The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $50,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed in the Real Estate section on Sunday.


1108 N 22nd St; Richmond Affordable Housing to Clinch Nicholas J And Megan J, $176,000.

1425 N 22nd St; Richmond Metropolitan to Stroble Jarneshia, $142,000.

108 W 22nd St; Southside Community to Simmons Theresa A, $150,000.

414 N 24th St; Radgowski John G and Jennifer W to Zolla Robert Henry And, $275,000.

709 N 24th St; Ogrosky Harold R and Carolyn M to Myers Justin And Kathryn, $180,000.

712 N 24th St; Boston Enterprise LLC to Cedar Street Baptist Church Of, $175,000.

1315 Avondale Ave; Jones David P II And Gwendolyn A to Vadas Scott J And Margaret M, $251,000.

1516 Avondale Ave; Brockenbrough Willson to Meredith Scott A And Rachael O, $295,000.

3306 Barton Ave; Gayles Ida C to Federal National Mortgage Assoc, $62,283.

6217 Beaufont Hills Ct; Deutsche Bank National Trust to Speller Loretta, $130,000.

720 Chimborazo Blvd; Ameribank to Brown Shanell J, $68,312.

927 Chimborazo Blvd; Tne Cva 2 LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, $135,000.

3932 Decatur St; Smith Bernnett to Federal National Mortgage Assoc, $60,335.

3412 Delaware Ave; Leslie Andrea to Residential Credit Solutions Inc, $162,393.

1703 Everett St; Southside Community to Jennings Latrena L, $186,000.

1816 Everett St; Davis Janelle I to Residential Credit Solutions, $167,611.

4619 Fitzhugh Ave; Newman Mia to Crouch Mary Katherine And, $225,000.

4806 Fitzhugh Ave; Sotos Frank John to Mundy Amy C, $202,000.

1629 W Grace St; Us Bank National Association Tr to Brickley George R III, $220,000.

4007 W Grace St; Taylor Gregory David to Hardy Brent And Boarman Rebecca, $219,000.

4420 W Grace St; Smith Stanley R And to Jones Trent L, $328,000.

3307 Hanes Ave; Fannie Mae to Jackson Weaver Tracey A And, $137,600.

1924 Hanover Ave; Chustz Charles Colman And Mona K to Bailey Curtis And Robyn, $627,000.

2207 Hanover Ave; Amendola Leonard F and Eloise P to Henry James B, $510,000.

612 Idlewood Ave; Anderson Cindy L And to Broken Nails LLC, $160,000.

1605 Jefferson Davis Hwy; Williams Carolyn to Bank Of New York Mellon Trs, $61,380.

4112 Kensington Ave; Wright Ann D to Preis John, $330,000.

6514 Kensington Ave; Repsher Mark D And Kathleen P to Holladay Russell Lee Jr, $265,000.

3153 Lanewood Dr; Emerald Builders Inc to Cade Gloria M, $155,000.

2740 Lansdale Road; Wood Elizabeth A Tr to Tapscott Amanda Schultz, $295,000.

418 S Laurel St; Traylor Bryan C to Allingham David G And Caitrin, $239,000.

101 W Marshall St, Unit 43; Muff Alyson M to Hodierne Paul Robert, $320,000.

4219 Martha Lane; Harris Leroy Jr and Theresa to Gmac Mortgage LLC, $122,619.

3331 Marybrooks Lane; Richmond Metropolitan to Randolph Angela, $158,000.

4020 Newport Dr; Garis Margaret L to Pullinger Jennifer L, $193,000.

6244 Nicolet Road; Bank Of New York Mellon to Capital Gains Inc, $124,900.

12 Old Canal Road; Harvill Anne W to Chen Ju Yin, $270,000.

1618 Park Ave, Unit 1d; Prudential Relocation Inc to Kuhmerker Jared and Peter and Lynne, $176,500.

1618 Park Ave, Unit 1d; Doering Christopher B to Prudential Relocation Inc, $176,500.

