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Virginia Wine Association | Winery & Vineyard | Richmond VA


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600 E. Main Street, Suite 308
Richmond, VA 23219

Last Updated: April 11, 2019


About Virginia Wine Association | Winery & Vineyard | Richmond VA

Virginia Wine Association dedicated to promoting and supporting the local wineries and vineyards from Virginia

The wineries in Virginia are indeed surrounded by scenic views as varied as the grapes you’ll find here. And with one of the most diverse climates of any eastern state, our growers benefit from being able to produce a variety of unique grape species and savory wine flavors. We are passionate wine explorers both beginner and expert who believe wine discovery is a fun and lifelong adventure that should be shared. Our mission is to raise awareness and demand for Virginia wine through marketing and education, while supporting viticulture and enology research to drive industry growth. Visiting the wineries is the perfect way to truly experience Virginia’s incredible variety of wines. Meet the winemakers, see the vineyards and orchards, tour the wineries and best of all taste the wines! When you enjoy Virginia wines, you can also taste a bit of the care and craftsmanship that went into them from vine to cellar, with hints of tradition and a faint, lingering glow of family.

Virginia Wine Association takes pride in offering a total wine experience for the people of Central Virginia.

Our vision is to unite our community in an effort to establish Virginia as a world-class destination for premium wine. Whether benefiting from our active regional marketing, business operation and training programs, or lobbing considerations, our members benefit from being connected together as a single powerful voice on behalf of the region. We support local winery businesses through promotion, industry growth, and development. We also promote economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the potential of all our members. Savor Virginia’s award-winning wines at wineries nestled amid rolling hills and breathtaking scenery. Sample the wines and taste the quality for yourself. Tour the vineyards and wineries to see where the grapes are grown and how the wine is made. We invite you to visit Virginia’s magnificent wine country! The complimentary tours and tastings are friendly and informative and we welcome the entire family. Visit us soon. It's the perfect way to spend the day!

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