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It happens to the best of us—in all fields and industries—and administrative assistants aren’t immune. You spend a significant amount of time in a certain job or position, and while once it provided an acceptable level of professional satisfaction and fulfillment, after a while it no longer does the job and you begin to feel […]

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Administrative assistants are some of the most versatile professionals out there. From handling personalities to keeping everything organized to running office operations, it’s a job that requires a lot of different skills at any given time. If you’re thinking about becoming an administrative assistant for the next phase of your career, let’s look at some […]

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Healthcare careers are a hot ticket these days—but that’s not just human healthcare. The veterinary industry is also growing, with job openings in clinics and facilities that take care of our furry (and aquatic/scaly/feathered) friends. If you find yourself more drawn to animal patients than human patients, then becoming a veterinary receptionist could be a […]

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If you’re the one tasked with planning this year’s work holiday shindig, this is not a task to be taken lightly. After all, you’ve got a full year to go until the next one, and everyone always remembers how awesome (or how terrible) the last big party was. It’s a lot of pressure! It’s also […]

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Some fields come with perennial job openings, because basic human needs don’t change very much—healthcare and education come to mind. The legal world is like this as well. It’s an industry that will always be necessary. And if you don’t have or want a law degree, don’t worry! That’s not a barrier to breaking into […]

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Are you facing this classic career conundrum: You’re interested in getting a job in sales, which often requires sales experience, but you’re new to the field and don’t know how to break in. How do you get a job that often requires experience when you’re just starting out? Don’t let these questions derail you from […]

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Maybe well-meaning friends or relatives have said to you, “You should think about getting a job in sales.” Great—now what? “Sales” can absolutely be a solid career path, but unless you already know what you want to do, it’s a vague one. There are tons of different kinds of sales jobs: field sales, retail sales, […]

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Administrative assistants have a lot of tasks to handle on any given day, and strong tech skills are a must. From day-to-day essentials like Microsoft Office to helpers like productivity and organization apps, you’ll need to be up on the current software and tech trends in order to be effective in your position. And if […]

Generally speaking, most people know that conversations that dip into politics, religion, or intimate relationships are best to avoid in professional settings. Yet in the current political climate, taboo topics are becoming harder and harder to avoid, causing people to share more opinions and exercise a lot less restraint and privacy in the workplace. Regardless […]

You may think having an excellent phone manner is an outdated relic—after all, won't everyone just email if they want something? Not necessarily—if you're in an admin or customer service field, talking on the phone might still be a part of your everyday reality. And even if you're not, a good phone manner never goes […]

So you’re an admin or executive assistant and you want to be a great one. However, if you’re not a ninja-level gatekeeper, you’ll never hit your goal. Great gatekeepers are experts at managing flow. They are more about filtering out the noise than blocking people, and they do it all to ensure their bosses receive […]

When you’re a personal assistant, scheduling your boss’ day to run as smoothly as possible is an integral part of your job. A great assistant ensures that the flow of appointments and meetings make sense and leaves enough time to accomplish quality work on all projects. Here are some key strategies for managing two schedules: […]

If you’re a stickler for details and get a warm glow of satisfaction from the idea of people getting their paychecks on time, then you might want to consider becoming a payroll clerk. These financial professionals are responsible for maintaining and processing large amounts of financial data and payment information for companies. What does a […]

If you’re an administrative assistant, chances are good that you're supposed to rock at everything related to "time management." This vital job skill might not come naturally to you, but it is something you can learn (and become great at) over time. Even if you're on top of things, it’s always possible to streamline even more. […]

As an assistant, you will often be asked to manage your boss’s correspondence, including emails. This can often be a tricky task, particularly because it's hard to know the correct tone to strike. Should you write in your voice? In his or hers? What if your boss just leaves it up to you? Representing someone […]

Administrative assistants are often the unsung heroes of the workplace. They are the ones who keep the office running smoothly or the boss happy and well prepared to do her or his job. They can multitask, possess multiple skills, and must face a variety of expected and unexpected challenges. The ability to face down any […]