307 N Rowland St; Reed Philip W and to Waechter Bryan J, $405,000.

6 S Rowland St; Gonzales Chadwick and to Hannay Matthew R And, $329,900.

5200 Sheridan Lane; Eberle Kristen L to Brown Lauren C And Javen R, $144,950.

207 N Shields Ave; The Diradour LLC to Kafantaris Michael N, $700,000.

7005 South Dr; Berndt Lawrence and Karen to Landon Laurence L, $224,000.

5237 Troy Road; Workman Joseph N and to Whitehurst Eric L And, $74,500.

301 Virginia St, Unit 605; Harrison Ashton W And to Schwartz Daniel L, $500,000.

128 Westmoreland St; Treanor Charles F and to Smith Melinda Goff, $355,000.

5565 Westower Dr; Sweeney Lori B and Eric D to Bullard Charmanee, $182,000.

5609 Westower Dr; Akhlaghi Ali and Mehrdad to Rufo Christopher, $151,000.


6808 Alyssalaine Dr, Henrico; Deutsche Bank Trst Co Ams to Murphy James L and Christine I, $365,000.

6908 Alyssalaine Dr, Henrico; Midview Group LLC to NVR Inc, $67,000.

11909 Amberwood Ln, Glen Allen; Tiwari Harsh and Rashmi to Gupte Harshavardhan J &shubhangi H, $370,000.

8506 Bentridge Ln, Henrico; Power William T and Kerry to Montgomery Kenneth, $227,000.

1413 Berrymeade Hills Ct, Glen Allen; Birnbaum Betty L to Dunning Andrew J and Suvonne K Phan, $195,000.

1003 Bevridge Rd, Henrico; Sigmon Kelly A to Huber Sarah I, $250,000.

13605 Cartwright Ln, Henrico; Nelson Clifford L &tracy to Pfeiffer Peter M and Stephenie L Brow, $486,000.

412 Casey St, Sandston; Harris Alphonso O to Martin Christy Allison Burton, $169,000.

5010 Castle Point Ct, Glen Allen; Brown Pamela Moorer to Snead Daniel A and Sara H, $241,500.

1727 Debbie Ln, Henrico; Grp Loan LLC to Ewing Franklin R III, $95,000.

521 Delbert Dr, Henrico; Vasquez Robert and Delia to Lawrence Dale and Martha, $197,000.

401 Dellbrooks Pl, Henrico; Hillsman James and K V W to Warner Harry H Jr and Colleen J, $612,500.

2407 Essex Rd, Henrico; Dolbeare Dirk W and Eileen to Rooke Joshua C and Janice G Baab, $199,350.

7720 Flannagan Ct, Unit 804, Henrico; Angeles Zenaida and A Garcia to Hle Iv LLC, $54,979.

2203 Fon-Du-Lac Rd, Henrico; Ceperich Stephen M Etals to Riedel Daniel R L and Dawn M, $225,000.

2028 Fordson Rd, Henrico; Webb Marguerite K to Jacksonville Ryan F and A E D, $225,000.

2109 Ginter St, Henrico; Colgin Clyde C Trustee to Dowd Matt R, $114,000.

4307 Gladewater Rd, Henrico; Carroll Joseph J Jr and B to Ardy Christopher and Amy Inge, $192,000.

7600 Glendale Acres Pl, Henrico; Jones Gregory S and E D R J to LangeGrace V, $207,500.

9527 Heather Spring Dr, Henrico; Montgomery Mary to Reid Lori F and Robert H, $380,000.

1575 Heritage Hill Dr, Henrico; Theestate of Fields Shirley A to Chobotova MargaritaI, $152,000.

9901 Heritage Ln, Glen Allen; Lowe Richard B and Hallie M to Long Sherry H and Fred K, $284,000.

2512 Irisdale Ave, Henrico; Wilton Real Estate Corp to Baietti Nicholas G, $167,000.

2606 Jordan Ct, Glen Allen; Virginia Housing Dev Auth to Dedie Nicholas J and Heather R, $176,300.

9633 Kingscroft Dr, Glen Allen; Redman Katarina L to Mekanik Greg, $232,500.

1601 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; Werner George H and Nancy B to Perez Leonilo R and Josefina R, $230,000.

