, both multi-color and clear. This house is a must see in the Richmond area."

And a little more back story from Leslie herself:

My husband (Daniel) started putting Christmas lights up when he was in High School at Thomas Dale. He started putting 20,000 lights on his parents house in Enon and it grew to around 30,000 lights while he was there. He always loved having people over and was in the RTD then because of the lights.

When we went to college he stopped putting them up because as he jokes he only had time for passing his electrical engineering classes at VCU, and that was it.

We got married in 2010 and when we got home from our honeymoon we really wanted to start the tradition again in our own home, but he only had a few days before December so he put up 5,000 lights.

Each year it grows a little bigger and we look forward to it more and more. I'm not sure who gets more excited about it at this point, but we enjoy every minute of it."

Grand Illumination will be Nov. 29 at 6 p.m. and will run nightly until 10:30 p.m. through New Years Day.

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