David Schwartz and Scarlett Heinbuch

David Schwartz and Scarlett Heinbuch say they’re excited to share their story of love and healing with the world.

A Richmond couple’s unusual love story was featured Friday night on William Shatner’s new show “The UnXplained.”

Scarlett Heinbuch met David Schwartz for the first time during a shared near-death experience.

“It sounds really incredible, but it’s true,” Heinbuch said.

Schwartz was on the brink of death in an unresponsive coma when Heinbuch was called in to do energy healing work. They were strangers.

He was in kidney failure from a rare form of vasculitis. She was a single mom, teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University.

She spent several days at his side, performing Reiki, a healing technique that involves touch.

“I had an out-of-body experience when he was ready to pass on,” Heinbuch said. “I met this being, this spirit. I realized I was in love with this person. And he realized he was in love with me.”

Afterward, Schwartz made a stunning recovery and “came back to his body.”

“He woke up and knew me, even though we had never met before,” Heinbuch said. “He knew he loved me and wanted to marry me.”

Now, 13 years later, their unusual love story is being shared with William Shatner’s new show “The UnXplained” on the History channel.

It’s a one-hour, nonfiction series that explores the world’s “most fascinating, strange and inexplicable mysteries,” according to the show.

Heinbuch wrote a book about their near-death experience, called “Waking Up to Love,” published by Waterside Press, which is how producers found about their story.

The couple, who live in Midlothian, flew to Los Angeles in the spring for the taping.

They weren’t allowed to talk about their episode, “Life Beyond Death,” until the show aired Friday. Heinbuch said the episode should re-run in the next few days.

Schwartz, 56, works in financial services. Heinbuch, 59, holds a Ph.D. from VCU and spent 17 years in financial services. She is now working on healing full time and putting together a mindfulness training curriculum for nurses treating critically ill patients.

“I woke up to love on another plane of existence. David woke up to love. These spiritual awakenings are there,” Heinbuch said. “We’re excited to share our story of love and healing with the world.”

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