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Richmond, VA

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Presidential Court Club Condominiums: How a building went from being a suburban home to a hospital to a retirement home to luxury condos, in 200 years

Buildings change over time, as owners and occupants alter them to meet their needs. Sometimes, the changes are almost unnoticeable. A house might stay in one family for generations and seem untouched by time. Others change dramatically.

10 stunning, million-dollar condos for sale in Richmond

Check out these stunning, million-dollar condos for sale in the Richmond area.

Large lots go on market in Midlothian neighborhood of Hallsley

Hallsley, one of the most popular residential communities in the Richmond area, opened a new section Monday — the only section in the 700-acre community where all the lots are nearly 1 or more acres.

Your Right To Know

Richmond.com publishes important public notices that may affect the lives of Central Virginians.
We fight for the public's right to know about government actions and information.

- Read important public announcements that may affect your neighborhood.
- Read notices about upcoming trustee sales around the region.
- Read information about local governments seeking bids on projects.

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