10828 Leabrook Dr, Glen Allen; Hayward Mark H and E M to Macaleese Timothy S and Melissa L, $725,000.

2303 Leah Rd, Henrico; Om Vannoeum and Thonoeun to Young James A and Kathryn A, $135,000.

7910 Marroit Rd, Henrico; Chadoyan Carol A to Us Bank Natl Assoc Trust, $169,490.

11816 Mason Park Way, Glen Allen; Centex Homes to Brandon Jeffrey H and A L-B, $617,035.

11924 Mason Park Way, Glen Allen; Centex Homes to Mccormick Brendan J and Elaine N, $620,587.

1100 Northbury Ave, Henrico; Perkins Thomas L and M W-P to Brown Amy L, $149,950.

905 Orchard Rd, Henrico; Fuqua Michael B to Belvoir Federal Credit Union, $139,000.

2903 Peabody Ln, Henrico; Talley Rebecca C to Alston Antonio L and Natasha Naomi, $125,000.

10311 Pebblebrook Pl, Henrico; Ross Lawrence H III and Lloria T to Fedynak Douglas E and Deborah F, $224,000.

9820 Pemberton Creek Dr, Henrico; Cf Bank to D'ambrosia Patricia and M L S, $191,000.

8321 Rolando Dr, Henrico; Curle Howard A Jr and D W to Ryan Norma A, $160,000.

9909 Rosier Creek Way, Glen Allen; Clum Cheri Candace to Blaylock William R and Paula, $299,950.

4802 Round Top Rd, Glen Allen; Turek Joseph M and Nina to Trinh Thao, $300,000.

311 Seven Pines Ave, Sandston; Germain Michael J and Janet L to Poarch Coleman L &victoria B &blp, $129,950.

325 Seven Pines Ave, Sandston; Reed Tracey Christine to West Thomas E and Amy Jacobs, $132,500.

8009 Shadowberry Pl, Henrico; Diaz Marco to Citibank Na Trust, $253,000.

9436 Tracey Lynne Cir, Glen Allen; Mcmillan Lisa A to Adcock Barbara D, $159,000.

9606 Tracy Ct, Henrico; Powers Joseph R and Sara to Knorr Brian R, $233,000.

1515 Trailing Ridge Rd, Henrico; Burks Nathaniel R and A N to Price Kamesha L, $194,389.

1512 Village Grove Rd, Henrico; Fincato Ernesto &veronica to Kelsey Kyle D, $223,500.

5815 West Club Ln, Henrico; Steele Anne V to Hawthorne Hugh D and Cheryl H, $275,000.

4200 West End Dr, Henrico; Hurst Pearson M and Becky W to Abdelshahid Naim Sabet and N W E, $133,000.

5809 Westbourne Dr, Henrico; Tran An T and H T Nguyen to Jabbar Abdul and Mahrun Nessa, $160,000.

1808 Yeadon Rd, Henrico; Emerald Builders LLC to Brady Sandra J, $178,950.


4713 Altimira Ct; Clay Pointe Development Co LLC to Finer Homes Inc, $70,000.

11518 Altimira Ln; Clay Pointe Development Co LLC to Finer Homes Inc, $70,000.

11612 Altimira Ln; Finer Homes Inc to Long Gregory C and Coleman S L, $320,000.

13708 Beechwood Point Rd; Whitman John M and Star D to Horenstein Martin and Lucy S, $777,000.

15210 Beldon Dr; Fannon J Michael and Nancy to Doyle Jason and Amber, $165,000.

5517 Belle Pond Dr; NVR Inc to Edwards Rita Parker, $145,990.

13510 Carters Way Rd; Bernhard Lothar A and K U to Gerboc David G and Tracey M, $285,000.

2330 Castle Hill Rd; Crawford Barry D Jr and K C to Pankoski Joseph E and Beatrice E, $366,450.

1920 Castlebridge Rd; Butler Edward E Jr to Nucompass Mobility Serv Inc, $451,000.

1920 Castlebridge Rd; Nucompass Mobility Serv Inc to Butler Katherine E, $451,000.

14913 Dogwood Ridge Ct; Hsbc Mortgage Services Inc to Ruckart Bradley Et Al, $177,500.

10241 N Donegal Rd; Roberts Ronald to Mabry Robert D, $187,500.

6318 Dorius Dr; Lasalle Bank Natl Assoc Tr to Runner David W and Carol E, $115,900.

2001 Esquire Rd; Elek James W and Charlotte M to Haberland Michael and Emily, $212,000.

7812 Etching St; NVR Inc to Mcadoo Karen and Anderson R S, $210,056.

7816 Etching St; NVR Inc to Young Linda D, $186,039.

611 Fern Meadow Lp; Bristol Village LLC to Cooper Melinda G, $158,000.

7618 Fernway Pl; Wilhelm Bradford A and V D to Voreh Ralph S and Vicki A, $203,000.

