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Discover Richmond - April 2020 Edition

Those of us in the news business struggle with this: balancing the day’s news with other angles that, as with Discover Richmond, remind us that our community is fascinating and vibrant on its best days – and even on its toughest.

We hope that soon, we will return to fully savoring the culture, history, food and more that have made Richmond one of the brightest lights of regional reinvention in recent decades. In that spirit, our new edition explores a range of topics:

* We visit a baker's dozen of local places whose ovens turn out sweet and savory delights.

* We find a rural enclave in Midlothian that features a throwback: a former general store with roots in the 19th century.

* We touch base with a devoted local flock who keep alive the hobby and sport of ... pigeons.

* We also highlight the artistry of hand-painted signs. We review Virginia's last days as a larger state. And we reveal a curious disappearing act from nature.

We even get to the root of a stunning flower that shines only briefly in this new season. And in our spring of uncertainty, we hope this edition reminds you of the beauty and richness around us.

Be well, Richmond. Let’s soon rediscover the richness of our community.

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Current and past editions of the Discover Richmond magazine can be purchased at our online shop or by calling the front counter of our downtown offices at (804) 649-6261.

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