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Discover Richmond - February 2020 Edition

In the RTD’s new Discover Richmond magazine, we give you the ultimate driving lesson.

We take a close look at Virginia's roadside history markers, which have a grand history of their own. (Can you guess where the first marker went up nearly a century ago? It wasn't far from downtown Richmond ... though you won't see it today.)

In other features:

* In 1923, Virginia faced a crossroads in its early transportation history – and the route it chose left an enormous legacy, both for Virginia government and the man who steered the path.

* Think the video store era is entirely gone? As Kevin O'Donnell says: "I tell people, 'Welcome to the museum.' " He owns KO Video, likely the last traditional video store in the Richmond area.

* Every winter, some issue or event comes to define the General Assembly. But in March 1944, the session was touched by tragedy: a deadly fire at The Jefferson Hotel, with some notable victims.

* We also touch on World War II heroism, plus suffrage. We find that Shakespeare really is for the birds, and houseplants are back. We get a gut feeling in the classroom. And in the kitchen, Irish eyes are smiling – and we raise a glass to a memorable can of beer.

The RTD’s Discover Richmond – enjoy the journey!

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