5610 Fiddlers Ridge Ln; Fw Holdings LLC to Schweyer James and Rose Mary, $274,000.

921 Gorham Ct; Lifestyle Builders and Dev Inc to Young Michael S, $273,000.

2718 Goyne Tr; Pumphrey James L to Broom Cecil B Jr, $148,000.

4300 Grantly Ct; Parker and Orleans Homebldrs Inc to Newkirk Steven D, $454,117.

13109 Hampton Meadows Tr; Monsen Thomas C and Therese J to Kraska Thaddeus J and Julie A, $335,000.

7912 Hancock Farm Ln; Edwards Todd E and Stephanie H to Tiedemann Jeffrey B and E A, $237,000.

5823 Harbour Hill Pl; Rock Jonathan L and Julianne to Vrtiak George J and Gale E, $280,000.

6906 Irongate Dr; Brush Douglas F and Molly K to Atkinson Glenice J, $225,000.

4502 Jennway Tn; Base Camp Development Co to Murphy Willis E Jr and Donna C, $95,000.

11816 Kilrenny Rd; Huband J Daniel to Lgp3 Properties LLC, $146,000.

6107 Kings Crest Dr; Greenleaf Properties Inc to NVR Inc, $71,500.

1001 Kingscross Rd; Smith John B and Smith C A Trs to Budlong Michael C and Alyssa S, $269,000.

9002 Laurel Oak Cr; U S Bank Nat'l Association Tr to Farnham Properties LTD, $80,000.

4145 Laurel Oak Rd; Beneficial Mtg Co Of Va to Cortez Jorge and Dina, $109,000.

1500 Laurel Top Dr; Beck Karolyn K to Kidd Shannon C, $259,950.

6631 Masada Dr; Rosamilia Dominic P to Shearin Clay A and Aimee C, $268,500.

4601 Mason Dale Tr; Deutsche Bank Natl Trust Co Tr to Johnson Felicia M, $165,000.

4614 Mason Dale Wy; Tiedemann Jeffrey B and E A to Carn Michelle Z, $166,000.

3401 Newbys Bridge Rd; Scott Olin J to Kiser William J, $195,000.

3140 Newington Ct; Pridgen Janelle to Jones Janay N, $99,900.

503 Old Country Ct; Purcell John R Jr and Jacqueline to Rumbaugh Jeffrey A and Heather N, $295,000.

6300 Oldbern Rd; Pawlick Kristopher R to Anderson Dwaine A, $175,000.

5201 Pineland Ct; Manning Jerry G III to Stonebridge Investment Co LLC, $87,000.

14419 Pipers Tr; Bb Hunt LLC to NVR Inc, $115,000.

14404 Pleasant Grove Ct; Johnson Helen Byrd to Cole Robin C, $212,000.

10900 Qualla Rd; Wells Fargo Bank Na to Phelps Justin C and Phelps C J, $164,525.

9013 Resaca Rd; House Lonnie J and Angela M to Solodar Andrew, $92,097.

9042 Resaca Rd; Green Larry W to Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev, $203,151.

9042 Resaca Rd; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Morales Jazmin Et Al, $105,700.

8740 Scottingham Dr; Petzold Patricia A to Mikolajczk John P and Kathleen M, $205,000.

2607 Seabird Dr; Mcmahon Homes Inc to Wyers Michael J and Brenda M, $415,000.

2624 Seabird Dr; Lifestyle Builders and Dev Inc to Nadeau Angela, $379,547.

14519 Tealby Dr; 9700 LLC to Christian James H, $285,000.

10304 Teelin Ct; Hsbc Bank Usa Na Trustee to Ryan Eric J, $162,000.

3906 Temple Ct; Greenwood Richard E to Meikle Terrence M and Ali N G, $142,000.

13625 Village Gate Pl; Brod Dylan P to Venable Lisa A, $185,000.

12603 Walton Lake Dr; Sadak Dean F and Maureen K to Vanderbilt Mtg and Finance Inc, $301,373.

13906 War Admiral Dr; Hutchens Mather B and Sybil B to Farrington Christopher D, $210,000.

21129 Warren Av; Dietz Irene J to Downs Meghan A, $134,000.


Lot 4, Carters Hill; Rogers Chenault Inc. to ACB Construction Inc., $110,000.

Lot 40, Sharon Park; Catherine Samuels Hall to Innovative Asset Solutions LLC, $163,600.

Lot 6, Block B, Section 2, Fieldshire; Glasser and Glasser PLC, substitute trustee to Raymond P. Keen, $105,600.

Lot 77, Hanover Hills Small Farms; Shawn W. Meeks to Martha N. Sanchez, $206,800.

Lot 8, Block B, Section 1, Pole Green Station; David J. Simiele to Ronald W. Hickman, $175,263.

Lot 8, Block E, Section A, Lincoln Hills; Ruby S. Childress to Masonic Home of Virginia, $214,000.

