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February/March 2019 Edition

For a fresh look at familiar places, check out the RTD’s new Discover Richmond magazine.

Our daring duo – that’s columnist Bill Lohmann and photographer Bob Brown – go on another wide-ranging adventure this year. From roller-coaster hills to coal-mining depths, they take you behind the scenes. They get rare access to reveal surprising perspectives and details on our region’s past and present.

For a safer path to surprises, maybe explore … the library, of all places. If you think the modern public library is still about bookshelves and whispering, guess again.

More twists? We highlight the often overlooked Virginians who, in the heart of the Confederacy, supported the Union cause during the Civil War.

We also check out the seafaring story that saved Jamestown. … We traverse a truly unique bridge. … And we hit everything from wine to wallpaper to one whopper of a bird that once soared over Virginia.

The RTD’s Discover Richmond – enjoy the journey!

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