When you think of a classroom, you may think of one teacher at the head of the class, working with a group of students. What you may not consider is that many classrooms have another adult there, helping students learn—a paraprofessional, or teaching assistant. What Does a Paraprofessional Educator Do? Paraprofessionals are an essential part […]

If you work in the office or administrative support sector, you’re in luck. These occupations are poised to see about a million and a half new job openings by 2022. Companies are filling vacancies and making new ones at a rapid pace, seeking employees who have experience in the industry, a proven track record for […]

Administrative assistants work in every industry, and their jobs are extremely demanding. If you're not one, you might not know how hard they work, but don’t underestimate the grueling nature of their day-to-day or the amount of education they needed to get there! And if you are one, you know all too well the struggles that […]

If you’re not a personal assistant—or even if you are—you could probably use one for yourself. It’s hard enough to function at your job and in your life without also struggling to keep your resolutions to be super organized this year. But what if you could have help? Did you know you can get a […]

Is your inbox clogged with emails you just don’t have it in you to respond to? I’ll do that tomorrow, you think. And again the next day. And again. Until it’s lodged safely on the “previous” screen and all that’s left is the niggling sense of guilt that you didn’t do something you were supposed […]

While you don’t want to create a phony professional persona at work that doesn’t make you feel comfortable or like you’re being yourself, there are a few words that should be stricken from your vocabulary—at least at the office, if not beyond. These are words that, fairly or unfairly, can easily undermine your credibility and […]

Dear boss: I quit. Love, me While this note cuts to the chase, it’s not ideal. Your resignation letter should have a number of elements in it to ensure that your transition out is as smooth as possible, and that it sets you up for your next phase. Here are five elements your resignation letter […]

No matter how much you love your job, it’s easy to feel trapped. You wake up going through the motions and dreading getting dressed; you just want to crawl back into bed and stay home. This is human, and it happens to us all. But if you really do feel trapped and find that you’ve […]

I hope you’re coming to this site because you’re seeking solid career advice—and more importantly, that you’re finding it! However, not all career advice is created equal. You should feel free to ignore “advice” like the tips below. They can seriously hamstring your career path progress or get you stuck in a job that makes […]

To be perfectly honest, I find working closely with groups of people somewhat stressful. I notice plenty of details and lots of them are irritating. You may work with griping colleagues, grouchy colleagues, hypercritical colleagues, or just complaining ones. How can you channel that nitpicky attitude into something that benefits the whole team? And how […]

Being an administrative assistant can be a tough job. It’s often considered an entry-level position, but it’s a role that requires a large number of skills to perform effectively and support your manager. So how do you gain those skills? And once you’re in the assistant role, what kind of support is there for the […]

We talk a lot around here about how to land that dream job, but maybe we need to spend more time on what to do (or, more specifically, what not to do) when you get there! Here are 5 major don'ts for your first day of work. 1. Don’t Hunker Down At Your Desk You’ll probably […]

Brace yourself: Blood will be spilled, tears will be shed, and friendships will be broken after you pull these 9 hilarious office pranks on your co-workers. You will get fired. You have been warned.   1. Tamper with the Foosball table via [] Sneak into your office at night while no one is there and super […]

  From the way they help with managing your time to managing simultaneous due-dates, from taking notes in a client meeting to having access to recent drafts on the go, apps are a freelancer’s best friend. So it’s very likely they can help you streamline your office life too. Check out this list of the […]

Over one million receptionist jobs exist in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Demand for administrative professionals extends across most industries, from general practical medical clinics to Realtor offices. If you're looking for a job as a receptionist, sharpen these seven skills to give yourself a competitive advantage. 1. Organization Whether […]

In a world poised between paper and digital information, data entry specialists play a vital role. If you're technologically savvy, detail-oriented, and comfortable working with massive amounts of information, a career as a data entry specialist may be right for you. Here's what you need to know about this important job. The 411 on data […]