Here’s a guilty secret: I love eggs.

I love all sorts of food, obviously. But if I find myself home alone with a mealtime staring me in the face and no leftovers to be had, I’m most likely to reach for my trusty egg carton.

Admittedly, the eggs nestled there are something special. Direct from “the girls” who live in my friend Jenny’s coop in her North Side backyard, they sport deep orange yolks that put to shame anything one can buy in the grocery store.

I love them all year – scrambled, coddled, in omelets, in souffles and even occasionally fried. However, at this time of the year, if you ask me, they are calling out to be made into egg salad.

Yes, of course I find deviled eggs, especially these bacon-y ones of Holly’s, completely irresistible. That said, I save them for occasions where my family and friends can partake, instead of for a solo repast.

Mine is an easy meal for one, made completely irresistible with a simple snip or two of the herbs thriving in my garden.

I’ve dubbed it Green Goddess Egg Salad, if only because it reminds me of my favorite green goddess dressing – which is also making an appearance frequently at this time of year. My dish sports the same basil, tarragon and chives as my dressing, a little lemon juice – and a squeeze of anchovy paste, rather than the whole anchovies I put in my dressing.

But the thing that really shines here is the egg itself. Yes, I’m picky about the mayonnaise – using our local favorite, Duke’s, which I love because it doesn’t have any added sugar and tastes most like homemade to me.

It’s not a remotely fussy recipe, and I tend to mix it up any old way in which the ingredients come to hand. I’ve even been known to mash up an avocado, if a ripe one is around, and heap the egg salad on a dreamy avocado toast made from Idle Hands Bread Company’s honey whole wheat. Talk about a spectacular easy meal!

Truth be told, it’s a breeze to double it, or multiply it for a crowd. It makes for a pretty splendid dinner à deux, if trips to the pool and important porch-swinging have necessitated a quick and easy dinner.

After all, it’s August, and I’m the first one to embrace livin’ that’s easy.



Makes 1 serving (easily multiplied)

3 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and chopped

3 tablespoons Duke’s mayonnaise

1 tablespoon each chives, tarragon and basil, minced

½ teaspoon anchovy paste (optional)

½ teaspoon lemon juice

Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Ripe tomatoes and avocado for serving (optional)

Mix all ingredients together and serve over sliced tomatoes, avocados or in a sandwich.

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