Lot 9, Block A, Section 1, Pole Green Station; Eric D. Chappel to Prudential Relocation Inc., $232,000.


Lot 11, Section B, Powhatan Commercial Center; Certifiable Water Guys LLC to Steleigh LLC, $106,000.

Lot 14, Block B, Section 1, Tilman's Farm; Builder Resource and Development Co. to Kurt G. Abrahamsen, $140,000.

Lot 2, County Line Commercial Park; Robinson Realty LLC to Willow Oak Real Estate LLC, $320,000.

Lot C92, Red Lane; Robert S. Taylor, by substitute trustee to Alternative Home Solutions LLC, $81,000.

Lot S9, Red Lane; Dorothy Booker, by substitute trustee to William R. Ranson Revocable Trust, $124,200.


Lot 11, Wickham Glen; Lewis F. Williams, trustee to Meadows of the Glen LLC, $255,000.

Lot 13, Block C, Section 3, Lower Tuckahoe; Dominic J. C. Howard to Riko C. Metzroth, $835,000.

Lot 13, Section 6, Meadows at Manakin; Lewis F. Williams, trustee to Meadows of the Glen LLC, $270,000.

Lot 28, Section 1; Lots 14 and 17, Section 2, Parke at Centerville; Kornblau and Gaeser Developers LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, trustee, $265,000.


3114 Gordan Drive; Ann C. Carr and W. Courtney Wells to Loretta Simmons-Jackson, $152,000.

2634 Hatchett Road; C&E Builders Inc. to Shantay L. Parker, $145,000.

424 High Street Lofts, Unit 7; Christopher Barkman to Scott G. Moorehead, $210,000.

2313 Hill Street; Waverly Brown Jr. to Lateisha and Latasha Sykes, $109,900.


Lot 1, Section 4, Dinwiddie Gardens; Ronald B. Krauser to C. John French, $127,100.

Lot 108, Section 4, River Run; Robert A. Stuyck to Julie M. Stockford, $140,000.

Lot 12, Block 8, Maitland Village; Recontrust Co. NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $224,816.

Lot 14, Poole's Dairy; Poole's Dairy Estates LLC to HFR Inc., $50,000.

Colonial Heights

Lot 13 and 14, Block 15, Riverside Park; Patricia A. Kent to JPK Land Co. LLC, $183,700.

3107 Frederick Avenue; Linda Lepley Gentry to Jacob R. Jones, $118,200.


Lots 21 and 22, Block C, Washington Court; Barney McLaughlin to Greater Richmond Property Management LLC, $50,000.

S Lots 4 and 5, Block 48, Battleground Addition; Barney McLaughlin to Raul D. Tellez, $54,000.

Lots 6-8, Block 31, Hopewell Terrace; Glasser & Glasser PLC, substitute trustee to Citicorp Trust Bank FSB, $64,586.

Part of Lots 11-15, Block 123, Battleground Annex; Samuel I. White PC, trustee to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $85,730.

New Kent

Lots 1, 7 and 9, Phase III, Oakmont Villas; Kentlands Development A17, A18 & A19 LLC to NVR Inc., $150,000.

Lots 37 and 38, Woodhaven Shores; Biringer Builders Inc. to Tracy D. Collins, $95,000.

Lots 4-6, Block 4, Plum Point; Aurora Loan Services to Shane M. Pieper, $100,000.

Lots 446 and 453, Woodhaven Shores; Regiane Cristina Batista to US Bank NA, $136,000.

Prince George

12965 S Crater Road, Petersburg; Old Hickory Properties LLC to Robert Todd Shank, $275,000.

2791 Deer Run Drive, Petersburg; James E. Cuddihy Jr. to Bryan D. Keifer, $173,600.

15675 Greenbriar Boulevard, Disputanta; Dream Homes by Marianne LLC to Leslie A. Martin, $338,086.

6912 Hearthside Drive, Prince George; Warren Franklin to Digna E. Vera, $185,000.

Charles City

3.13 acres, Harrison District; Hunter B. Inc. to Mary Beth Wise, $170,000.


23.77 acres, Leigh District; Federal National Mortgage Association to Johnny W. Morrison, $240,500.

4.7 acres, Leigh District; Jeremy S. Spence to George W. Lackey, $120,000.

4.83 acres, Jackson District; Betty M. Bailes to Charles S. Hutchinson, $135,000.


Lot 11, Section A, Little Meadows; Katrina A. Mullane to Sandra L. Hobson, $260,000.

