By this point in my career I’'ve covered hundreds of local government meetings, and never, during any one of them, did a balloon drop or a marching band seem as if they would be an appropriate addition to the proceedings. 

That is, until last week.

Am I overstating the case when I say that the county leadership managing to find a navigable passage through the boundary-related voting precinct quagmire (see story, page 1) that has tied plenty of others in knots is worthy of the kind of victory celebration typically reserved for Super Bowl winners and newly elected presidents?


And yet there was a very real sense, when the Goochland County Board of Supervisors last week approved what is believed to be a workable solution to the issue, that something truly special had happened.

It’s rare these days to find anything that makes everyone happy, or any silver cloud upon which no one can find some kind of grey lining.

But even the most hard-hearted government-bashing grump would likely have a hard time not being heartened by the way the plight of several hundred voters was addressed by the current board.

Perhaps what made this particularly special was that, at least in this case, the county leadership could have taken a knee. Yes, there was a good number of taxpaying Goochland residents who were very upset to learn that they had been moved from Goochland’s to Louisa’s voter rolls due to the 200-year-old boundary dispute between the two counties, but board members had been informed by the Goochland Electoral Board — a wholly independent entity — that it was not something that was in their power to fix.

So what did they do? They fixed it anyway.

No, perhaps elected leaders going the extra mile — or possibly further in this case — for their constituents shouldn’t be something that feels quite so extraordinary, but these days it does sometimes seem that way.

Goochland residents are fortunate to have leaders in place who will look at a mountain and get to work moving it, even when the likelihood of failure is high.

And that is exactly what happened here.

Somebody cue those balloons.

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