The Richmond Folk Festival is putting a twist on its poster this year.

Noah Scalin will be painting a giant mural on the side of The Broadberry, at 2729 W. Broad St., next week for the poster.

The public is invited to come out and watch while he paints.

“I think it’s great to have people watching and participating,” Scalin said in a statement. “I like having folks there seeing how art gets made so it’s not like creating is a secret process. And when they watch you do it, they get to discover that it’s not perfect — it doesn’t look right at first and you have to make changes and eventually, it starts to look good.”

This year also happens to be the Richmond Folk Festival’s 15th anniversary of bringing free music to Richmond.

Scalin will be painting the mural next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., although times may be subject to change.

The finished mural will be turned into the official 2019 Richmond Folk Festival poster, with the original mural remaining on the Broadberry wall “for as long as the Broadberry wants to keep it,” Scalin said.

Every year, a different Richmond artist is chosen to create the Folk Fest poster, creating a long line of top artists.

Past artists have included Hamilton Glass, Chris Milk Hulburt, Matt Lively and Ed Trask.

“I’ve lived in Richmond almost all of my life and I’m a huge fan of the Richmond Folk Festival just like anyone else. Getting to design the poster — especially on the 15th anniversary — is a really big deal for me,” Scalin said in the statement.

He grew up in Richmond, attended Open High School and went to New York University, but returned to Richmond in 2001 and has been working here ever since.

Scalin is known for his innovative approaches to creating art, such as the Skull-A-Day project and, more recently, his clothing projects where he creates portraits of famous people such as Maggie L. Walker from clothing and creates a time-lapse video.

For the mural, Scalin plans to create a goddess of music presiding over the city, with her hand outstretched and music pouring out of it.

He hopes the mural will become a good spot for taking selfies.

Like his other projects, the mural will be filmed as a time-lapse video and posted online after it is completed.

The 15th Richmond Folk Festival will be held Oct. 11-13 on Richmond’s riverfront. It is free to the public. Last year, the festival drew more than 220,000 people over three days.

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