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Chesterfield County News

Midlothian grad, 19, in coma after suffering heart attack

Hailey Lane, a 2013 graduate of Midlothian High and a swimmer at the U.S. Air Force Academy cadet, was working out last Monday when she collapsed from a massive heart attack.

Monday 03/30/2015
Midlothian grad, 19, in coma after suffering heart attack

Hailey Lane, a 2013 graduate of Midlothian High and a swimmer at the U.S. Air Force Academy cadet, was working out last Monday when she collapsed from a massive heart attack.

Sunday 03/29/2015
Chesterfield man gets help to save condemned home

On a cold Thursday not long ago, workers tore up the front lawn of a small white house on Omo Road just off Iron Bridge Road in Chesterfield County.

Saturday 03/28/2015
Sunday Q&A: Rick Potts, director of the Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History

Beginning Tuesday, Chesterfield County’s central library will host a traveling exhibit on human origins that was created by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History and the American Library Association.

Friday 03/27/2015
Chesterfield debates school start times

Chesterfield County high school students will be the only ones in the Richmond region to report to first period before 8 a.m. this fall.

Judge: Man accused of killing Trooper Junius Walker competent for trial

However, the proceeding will be delayed for another year because of numerous prior commitments by the suspect's public defenders.

Thursday 03/26/2015
Gary Powers Jr. will withdraw -- in June -- from race for Chesterfield School Board

A week after officially declaring his candidacy for the Midlothian District seat on the Chesterfield County School Board, Gary Powers Jr. now says he is withdrawing from the race — in June.

Hispanics unfairly treated by landlords can learn about their rights in Chesterfield next week

Poor Hispanics are more likely to have trouble finding a place to live than others, then generally have a tougher time dealing with the landlords once they’re in.

Wednesday 03/25/2015
Gary Powers Jr. again running for Midlothian School Board seat

Gary Powers Jr. has officially declared his candidacy for the Midlothian seat on the Chesterfield County School Board in hopes of succeeding the woman who beat him in a special election a year ago.

Monday 03/23/2015
Foul play not suspected in Chesterfield man's death

Police do not suspect foul play in the death of a Chesterfield County man whose body was found Sunday by a person walking their dog, authorities said.

Public can visit a James River island for free on April 11

The public can visit Presquile National Wildlife Refuge, a 1,329-acre island in the James River near Hopewell, during a free field day April 11.

Chesterfield law enforcement officials seek additional manpower

In response to pleas for more police officers, deputies and prosecutors in Chesterfield County, the Board of Supervisors will try to squeeze as much as $2 million in cuts to other departments. The dilemma for the board comes even as police say cri...

Sunday 03/22/2015
Pair of Chesterfield residents seek answers, accountability from board

More than a decade ago, Brenda Stewart pored over school construction records and found a nearly half a million dollars that Chesterfield County Public Schools couldn’t account for.

Friday 03/20/2015
Strong leadership, strong business support key to Nashville success

NASHVILLE , Tenn. — Greater Richmond Chamber President Kim Scheeler closed strong, wrapping up the chamber’s annual three-day InterCity Visit with a stern set of marching orders for the 160 or so civic, government and business leaders who had come...

Thursday 03/19/2015
Chamber members hear about schools, children's hospital in Nashville

NASHVILLE — The day would have been pure Richmond, if not for the 600 or so miles it would take to get back home for dinner.

Chesterfield school floor plans published online

The files were first noticed March 11 by county resident and longtime government watchdog Brenda Stewart, who worried about the advantage those plans could give anyone motivated to harm others.

Wednesday 03/18/2015
Chesterfield's Stegmaier on medical leave for undisclosed illness

Chesterfield County Administrator James J.L. “Jay” Stegmaier is on medical leave for several weeks because of undisclosed health issues.

Richmond Chamber group hears tale of Nashville's turnaround

The crowd of about 165 from the Richmond region heard various state and city officials tout two decades of transformation.

Families of VSU hazing death victims file $25 million lawsuits

The families of two Virginia State University students who drowned during their initiation into a fraternal group two years ago have filed twin $25 million wrongful death suits against the state of Virginia and the four men recently convicted in t...

Police identify man killed in Chesterfield trailer accident

Police on Wednesday identified a man killed in Chesterfield County while trying to reattach a trailer that had become detached from a Jeep he was riding in.

Woman, 82, dies after Old Lewistown Road crash that killed husband

A second family member has died of injuries suffered when their car struck the front porch of a residence off Old Lewistown Road last month before colliding with a tree.

Tuesday 03/17/2015
State police investigate fatal crash in Chesterfield

A man was killed on northbound Chippenham Parkway in Chesterfield County this evening while trying to re-attach a trailer that had disconnected from a Jeep he was riding in, according to the Virginia State Police.

Chesterfield planners recommends approval of memory care facility

The 60-bed facility, on Watkins Centre Parkway, would adjoin the Village Bank office building and Bon Secours St. Francis Watkins Centre.

GRTC plans to revamp fares with electronic payments, unlimited passes

Fares for the Richmond region’s bus system could get an overhaul this year as the GRTC Transit System prepares to install fareboxes that would give riders more electronic payment options and the ability to purchase unlimited daily, weekly and mont...

Chesterfield house fire blamed on candle

A fire blamed on an unattended candle left in a bedroom damaged a home in the 6500 block of Old Zion Hill Road late Monday, according to Chesterfield Fire & EMS.

Chesterfield police seek armed robber of Dollar General Store on Spruce Avenue

Chesterfield County police are searching for an armed man who robbed a Dollar General Store at 14501 Spruce Avenue late Monday.

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