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At work and at play in Chincoteague

The annual Chincoteague Pony Swim will be held Wednesday, the 90th year of the event made famous by Marguerite Henry’s “Misty of Chincoteague.”

Essentials for visiting new Las Vegas: More than gambling

Remember when a visit to Las Vegas was all about gambling? Massive, windowless casinos with air conditioning and free drinks kept guests oblivious to the passage of time while they sat at slot machines and card tables for hours on end.

Gear and Gadgets: Shower Squid

The Shower Squid is a newfangled shower caddy that has a cute little rubber “head,” from which dangle nine adjustable latex rubber “tentacles” to grab supplies. The Squid hangs by a built-in rubber noose from any shower fixture. As a neat bonus, the tentacles tend to hold tubes and bottles upside down, so you can just reach out, open and squeeze, without detaching the container. The tentacles will hold a case with a bar of soap in it, but not loose soap (which would slip from the grip). The 13-inch-long shower helper comes in red, black, blue or lime green, and requires very little room in your luggage.

Shuttered Nevada prison closer to being tourist attraction

CARSON CITY, Nev. — To see the Nevada State Prison in Carson City is to understand why lawmakers decided to shut it down three years ago.

Va. park a star, anti-light pollution group proclaims

SCOTTSBURG — A Virginia park that is a star-gazer’s haven has been named an International Dark Sky Park.

Theodore Roosevelt's home reopens after $10 million rehab

OYSTER BAY, N.Y. The massive elk, moose and buffalo heads are back up. The lion, tiger and bearskin rugs are back down, and the Lincoln, Jefferson and Grant portraits have been cleaned.

Gear and Gadgets: LAMove Mobile Closet

No need to choose between a wheel-aboard bag with one big open compartment or multiple organizational sections. The LAMove Mobile Closet provides both options in one ingenuous system.

Ocean City retains title as New Jersey's most popular beach

OCEAN CITY, N.J. — The winner and still champion of New Jersey’s Top Ten Beaches contest is … Ocean City!

Sisters rescued in Wyoming woods relied on faith, experience

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Faith and past family backcountry camping experiences helped three sisters survive for more than four days while they were lost in a Wyoming wilderness area.

Web Buzz: HotelUpgrade app all about the perks

Do no-cost hotel upgrades exist? Find out with this app.

Gear and Gadgets: Miracle Vase

No matter how basic the accommodations or how gloomy the weather, a vase of fresh flowers has a way of brightening the ambience.

Puerto Rico offers everything from hillside villages to luxurious seaside resorts

If you’ve been longing for a getaway, take a brief trek to Puerto Rico, an island retreat about 1,500 miles southeast of Richmond.

Gear and Gadgets: Real X Gear's Cooling Caps and Visors

The “air-conditioning” technology behind Real X Gear’s Cooling Caps and Visors is as basic as this: Wet it, wear it, and let good old evaporation do the cooling. The trick is in extending the cooling evaporation time as long as possible.

Take a summertime dolphin adventure at the Virginia Aquarium

VIRGINIA BEACH — Captain Jim came on the loudspeaker soon after we boarded the Atlantic Explorer but before we left the dock, cautioning everyone to grab hold of the handrails and generally be careful moving around the deck.

Gear and Gadgets: Logitech Keys-to-Go, Ultra-portable Stand-Alone Bluetooth Keyboard

Stand-alone Bluetooth keyboards for tablets and smartphones can make typing on the go a lot easier. But they are worth bringing along only if they are lightweight, sturdy, finger-friendly and reliable.

Patagonia photos capture the rugged thrill of a place the wives didn't want to go

Martin T. Evans photographs landscapes so beautifully wild and remote that his wife would just as soon stay at home.

Gear and Gadgets: Bubi Water Bottles

Lightweight, flexible silicone water bottles have been hiker favorites for a while. Bubi Water Bottles provide a nifty new twist — or rather fold — on these sturdy, conservation-friendly bottles. When empty, Bubi Bottles can be rolled up and secured that way by their integrated D-ring carabiner, which attaches to belt loops or backpacks. The bottles come in 14-ounce or 22-ounce sizes, are BPA-free, microwave- freezer- and dishwasher-safe, and can be turned inside out for cleaning.

Scalloping in Gulf County, Fla.

Have you ever gone scalloping? I had not, until a trip to Gulf County, Fla. I wasn’t even sure what the act of “scalloping” was. Yes, getting scallops, surely, but how? And what did that entail? It turns out, it’s fairly simple.

Gear and Gadgets: Buddy System Hands Free Leash System

Even the most well-heeling dog can be a handful on unfamiliar turf, just when you need both hands for things other than a leash — a trail map, a bottle of water.

Gear and Gadgets: ZNZI Travel Stuff Pillow

With all the travel pillows on the market, can yet another new entry possibly be all that different and improved? Surprisingly, the ZNZI Travel Stuff Pillow delivers (that is, good head and neck support) in an innovative way that warrants enthusiasm. The 19-inch by 12-inch rectangular pillow is made of a baby-blanket soft polyester fabric and stuffed with a plump, yet featherweight fill. The ingenious part is the six strategically imbedded magnets and two suction cups, which allow the pillow to be reshaped and reconfigured to provide optimum comfort in different circumstances. Sitting in a window seat? Those suction cups can secure the pillow to the window, so you can lean into the cushiness without worrying about slippage. Snap or roll the ZNZI into other configurations for use as a back support, arm rest or chin rest. The pillow rolls up for stuffing into an included nylon sack with double straps that can be slipped over luggage handles or clipped to a backpack or shoulder bag. (Warning: The magnets can interfere with medical devices, such as pacemakers and insulin pumps).

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