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When you’re preparing for an interview, chances are you’ve got the usual stuff down: your resume, talking points, stellar eye contact, and small talk. Those are easy—you can practice them in the mirror or with a trusted interview prep buddy. But what happens when you get a bit of a curveball, like difficult behavioral interview […]

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Sometimes it’s all too apparent when a job interview hasn’t gone well—maybe there’s a cringeworthy statement you wish you could take back, or an icy glance from an interviewer who doesn’t seem to find your small talk very charming. But what differentiates an okay job interview from one you’ve just rocked? Here are some key […]

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It’s interview day. You’ve worked on your handshake, your eye contact, your head-to-toe professional outfit. You know your resume backwards and forwards, and you’ve reviewed the job description so many times you can practically see it when you close your eyes. So, you’re ready. And then in the interview, you get a question you weren’t […]

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You’re feeling prepared for your interview. You’ve practiced your handshake (firm, confident). You’ve got your talking points down cold and are ready to answer just about any question thrown your way. But are you ready to ask questions yourself? An interview isn’t just fielding questions and making eye contact with your interviewer—it’s a dialogue between […]

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Sometimes the most obvious interview questions are the toughest. You prep and prep for the job of your dreams and do all the right things—meticulously tailor your resume and cover letter, carefully follow the steps involved in the application process, wait patiently for a response and, if you’re lucky, get invited to an interview and […]

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In today’s job search, a lot of things have been automated or digitized. Your resume is now a PDF that can be sent anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. Your network may be full of people you haven’t met in person but have developed professional BFF-ships through the many social media options. But […]

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You’re in a job interview, and have been rocking all the usual questions that come your way. What’s your five-year plan? Tell me about your last job. What brought you to this industry in the first place? Then there’s a question that stumps you a little, and you pause. Uh oh, they’ve hit a gap […]

It’s the moment of truth—you’re on the job hunt and have landed an interview and it’s going well. You’re making a great impression on the person you’re meeting with and it really feels as if you have this locked up… and then all of a sudden you’re hit with the big question: “Why should I […]

Pop quiz, hotshot: it’s the night before your big job interview. What should you be doing to get yourself ready? Know where you’re going. This is probably the most important thing you can do before your job interview. Nothing sends your brain into panic mode (and gets the interview off on the wrong foot) like […]

We’ve all been in this position—we’re at work or on an interview and all of a sudden we accidentally say something that we quickly realize sounds so awkward, so not right that we’d give nearly anything to somehow be able to take it back…but we can’t. The truth is, once something is out of your […]

There’s a question that seems to pop up all the time, and you can count on hearing it from inquiring bosses, curious colleagues, friends and family members, and perhaps most often—and most importantly—on job interviews. It’s ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?” How you answer this can say plenty about you. Want to […]

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If you’ve been on the job hunt for a while, you’ve probably been exposed to a wide variety of interview styles and scenarios, all designed to try and get the most accurate reflection of what you’d be like as a potential employee and gauge your value if hired. And chances are you’ve been exposed to—in […]

If you’re on the job hunt and you’ve played your cards right, then perhaps you’ve found yourself in the following scenario: you’ve successfully made it through a series of interviews, waited patiently, been contacted by a hiring manager or HR representative, and been made a job offer. Often, this is absolutely fantastic news—the end result […]

You have a job offer—awesome! Your work is done, right? After all, you’ve made it through the resume pile/interview/second interview gauntlet and emerged as the winner. Not so fast, champ…you still have some work to do. The job offer is just the start of the next phase: negotiating. This is your chance to get as […]

There’s nothing quite as uniquely stressful as a toxic coworker—and if you’ve been a victim of one you know precisely how difficult a situation he or she can be. They can be toxic for a wide variety of reasons, from a negative energy that they give off to a detrimental effect they have on your […]

You’ve put your resume in for a job opening, and now you’ve got your first bite—a phone interview. The phone interview doesn’t happen in every application/interview process, but you might encounter it for two reasons: You’re currently far away from the hiring company. The company wants to do a preliminary interview to see if they […]

When you schedule an interview for a new job, you pretty much know what you need to work on: body language, your handshake, and your resume-based anecdotes. That’s it, right? You’re ready to go? Not so fast…the type of interview you’re facing can add a whole new level of prep and consideration. When you think […]

