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Griffin: 'I could have sat out the rest of the year' with ankle injury

On Wednesday night, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III gave the most expansive comments yet on his return from an ankle injury during the 2014 season.

NFL notes: Redskins hire Cavanaugh as QB coach

Cavanaugh named Redskins’ QB coach

NFL notes: Fewell will coach Skins' secondary

Fewell will coach Skins’ secondary

Redskins set to hire Fewell to coach secondary

Perry Fewell, who was most recently the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants, will be hired to coach the Washington Redskins secondary, according to several media reports.

Redskins add secondary coach to their offseason needs

The Washington Redskins will need to find a secondary coach as part of their offseason coaching turnover.

Redskins season in review: Coaching

Jay Gruden had one of the biggest one-year transitions of his career, going from offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals to coach of the Washington Redskins — two teams that couldn’t be more different in the amount of attention they receive.

DeSean Jackson will judge 'Miss Universe' pageant

While the rest of the NFL's best are in Arizona on Sunday night at pro football's version of a beauty pageant, Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson will be in Miami, judging a beauty pageant.

Redskins name-change ad modifies famous RGIII play

The Oneida Indian Nation, one of the most vocal critics of the Washington Redskins team name, released a new ad on Friday in conjunction with the Super Bowl.

Redskins season in review: Special teams

The Redskins’ special teams offered fans the opportunity to see the glass as half empty or half full in 2014.

Redskins season in review: Secondary

The stats weren’t pretty for the Washington Redskins’ secondary, which allowed 35 passing touchdowns and 8.2 yards per pass attempt in 2014 — both marks were the worst in the NFL.

Redskins season review: Linebackers

The Washington Redskins linebacking corps was one of the team’s top-performing groups in 2014 and will be rewarded with stability in 2015.

NFL sets window of dates for Redskins' training camp

The NFL has set the window of dates in which teams may conduct their training camps in 2015. For the third consecutive season, the Washington Redskins will train in Richmond, part of an eight-year contract with the city.

Spurned by Fangio, Redskins hire Barry as defensive coordinator

The Washington Redskins had their first miss of the offseason on Tuesday, failing to land defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.

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