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Virginia News and Politics

Obama's oil drilling proposal draws fire from environmentalists

Prominent Democrats and Republicans, however, praise plan for opening part of the Atlantic coast, including an area off Virginia, to oil and natural gas leasing.

Wednesday 01/28/2015
House panel proposes raises for state employees, teachers

The House Appropriations Committee will propose pay raises for state employees, teachers, college faculty and state-supported staff, including local sheriff’s departments and constitutional officers, effective Aug. 1.

House GOP spurns McAuliffe on reducing coal tax credits

The battle over tax credits is escalating in the General Assembly, as House Republicans rejected a proposal by Gov. Terry McAuliffe to scale back tax credits for coal companies and the electric utilities that burn coal.

Bill would crack down on cigarette trafficking

Last month, a man from out of state bought nearly $1 million worth of cigarettes in a series of tax-free purchases from a big-box store in Fredericksburg.

Marijuana decriminalization bill goes up in smoke

A state Senate committee Wednesday effectively extinguished any chance of passing legislation to decriminalize marijuana in Virginia.

In reversal, Senate panel advances gun bill

In a somewhat surprising reversal of fortune, the Senate Courts of Justice Committee on Wednesday reconsidered and approved an amended version of a gun possession bill it had rejected just two days earlier.

McDonnell asks for more words, time to argue case

Lawyers for former Gov. Bob McDonnell are asking a Richmond-based appeals court for more printed pages and time to make his case.

Augusta supervisor refers to black reporter as 'boy' during public meeting

An Augusta County supervisor complaining about news coverage referred to an African-American reporter as “boy,” a usage many people consider racially charged.

House and Senate panels defeat same-sex marriage bills

House and Senate panels on Wednesday defeated measures that would have repealed the statutory prohibitions in Virginia law on gay marriages, civil unions and other personal contracts between same-sex couples.

General Assembly briefs for Jan. 29

What’s happening today?

House panel backs bill to curb overreach by land trusts

By a 16-2 vote, a measure that would curb perceived overreach by public and private land conservators sailed through the House Committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources on Wednesday.

Chesterfield ex-Marine takes lawsuit against mental health worker to appeals court

A lawyer has urged a federal appeals court to reinstate a lawsuit by a Chesterfield County man who was detained in a psychiatric hospital after posting anti-government messages on Facebook.

McAuliffe renews push for state workers pay raise

"Our state employees need a pay raise," Gov. Terry McAuliffe said during his monthly radio show on Washington's WTOP. "It's really gone on way to long."

National leaders tell U.Va. sororities to avoid frat bid night

Sororities at the University of Virginia have been told to stay away from fraternity recruitment events scheduled Saturday.

House panel backs bill to allow growing of industrial hemp

A House of Delegates panel passed legislation Wednesday that would allow industrial hemp to be grown in Virginia.

Woman arrested after 2 men run over by car at Arlington auto dealership

Police have arrested a woman who allegedly ran over two men with her car at an auto dealer in Arlington, critically injuring one of them.

Virginia Beach woman cited for bringing loaded gun to airport

NORFOLK -- A Virginia Beach woman has been cited for bringing a loaded handgun to Norfolk International Airport.

SW Va. school bus driver faces DUI charge

 A Tazewell County school bus driver faces drunken driving and endangerment charges.

VCU to drop SATs for some applicants; police to use body cameras

Application change and decision by police to being using body cameras are announced at State of the University address.

Tuesday 01/27/2015
State jobless rate falls to lowest level since Oct. 2008

Total employment in Virginia passed the pre-recession peak reached in April 2008. 

GOP committees to review McAuliffe's appointments

In a move that could be viewed as either good government or election-year political gamesmanship, leaders of the Republican-controlled Senate and House Privileges and Elections committees have informed Gov. Terry McAuliffe that they will conduct a “comprehensive review” of gubernatorial appointments pending before their panels.

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