The Richmond Times-Dispatch was proud to introduce “Strong Voices,” an event honoring women – present and past – whose vision, impact and commitment serves Richmond and Virginia.

Featuring community leaders Heidi Abbott, Lakshmi Challa, Christy Coleman, Laura Lafayette, Kelli Lemon, Cheryl Marin, Pam Reynolds, Lisa Sims and Nancy Thomas, Strong Voices was held at the Omni on March 20.

Each of the nine honorees shared their stories in their own words – personal reflections, tales of perseverance, sources of inspiration, and how they are extending the path for the next generation.

The inaugural event was the first of what will become an annual affair with each event honoring local women during Women’s History Month.

A portion of the proceeds from the luncheon and special section benefited “Voices from the Garden – The Virginia Women’s Monument” at Capitol Square. Like that monument, “Strong Voices” reflected how the journey of women is an ongoing narrative.

We look forward to having you join us at our second annual Strong Voices event in 2020 at a date/time to be announced.