Retail Industry

Dealing with sometimes demanding, sometimes ornery, sometimes outright hostile customers may be the biggest challenge any retail employee must face. Retail places all employees in a veritable public relations position because the way employees handle customers reflects on the business as a whole. That’s why management is generally adamant about all employees possessing ace interpersonal […]

Are you currently employed in a retail position or looking to find one? If so, and you’re in it for the long haul, you can expect to encounter some big changes across the industry in the next several years. This is due to a variety of factors—from technological innovation that’s reshaping how consumers purchase products, […]

Working in the retail industry used to be pretty straightforward. Customers would shop in brick-and-mortar storefronts, helped by sales associates or customer service reps. Then, anything they couldn’t get in person was purchased from a printed catalog. Now, things have changed almost completely—virtually anything you need or want can be delivered right to your door, […]

So you want to make it as a sales associate. If you’re looking for a position in the current economy, you’re going to want to be as marketable as possible to rise above your competition. Given the broad responsibilities that will likely end up being yours, you’ll want to be as versatile as possible; that […]

Retail can be an excellent job for anyone—especially college-aged or retired people who need or want the flexibility and human interaction. It used to be fairly easy to just show up and get hired. Nowadays, it’s becoming a competitive field in its own right. Here are a few things to know to succeed in landing […]

Even if you love your career in retail, the common truth is that it can really be a thankless job. It’s wrongly considered a job that “anyone” could do, but it takes a lot of stamina, skills, and smarts to juggle the many elements of the gig successfully, and with grace. Here are some of […]

Huge numbers of young people at all levels of education currently work in the retail industry—tons of Millennials between the ages of 19 and 30 work in retail sales positions, often starting at a low hourly wage right out of high school. If you find yourself on the bottom rung of a retail career and would […]

So you have an interview at Macy’s, likely for a retail position. Regardless of exactly what your role would be in the corporation, the rules of interview preparation are fairly standard. The first thing you’ll want to do is ready yourself to answer the interview questions that might come your way. Below, we’ve compiled some of the […]

Considering a job in retail? Hoping to find a workplace that treats you fairly and can maybe even lead to a full-time career? Maybe you’ve never even thought of making a career in the retail field, but the great news is there were several retail companies listed in this year’s Employees’ Choice Awards by Glassdoor […]

Working in retail and wondering whether there’s any upward mobility? Just remember that actually selling items in store is only about 56% of the retail picture. The other 44% of retail employees are working behind the scenes in design, marketing, admin, and logistics. Chances are you have skills that could transfer to these non-sales positions […]

you’ve turned in a rockin’ retail resume, showing that you’re a mature, responsible, personable individual. the you-on-paper is looking better than ever. but you’re not done—if they like what they see, it’s time for the next stage: the interview. what can you expect there? what’s your experience? the interviewer is going to know what kind […]