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Virginia News and Politics

Schapiro: J. Warner, Senate old bull, sees new threats to security

A moderate Republican whose independence puts him at odds with his conservative party, John Warner muses about the politics, policies and problems that grip the Senate but still command his attention in retirement.

Saturday 08/01/2015
Timeline - The history of voting rights


Schapiro: J. Warner, Senate old bull, sees new threats to security

A moderate Republican whose independence puts him at odds with his conservative party, John Warner muses about the politics, policies and problems that grip the Senate but still command his attention in retirement.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 - how America did overcome

On March 15, 1965, a week after dozens of civil rights protesters were bloodied on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., President Lyndon B. Johnson stood before a joint session of Congress and boldly called for an end to bigotry and racial injustice.

Friday 07/31/2015
Navy sub named after Sen. John Warner commissioned Saturday

The nation’s newest nuclear attack submarine — named after Virginian, former secretary of the Navy and former U.S. Sen. John W. Warner — puts to sea today.

Trial continues for man accused of leading attack in Afghanistan

For three hours on Friday, two veterans of the Afghan conflict — one a strapping, decorated U.S. soldier, the other a gaunt Russian national — sat militarily erect just a few feet apart, separated only by a translator and a paralegal on the sixth floor of the federal courthouse in Richmond.

Trial continues for Midlothian man charged in Northern Neck murder

Prosecutors, invoking the memory of the movie “Gone Girl” and the television series “Dexter,” told jurors at the outset of the case that James Todd Kessler, 54, crammed the victim in a concrete-block-weighted trunk that is somewhere on the bottom of the Northern Neck’s hundreds of miles of waterways.

AG says current governor can strip McDonnell pension benefits now

An attorney general’s opinion on Friday cleared the way for Gov. Terry McAuliffe to strip the state pension benefits of his predecessor, former Gov. Bob McDonnell, without waiting for the end of appeals of the former governor’s felony corruption conviction.

Stony Creek pollution under investigation

Virginia’s environmental agency is investigating a pollution spill that affected a long stretch of Stony Creek in Dinwiddie County.

Defense team for Jesse Matthew files several motions in Graham case

The defense team for Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. filed a dozen motions in court this week on both the evidence and the procedures of Matthew’s impending capital murder trial.

Thursday 07/30/2015
Roanoke Valley may adopt Canadian crash center concept

The Roanoke Valley is considering taking a public safety cue from America’s northern neighbor.

Former Midlothian man's murder trial is missing key exhibit: a body

Claudine Jaquier Gifford hasn't been seen since July 6, 2014, the day she spent drinking with her new friend James Todd Kessler, who is charged with her murder.

Roanoke writer sues state Republican party, claims misuse of photo

A Roanoke writer has accused the state’s Republican Party of lifting a photograph from her website for reproduction in a political mass mailing without permission.

Chesterfield has most Confederate license plates in Virginia

On a per-capita basis, Southside Virginia tops the list, followed by eastern Virginia, Southwest Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley, including Roanoke.

Va. State Police complete review of Martese Johnson arrest

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia State Police have concluded their review of an arrest that injured a University of Virginia student and prompted allegations of racism.

McAuliffe PAC official says they tried to vet $25K donation

The head of Common Good VA said that the PAC tried to verify the legality of the donation given by a company with ties to Angola's state owned oil company even before questions were raised about its legality.

Jury selected in Richmond trial of alleged Russian Afghanistan insurgent

A six-woman, six-man jury is set to hear opening statements this morning in the trial of a Russian national captured by U.S. forces on a battlefield in Afghanistan in 2009.

CNU study: Democrats, Republicans both need coalitions to win Va.

Democrats hoping to carry Virginia in the 2016 presidential election will have to re-create the coalition that President Barack Obama built to win the commonwealth in 2016 or create a new one, while Republicans seeking to carry the crucial swing state need a new coalition that is large enough and energized enough to outpace Democratic victories in 2008 and 2012, according to a new study from Christopher Newport University.

GOP ramps up efforts to win Virginia in 2016 presidential race

Coming off two successive defeats in recent presidential elections, the Republican National Committee is ramping up efforts to take back Virginia for the GOP in 2016 by hiring additional staff and getting its ground game underway early.

Wednesday 07/29/2015
McAuliffe pushes back on GOP calls for Planned Parenthood investigation

Gov. Terry McAuliffe said there is no evidence of wrongdoing and no complaints at Virginia clinics.

Heritage Preservation Association threatens lawsuit if Danville removes Confederate flag

The president of the Danville chapter of the Heritage Preservation Association — the group that donated the Confederate flag on the grounds of the city-owned Sutherlin Mansion to the city — said the group will fight any effort to remove the flag.

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