Retail Industry

Dealing with sometimes demanding, sometimes ornery, sometimes outright hostile customers may be the biggest challenge any retail employee must face. Retail places all employees in a veritable public relations position because the way employees handle customers reflects on the business as a whole. That’s why management is generally adamant about all employees possessing ace interpersonal […]

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Working in the retail industry used to be pretty straightforward. Customers would shop in brick-and-mortar storefronts, helped by sales associates or customer service reps. Then, anything they couldn’t get in person was purchased from a printed catalog. Now, things have changed almost completely—virtually anything you need or want can be delivered right to your door, […]

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Working in retail and wondering whether there’s any upward mobility? Just remember that actually selling items in store is only about 56% of the retail picture. The other 44% of retail employees are working behind the scenes in design, marketing, admin, and logistics. Chances are you have skills that could transfer to these non-sales positions […]

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you’ve turned in a rockin’ retail resume, showing that you’re a mature, responsible, personable individual. the you-on-paper is looking better than ever. but you’re not done—if they like what they see, it’s time for the next stage: the interview. what can you expect there? what’s your experience? the interviewer is going to know what kind […]