The following shows recent patents awarded to people or companies in central Virginia. Listed are the name of patent, the patent number, name of the local inventor and his or her locality, the patent assignee, and a brief description of the patent from an abstract. The information comes from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Wheeled kitchen apparatus with collapsible work surface; (U.S. Patent 10,548,398); Ann Louise Butler of Midlothian; Edible Education LLC of Midlothian: A wheeled kitchen apparatus with a collapsible work surface includes a wheeled cabinet with a cabinet top and four cabinet sides. The cabinet top has a surface with an opening accommodating a basin, and also has a heating unit. The cabinet has four extensions located at the four cabinet sides. The four extensions are configurable between at least two positions including a first position that laterally extends the surface of the top of the cabinet and a second position in which the extensions fold down along the sides of the cabinet. The unit can include running water, including hot and cold water, and can also include an oven. The collapsible work surface permits the apparatus to fit through classroom doors and therefore usable in every school environment. The shape of the extensions, when configured in the upward position, safely moves school-age children away from the potentially dangerous heating unit and other equipment that may pose harm if within reach of the children.


System and method for inferring schematic and topological properties of an electrical distribution grid; (U.S. Patent 10,554,257); Dominion Energy Technologies Inc. of Richmond; Astrolink International LLC of Bethesda, Md.: A system and method for inferring schematic and topological properties of an electrical distribution grid is provided. The system may include Remote Hubs, Subordinate Remotes, a Substation Receiver, and an associated Computing Platform and Concentrator. At least one intelligent edge transmitter, called a Remote Hub Edge Transmitter, may transmit messages on the electrical distribution grid by injecting a modulated current into a power main that supplies an electric meter. The Subordinate Remotes, Remote Hubs, the Substation Receiver, and the associated Computing Platform and Concentrator may contain processing units which execute stored instructions allowing each node in the network to implement methods for organizing the on-grid network and transmitting and receiving messages on the network. The Substation Receiver, Computing Platform, and Concentrator may detect and infer schematic grid location attributes of the network and publish the detected and inferred attributes to other application systems including geospatial information systems.


Fiber optic patching system; (U.S. Patent 10,551,585); David M. Mullsteff of Glen Allen; Tactical Deployment Systems LLC of Richmond: A cassette may include a channel with a lock tab disposed within the channel. Each cassette may be adapted to receive and secure any type of data cable and cable connector. A chassis may include an alignment slot and a key which may extend away from the alignment slot, and the key may have a key aperture. The cassette may be coupled within the alignment slot by inserting the key into the channel so that the lock tab and key aperture are engaged together. Preferably, the portion of the key having the key aperture may be movable away from the portion of the cassette having the lock tab to disengage the lock tab and key aperture so that the cassette is able to be uncoupled from the alignment slot.


Boroxine based seal compatibility agents; (U.S. Patent 10,550,350); Jason Richard Bell of Powhatan; Carl W. Bennett of Glen Allen; Afton Chemical Corp. of Richmond: The present invention generally relates to compositions for use in lubricating oils. In certain aspects, the present invention is generally directed to boroxine compounds having alkyl groups where one or more of the alkyl groups contains at least 8 carbon atoms. Such compounds may present improved hydrolytic stability, compared to other boroxine compounds. Such boroxine compounds may be used, for example, to improve seal compatibility in an engine. Other aspects of the invention are generally directed to systems and methods for making such boroxine compounds, engine oils containing such boroxine compounds, methods of using such boroxine compounds, or the like.

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