Discover Richmond: February 2017

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When it comes to the depth and richness of its history, no state beats Virginia!

We'd all do well to spend a lifetime exploring it, and in this edition, we touch on a few elements, locally and beyond, that might pique your interest (including trippy counterculture clippings and orbiting astronauts). Notably, we introduce you to perhaps the most famous Virginia you might not know, and we serve up more than 20 sites worth exploring during your travels.

February is Black History Month, so Michael Paul Williams takes a timely pulse of how Richmond’s presentation of black history is expanding and evolving. And whether or not you’ve seen the acclaimed moving “Loving,” you’ll learn a lot from a timeline about the courageous couple from Caroline County – and our state’s long and sordid on interracial marriage.

Switching gears, we get an informative update on the bald eagle – guess how many nests are in the state now? – as well as an organization that has been a bird’s best friend in Virginia for 25 years. Thinking of the skies, we also get new RTD meteorologist John Boyer to tell us a bit about the weather — and himself.

For some refreshment, restaurant guru Karri Peifer gets to know Maple & Pine chef David Dunlap, while dining critic Jo Lord offers some lessons from the road. In the kitchen, Holly Prestidge and Clare Schapiro take the chill off winter, and wine connoisseur goes beyond the bottle and tell us about one of Virginia's top grapes.

Discover Richmond touches on history, people, food, lifestyles, travel – the topics you’ve told us you like. Enjoy the journey!


Discover Richmond

Sunday, February 19, 2017

In fourth grade, I and my classmates from Fairfax County took a field trip to Colonial Williamsburg. My lasting memory? The on-site cafeteria's perfectly formed rectangle of Neapolitan ice cream, which looked (and, yes, tasted) a bit like a bar of soap.

Friday, February 17, 2017
Sunday, February 19, 2017

The acclaimed movie “Loving” tells the story of a mixed-race Caroline County couple — and an important story about Virginia itself. We asked the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities for insight into Richard and Mildred Loving, as well as state history. Here is a timeline from the foundation’s Encyclopedia Virginia.

We asked our friends at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden to spotlight something fascinating from the ground up. Lynn Jackson Kirk tells us about a tree so common and versatile that we might take it for granted.

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