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August/September 2018 Edition

Discover Richmond - Aug/Sept 2018 Edition

Animals, art, food … even turf!! In the RTD’s new Discover Richmond magazine, local passions come in many forms.

For Melissa Stanley, her Richmond Wildlife Center has spent five years nurturing injured birds, tortoises, opossums ... well, you get the idea. Her story is one of great dedication, and you’ll be surprised by the complexity of wildlife care.

For other passions, we visit an expert whose craft is conserving history – from national monuments to sculptures big and small.

We get a taste of a restaurant that reflects the owner’s life journey – from Vietnam to vegan cuisine.

And we hit the ground with the dedicated grounds crew at The Diamond, where the turf battle never ends.

In other features, we meet Virginia’s Art Educator of the Year. We’ve also got George Washington's teeth … Chessie the sea serpent … and even some dinosaur tracks.

Of course, we save room for ice cream and fro-yo. After all – and is there any better passion for summer?

The RTD’s Discover Richmond – enjoy the journey!


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