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Virginia News and Politics

Jim Webb declares 2016 presidential bid

Former Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va.,  today declared his candidacy for president, saying he understands he is a long shot, but believes the country needs a fresh approach to problems that divide Americans.

Thursday 07/02/2015
U.S. grants federal recognition to Virginia's Pamunkey tribe

More than 400 years after Pocahontas, arguably the most famous Pamunkey Indian, saved the life of Englishman John Smith, the tribe once again made history Thursday by becoming the first Indian tribe in Virginia to be recognized by the federal government.

Jim Webb declares 2016 presidential bid

Former Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va.,  today declared his candidacy for president, saying he understands he is a long shot, but believes the country needs a fresh approach to problems that divide Americans.

Book closes on U.S. 460 project at $260 million cost to state

Virginia will lose $260 million on the failed U.S. 460 project under a settlement with the contractor that will recover $46 million the state already has spent and avoid an additional $103 million in penalties and fees.

Wednesday 07/01/2015
Pipeline survey lawsuits transferred to new federal judge, new hearing likely

A new federal judge will consider the same issues debated before a different judge four months ago in lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of a state law used by developers of a proposed natural gas pipeline to allow surveyors onto private property without the owners’ permission.

Toddler dies after SUV overturns on Blue Ridge Parkway in Afton

A Waynesboro toddler whose car seat was not buckled to the vehicle died Wednesday morning after an accident on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Afton, according to state police.

Tuesday 06/30/2015
Fight brews over junkyard permit plan

BLAIRS — A business owner’s plans to obtain a special use permit to operate a junkyard on 10 acres on Lester Lane at White Oak Mountain has the owner of a neighboring property concerned.

Roanoke County police recall department's start on 25th anniversary

Minutes before midnight June 30, 1990, Roanoke County police prepared for their first patrol.

Alumnae group delivers $5 million in donations to Sweet Briar College

Sweet Briar College supporters Tuesday delivered $5 million in donations — twice the amount required — to trigger a new era for the embattled private women’s school.

Graffiti discovered on Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville

As tensions across the country continue to flare over the use of Confederate symbols, Charlottesville police discovered graffiti on the Robert E. Lee statue in Lee Park early Tuesday morning. The green spray paint was removed quickly.

'Black Lives Matter' graffiti removed from Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville

Graffiti was discovered on the Robert E. Lee statue in Lee Park early Tuesday morning, Charlottesville police said.

Appeals court rejects death row inmate's intellectually disabled claim

A federal appeals court Tuesday rejected a bid from a Virginia inmate to have his death sentence tossed out on the grounds he is intellectually disabled and, therefore, ineligible for execution.

Va. Confederacy group vows to oppose 'orchestrated witch hunt' on license plates

The Virginia chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has said it will oppose Gov. Terry McAuliffe's order to have its logo removed from state-issued license plates.

Schapiro: National politics becoming state politics

Democrat Terry McAuliffe is nationalizing the Virginia legislative elections. So are Republicans - by invoking McAuliffe, himself.

Politifact: Bobby Scott says U.S. income disparity is widest since 1920s
Monday 06/29/2015
Virginia added midazolam to its three-drug protocol in February 2014

Midazolam, the sedative at issue in the U.S. Supreme Court’s lethal injection ruling Monday, was added to Virginia’s three-drug protocol in February 2014.

Is livestock dung in streams threatening the Chesapeake?

In an effort to keep livestock dung out of streams, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is suing Virginia in Richmond Circuit Court.

Supreme Court upholds use of drug in lethal injection executions

Dissenting justices Breyer, Ginsburg say it is "highly likely" the death penalty is unconstitutional.

Supreme Court upholds Arizona's system for redistricting

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday upheld Arizona congressional districts drawn by an independent commission and rejected a constitutional challenge from Republican lawmakers.

Supreme Court rules against EPA's mercury limits for power plants

A divided Supreme Court on Monday ruled against federal regulators' attempt to limit power plant emissions of mercury and other hazardous air pollutants.

Sunday 06/28/2015
After gay marriage ruling, state law requires update

While Virginia’s gay community celebrated the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic ruling Friday clearing the way for same-sex marriage in all 50 states, the decision’s immediate impact here was minimal.

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