Tacky Light Houses - West End

New to the list for 2018! Check out the Cable Family Christmas house in the West End.

The Phifer home is one of the best-known tacky-lights houses in the area. Just follow the trail of buses and limos which have been visiting the Phifer home for 40 years for Tacky Lights.

Two of the best-known and best displays on the Tacky Light tour: 9604 & 9606 Asbury Court.

Located just a few doors down from 2503 Pine Grove Drive, the Meaghers will be lighting up again this year. Double tacky lights in one block!

The Preissner home, covered with 60,000 lights, is in the same subdivision that offers “The Christmas House” on Wistar Court.  

The River Road home invites visitors to “drive-thru” their massive display of over 100,000 lights.

Right around the corner from the Phifers on Asbury Court, James Bishop has been lighting up his West End home for the last 10 years.

Known as “The Christmas House,” Frank Hudak celebrates his 45th anniversary of lighting up for the holidays.

Bob Siceloff's family home sports more than 30,000 lights, 10 blow-ups, 3 M&Ms characters, several lighted displays and plastic blow-molds.