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Chesterfield County News

Police investigate man's fatal shooting at Chesterfield condominium complex

A man was found fatally shot just before noon outside a Chesterfield County condominium, police said Thursday afternoon.

Thursday 03/05/2015
Police investigate man's fatal shooting at Chesterfield condominium complex

A man was found fatally shot just before noon outside a Chesterfield County condominium, police said Thursday afternoon.

Roadrunner Campground owner agrees to random inspections for 4 months

A Chesterfield County property owner charged with allowing permanent residents to live in a temporary campground without a health permit agreed to four month of random inspections to confirm that all the residents have moved out and not returned.

Robbers flee after attempted holdup of Midlothian Turnpike Hardee's in Chesterfield

A male and female armed with handguns tried to rob a Midlothian Turnpike Hardee's early Thursday but left without any cash, according to Chesterfield County police.

Wednesday 03/04/2015
Midlothian day care owner appeals conviction in child's death

The owner of a Midlothian home day care where a child died in a fire is appealing her conviction of illegally operating the facility without a state license after pleading guilty to the offense and being sentenced to serve 8 months in jail

Young Chesterfield man sent to prison after getting "huge break" in 2012 case

A young Chesterfield County man who authorities say wasted an opportunity for redemption after breaking into cars in his neighborhood was given his comeuppance this week when a judge sentenced him to 20 months in state prison for burglary and gran...

Tuesday 03/03/2015
Chesterfield campground case finally going to trial

Carl Adenauer, whose company owns the controversial Roadrunner Campground on Jefferson Davis Highway, goes on trial in Chesterfield County on Thursday morning.

Man charged with murdering Midlothian woman, hiding her body

A Lancaster County man, who also has a home in Midlothian, has been charged with killing a Midlothian woman and concealing her body.

Owner of Midlothian day care where child died in fire sentenced to 8 months

The owner of a Midlothian home day care facility where a 1-year-old boy was fatally injured in an accidental fire last fall pleaded guilty Tuesday to illegally operating the business without a required state license.

Fire crews investigate smoke inside Providence Middle

Chesterfield County fire crews are investigating the source of smoke that is coming from Providence Middle School on Starlight Lane, officials said.

Monday 03/02/2015
New library to open soon in northern Chesterfield

After a decade of delays, a new library in northern Chesterfield County first approved by voters in 2004 is on the verge of becoming reality.

91-year-old Chesterfield man identified as victim in Friday fatal crash

A 91-year-old Chesterfield County man was killed when his car entered a driveway near where he lived and struck the front porch of a residence before colliding with a tree.

Sunday 03/01/2015
Schools looking to bump up bus spending

With the recession in the rearview mirror, local school divisions are scrounging for enough money to freshen up their bus fleets.

Bland Co. natives gather in Richmond

WYTHEVILLE — The early 1960s offered few jobs for high school graduates and veterans in Bland County. To find work, many of them moved to Richmond and remained after retirement.

Friday 02/27/2015
Humble hardware salesman killed in freak accident while eating dinner

One moment William “Bill” Hillsman was quietly eating dinner in his kitchen, the next moment he was gone.

Chesterfield School Board adopts budget

Chesterfield County Public Schools plans to hire more than 50 new teachers and give employees a 2 percent raise as part of the $581 million 2015-16 budget it unanimously approved Friday evening.

Thursday 02/26/2015
Chesterfield School Board votes today on $578 budget proposal

Chesterfield County’s School Board will vote this afternoon on next school year’s budget after a special meeting Thursday was canceled because of bad weather.

Police identify man killed when car plowed through his Chesterfield home

William Hillsman, 54, died after the driver of a 2008 Kia Sedona lost control at the intersection of Robious Road and Greenfield Drive and went through his house.

Impact of snow days on school schedules

With most public school students missing their seventh and eighth days since returning from the holiday break, school officials are starting to think about how they’ll make up lost time in the classroom. 

Wednesday 02/25/2015
Police ID victim in fatal Chesterfield crash

The driver of a car was killed early Wednesday when the auto ran off the 3500 block of Beechwood Avenue and into a ditch before striking a tree, a Chesterfield County police spokeswoman said.

New initiative connects tech center students with potential employers

Chesterfield County Public Schools is teaming with local business leaders to connect students at its two career and technical centers with prospective employers.

Tuesday 02/24/2015
Chesterfield father sentenced to 10 years in shaken baby death of son

A Chesterfield County father will spend 10 years behind bars for shaking his son so violently that it caused neurological devastation and eventually the boy’s death, 10 days after being hospitalized.

Police identify truck driver killed in Hull Street Road crash in Chesterfield

A tractor-trailer driver was killed early Tuesday when the rig ran off eastbound Hull Street Road and struck a tree in the median about 6:30 a.m., a Chesterfield police spokeswoman said.

Chesterfield School Board fine-tunes budget

Chesterfield County school officials will consider making changes to the system’s proposed $578.5 million budget after School Board members made recommendations at a work session Tuesday.

Sunday 02/22/2015
Chesterfield police ID body found under bridge

Chesterfield County police have  identified the body of a man found under a bridge last week as that of James Walton, 33.

Saturday 02/21/2015
Plan for a reimagined Ettrick takes a big step

Chesterfield’s dream for remaking Ettrick is one step closer to becoming reality now that the county’s Planning Commission has forwarded a Special Area Plan for the village to the Board of Supervisors for final approval.

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