Lot 1120, Caroline Pines; Johnie R. Muncie to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $100,487.

Lot 116, Ladysmith Village; Ezell L. Stewart to Ladysmith Atlantic LLC, $299,900.

Lot 1190, Caroline Pine Resort Development; Johnie R. Muncy to Household Realty Corp. of Virginia, $54,600.

Lot 126, Lake Land'or Resort Development; Andrew K. Zadnik to Raymond P. Jacobsen Jr., $75,000.

Lot 191, Lake Land'or Resort Development; US Bank NA, trustee to William A. Cooke Inc., $74,000.

Lot 2, Section 2, Bridlewood; Surety Trustees LLC to US Bank NA, trustee, $234,400.

Lot 2, Shady Lane; Federal National Mortgage Association to Wesley Miller, $55,000.

Lot 22, Section 2, Bridlewood; Kenny E. Welch to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, trustee, $105,225.

Lot 37, Reedy Church district; Matthew L. McKercher to Adrian I. Jones, $212,000.


7.5 acres; Frederick Louis Munford to Louden V. Marshall Jr., $55,000.

Lot 12, Green Acres; Aurora Loan Services LLC to J. Cabell Metts III, $50,040.

King & Queen

232 Sassafras Lane, Shacklefords; Bank of New York, trustee to Wilton James Chenault III, $135,000.

King William

3.21 acres, Acquinton district, Aylett; Cynthia Ann Harris to Porch Construction Inc., $100,000.

325 Benjamin Moore Lane, King William; Jerry D. and Mandy D. Lambert to Edward and Theresa Schmidt, $264,100.

2108 Chaucer Court, Aylett; Virginia Craft Homes Inc. to Jonathan C. Mathews and Jamie L. Hertel, $168,950.


5.003 acres; William A. Cooke Inc. to Timothy A. Carver, $80,000.

5.01 acres; Ronald D. Panebaker to Philip M. Vanskike, $188,800.

7.792 acres; Mervin A. Bray to NuCompass Mobility Services Inc., $260,000.

7.792 acres; NuCompass Mobility Services Inc. to Kim Briscoe, $260,000.


Lot at 217 Chestnut Street, Waverly; Glasser and Glasser PLC, trustee to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $64,121.


297B Patriot Lane; Susan R. Pryor to Nathan W. Lambeth, $132,900.

105 Robert Cole Court; Alexander S. White to Jack A. Wasson, $691,500.

302 Settlement Drive; Pierce J. Brown to Stephanie H. Ritz, $162,500.

James City

161 Allyson Drive, Williamsburg; Michael M. Mayes to Christopher B. Swienteck, $170,000.

108 Barrows Mount, Williamsburg; James Pereira III to Frank D. Merksamer, $390,000.

5319 Center Street, Williamsburg; GCR Inc. to Irma Isabel Cadillo Cardenas, $378,000.

3397 N Chase, Williamsburg; Michael P. Asp to Martin S. Cassidy, $345,000.

404 Cherrywood Court, Williamsburg; Henry S. Branscome II to Kevin R. Jones, $345,000.

3845 Cluster Way, Williamsburg; Robert D. Shackleford to John Riofrio, $328,800.

8901 Cocos Path, Toano; Michelle Point LLC to Michael S. O'Rourke, $245,900.

8905 Cocos Path, Toano; Michelle Point LLC to James L. Greenhow Jr., $218,500.

4091 Dunbarton Circle, Williamsburg; Christopher K. McLain to Robert Orlando, $369,500.

139 Elizabeth Harrison Lane, Williamsburg; Douglas P. Anderson to Dennis W. Terry, $457,400.

101 Francis Jessup, Williamsburg; CJL&T LLC to Bryan D. Bailey, $330,000.

202 Gaslight Way, Williamsburg; Ronald Blackburn to Marshall Blackburn, $289,800.

3729 General Gookin Drive, Williamsburg; John K. Duff to Alexander Buckhorn, $360,000.

6208 Glenwilton Lane, Williamsburg; Edward P. Fox to Robert T. Yarashus, $289,900.

101 Harbourside, Williamsburg; Margaret Maxine Frietag, trustee to Thomas C. Anderson, $575,900.

135 Hartwell Perry Way, Williamsburg; James P. Eaton to Christopher D. Walls, $430,000.

123 Hollinwell, Williamsburg; A. Ward Burian to William J. Vanzetta, $583,500.

3101 Hollow Oak Court, Toano; Southstar III LLC to Rickey A. Boucher, $627,100.

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