Tacky Lights season officially begins on Thanksgiving.

If you're looking to start prepping, we've got you covered.

Roughly half the houses on the Richmond Times-Dispatch Tacky Lights list light up over the Thanksgiving weekend. The other half wait until Nov. 30 to flip the switch, along with downtown Richmond’s Grand Illumination.

On Thanksgiving night, 9716 Wendhurst Drive in Glen Allen will host their traditional Grand Illumination where hundreds fill the street and Santa himself makes an appearance on the roof.

The Phifers on Asbury Court will be lighting up their double light display on Thanksgiving night.

On Friday, GardenFest of Lights officially lights up for the season, as well as Mr. Christmas at 2300 Wistar Court.

1925 Laburnum Ave. in Northside Richmond will be returning to the list this year after taking last year off with its synchronized display.

Here’s who’s lighting up for Thanksgiving weekend:

Thursday, Nov. 22

Two of the best-known and best displays on the Tacky Light tour: 9604 & 9606 Asbury Court.

The Phifer home is one of the best-known tacky-lights houses in the area. Just follow the trail of buses and limos which have been visiting the Phifer home for 40 years for Tacky Lights.

Museum District home with bright rope lights strung down from a star at the top of house to form a bright tree.

At Kiwi Lane, you'll see approximately 50,000 lights with inflatables, blow molds, a nativity scene, a tunnel of lights and animated light displays.

Known as the “Rock n’ Roll Christmas House,” the house features a computerized light show with lights “dancing” to music.

Bob Siceloff's family home sports more than 30,000 lights, 10 blow-ups, 3 M&Ms characters, several lighted displays and plastic blow-molds.

Located just a few doors down from 2503 Pine Grove Drive, the Meaghers will be lighting up again this year. Double tacky lights in one block!

The Stevesons’ home features more than 70,000 lights. The Winter Wonderland theme features 15 animated deer, 17 blow ups, and 13 other animated figures, which included a igloo, polar bears, seal, and penguins. They hope to light up Thanksgiving and remain lit through New Year’s Eve.

Head to Strath Road for over 50,000 lights along with more than 250 inflatables.

Friday, Nov. 23

Large corner lot with 70,000 lights and new additions added to the display every year.

Paul Hendricks has been lighting up his home at 8400 Highland Glen Drive in Chesterfield for the past 20 years.

The Rosedale Christmas house on Laburnum Ave. returns this year with more lights and music.

The River Road home invites visitors to “drive-thru” their massive display of over 100,000 lights.

Known as “The Christmas House,” Frank Hudak celebrates his 45th anniversary of lighting up for the holidays.

Saturday, Nov. 24

Head to Chuck and Sherry Hudgins “Christmas Fantasyland” where they have been lighting up for years.

If you like lights set to music, head to 7267 Marimel Lane in Mechanicsville.

Donnie Leake has been decorating his house in Mechanicsville for several years. You'll recognize it by the bright and festive 160-plus blowmolds in the yard.

Sunday, Nov. 25

A favorite with neighborhood kids, this house has dancing lights set to music and visits from Santa.

Be sure to stop by this beautifully decorated Victorian home in the Fan. You'll see lots of bright lights, strands, and many colorful lights.

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Colleen Curran covers arts and entertainment for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. She writes the weekly column Top Five Weekend Events.

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