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Primarily based on recognizing and learning to respond to other people’s emotions, empathy in the classroom can aid learning and help foster a more harmonious and respectful classroom. Students who exhibit empathy have been shown to have better test scores—but that’s not really the point. Learning other’s perspectives, including emotions, is a vital part of […]

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Teaching is both rewarding and difficult. There’s a lot to love about the profession, particularly having a front seat to witness students growing and learning throughout the school year. But over the long term teachers can get worn out—and are often overworked for little pay. The good news for experienced teachers is that the profession […]

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Attention teachers—are you making the most of your time in the classroom? The truth is, if you’re applying a “one size fits all” approach to teaching then you’re probably not making the most effective use of your abilities. Today’s most effective teachers realize that their classrooms are actually microcosms of students with a range of […]

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Those of us who have had the opportunity to have a good professional mentor as we travel through our career paths are well aware of the value they bring—this includes everything from support, encouragement, and motivation; to opening new doors; to networking and job opportunities. The bottom line is that a good mentor is really […]

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Your students are on devices all day long, constantly texting, scrolling through social media, and checking email between classes (and sometimes during class). While many schools have technology policies and some teachers ban devices in their classroom, some are embracing tech to reach this generation in key ways: as teaching tools within the classroom, through […]

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Being a teacher is an important professional calling—but it’s no easy task. Some people look at the profession and imagine it’s an easy job, with summers off and plenty of free time in the afternoon once the students go home. However, those in the know regarding what it’s really like to be a teacher know […]

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Fact of life: teachers are busy, both in the classroom and outside of it. Apps can be a godsend to help keep organized and improve the classroom experience for students. But there are so many apps out there—which ones are tops for teachers and can help streamline their lives inside and outside of the classroom? […]

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Get your degree if you want to succeed. This is pretty common advice for students who are trying to figure out what comes next in their lives. And education is always a good solution if you want to build knowledge and skills. Plus, a degree is usually a baseline requirement for more and more jobs […]

It’s no surprise to anyone that the world around us is changing faster than most people can keep up. Rapid technological innovation, increasing globalization of businesses and interconnectivity among people all over the world, and quickly evolving social and cultural norms are all helping to usher in a “brave new world” of sorts, with tangible […]

School counselors are some of the most important professionals in the educational system. They can help bridge the gap between personal and educational issues for students and help students navigate life issues throughout their school careers. If you’re interested in both psychology and teaching, it can be a fulfilling career path. What does a school […]

With the world getting more diverse, professionals who can help people bridge language and cultural gaps will be in high demand. English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers not only have skills that can help people assimilate into life in a new country, but they can also be cultural ambassadors. If you’re thinking about combining […]

We all want our lives to be filled with purpose and to have a positive and lasting impact on the world around us. After all, having a life filled with meaning is a key component of a personally satisfying existence. This is not just a “nice to have” or something pleasant to daydream about when […]

Anyone who takes on the role of teacher is already pretty special—educating students of all ages is not for everyone, and it can be one of the most challenging and rewarding careers out there. And if you’re thinking of becoming a special education teacher, working with students with an even greater range of learning styles, […]

Whether you’re a teacher or not, you’ve likely heard some variation on the theme of “teachers are underpaid.” Given what all that they do and the power that they hold over the education of children, teens, and adults alike, this is a very true statement—especially when you factor in all of the unpaid hours of […]

So you got a degree in teaching and are thinking the classroom life isn't for you. Or maybe you’ve been teaching for years and you suddenly realize you need or want a career change. Don’t fret! If you want to do something else, you don't have to feel fenced in by your chosen path of […]

As far as teaching careers go, the idea of being a kindergarten teacher seems very appealing. The students are young, not yet subject to the social pressures of middle and high school, and eager to learn about the world. Maybe you see yourself singing songs and helping kids take those tentative first steps on their […]

Substitute teachers are the pinch hitters of the education world: they step in when needed and help keep the game running smoothly. These educators are key to making sure that the school day continues on even when the regular classroom teacher can’t be there—whether that’s for a sick day or a longer-term absence. What does […]

Beginning a career in teaching is extremely exciting. Shaping today’s minds that will run tomorrow’s world is a vital job, and it can be fun as well as rewarding. But anyone with a general idea of what teachers do everyday knows that every day won't be a breeze. In fact, most days will be a […]

Teaching can be immensely fulfilling work. The idea of shaping young minds and guiding kids toward their own futures (not to mention having summers off) leads a lot of people into the teaching field. However, not everyone is cut out for this kind of work. The last thing you want is to discover that you […]

You might not think a career in education is a particularly lucrative choice, but if teaching is your passion, it is definitely possible to make a very good living. Check out these 10 examples of financially rewarding jobs in education. Some might take a bit of time to get there, but if you have your […]

The job market is a pretty brutal place for new teachers these days. There are a ton of teaching grads out there and not a lot of jobs. You might get lucky and get a job from placement, but if you don’t, you’ll be out there on the hunt. What you may not have realized […]

Skill acquisition is super important to advancing your career. But you’re busy—or you live in a remote location—or you just feel daunted by how long it takes to gain proficiency, let alone mastery, of any given skill. Never fear! There are a ton of in-demand and highly marketable skills you can learn quickly. Here are […]