When you’re going on interviews in the hopes of landing a new job, you may invest some time in practicing how you’d handle the sorts of questions you think you might encounter while you’re in the real thing. The truth is, it’s impossible to predict how an interview will unfold. However, one thing you can […]

Although there’s a wide array of variables that can affect the types of interviews you’ll find yourself in when job hunting—from the industry and position you’re pursuing to the size of the room and the number of people whom you’ll be meeting with and more—your goal should always be the same: to leave a positive […]

It's game time—the interview is here. You prepped well. You aced the handshake, anticipated the questions they asked, and wowed them with your smooth, competent demeanor and relevant work anecdotes. Or maybe it wasn’t your best interview (it happens), and you need a way to salvage the whole thing. Either way, as the interview is […]

In this era of texting, when phone conversations are increasingly rare, a phone interview can be a daunting step during the job hunt process. It's hard enough to do a face-to-face interview, but in this case you have to create a rapport with a potential employer with no facial expressions to guide you. And just because […]

It’s time for your in-person interview. Maybe you’re here after acing an initial phone interview, or maybe you just skipped straight to this stage. You have a suit cleaned and pressed, copies of your resume ready in a folder, and dreams of new business cards dancing in your head. Here are the steps you should […]

You know you're going to be asked about yourself in a job interview, so don't get caught tongue-tied. It's smart to have a small collection of adjectives that describe you well and show you off in your best light—bonus points if they aren't the same old tired words everybody else is using. Often the best […]

You’re all excited for your interview and then you get the dreaded question. “Walk me through your resume,” the interviewer says. “Walk through it yourself!” you think. “Can’t you read?” We kid—of course, you can only think this. (Please, only think it!) It may seem like a ridiculous question, but think of it instead as […]

It’s almost inevitable that in the course of your job search you will be asked for your salary history—either what you’re currently making, what you made in your previous position, or beyond. Employers want to know because they think it is a good gauge of your market value, and they want to get a sense […]

No matter what stage you are in your career, you need to dress to impress whenever you’re granted an interview. That might mean something different depending on your career status and the field you’re interviewing in, but the overarching point you should keep in mind when you select your attire is this: look like you […]

Job interviews aren’t just a time for you to sit in the hot seat and be judged. They’re also an opportunity for you to vet the potential employer—to determine whether this company would be a good fit for you, and to make sure there aren’t any giant flapping red flags that should be telling you […]

You’ve done a lot of interview prep already and you’re feeling pretty ready. But you’re still dreading the questions you haven’t prepped for—or the really tricky ones that seem perfectly simple, but have multiple strategic layers designed to get at something subtle.

It’s hard enough to find a job that’s fit for an introvert—let alone acing an interview for one. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the interview advice out there, and feeling like you won’t ever quite be able to deliver? You don’t have to be extroverted or able to do things on the fly […]

Body language is important—it's really no exaggeration to say that it can make or break you in the job interview situation. Your nonverbal communication in these situations is almost as important as what you say.

The “What motivates you?” question is a job interview standard, but it can be tricky to answer, and lots of prospective employees find they often have no idea what to say. The last thing you want to do, however, is to give a vague or noncommittal answer. Think of this annoyingly broad and op…

You’ve done a lot of interview prep already and you’re feeling pretty ready. But you’re still dreading the questions you haven’t prepped for—or the really tricky ones that seem perfectly simple, but have multiple strategic layers designed to get at something subtle. Don’t get tripped up or surprised by the following tricky questions—prepare your answers […]

You might think landing a job is most of the battle. But don’t forget, over the course of negotiations—and indeed your whole career—there are a few mistakes you can make that will stick you with a low salary, and sometimes for a lot longer than you might expect. So when you’re negotiating a new offer, […]

You’re all ready for the interview: qualified, geared up, pumped! But the trouble is, you’re nervous. You feel the echo of every footstep down the hall. Your palms are sweaty. Your lungs are thick. You’re on the verge of freaking out.

We all go into interviews nervous, and ready to answer (or at least pivot) any question that comes our way. But there are a few questions that step over lines you might not even realize are there—though they are there to protect you. As you’re preparing answers to every possible question in order to put […]