The new, hit sport of the summer (and of Canada) is here. Yes, Richmonders, you can now participate in the competitive (and recreational) act of ax throwing.

Yes, ax throwing.

“It started in Canada and in the last few years it’s caught on in the U.S.,” said Sean Small, owner and founder of River City Sports & Social Club, one of two places in town now offering ax throwing.

It works like this: You throw an ax (yes, an ax) at a target roughly 12 feet away. The target, of course, has a bull’s eye. The closer to the bull’s eye the ax goes, the higher the point.

“It’s just something new and different to do,” Small said. “It’s fun and it’s easy.”

And now is the perfect time to get started. River City Sports & Social Club is gearing up to launch its inaugural season of ax throwing and registration is currently open to participate as an individual or on a team.

The matches take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the evening at Thirsty Joe’s Drafthouse at 3300 W. Cary St. in Carytown (formerly RVA Draft Room and Zzaam! before that).

Yes, that’s a bar — and happy hour specials are in effect, but ax throwing is done as the Canadians do it (probably) — with a beer in one hand and an ax in the other ... or, more accurately as it’s done at Thirsty Joe’s, a beer resting safely on a nearby table outside of the ax zone and two hands on the ax for the best, most precise throwing (there are barriers set up just in case).

“People like beer and axes,” Small said. “But seriously, we’re very regulated. It’s very safe. We had a happy hour (Aug. 7) to let people get a feel for it. Everyone is super excited.”

River City Sports & Social Club league fees are $70 per person and the season starts the week of Aug. 20. Registration information can be found at If axes aren’t your thing, fall registration soon opens for other recreation sports, such as football, kickball and whiffle ball.

And if league sporting isn’t your thing, G-Force Karts also launched ax throwing this month. Folks can hit up the indoor go-cart/recreation spot, which is in Henrico County, near the raceway at 4245 Carolina Ave. G-Force offers ax throwing by the half-hour ($14.95 per person) or by the hour ($20 per person). Don’t worry, they serve beer, too.

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