Habitat’s mission a success thanks to community support, but more help needed

Goochland Gazette Editor,

Over the past 23 years, Habitat for Humanity of Goochland County (HHG) has built 25 affordable single-family homes in our community. That is more than one house per thousand country residents, which is considered the operational “gold standard” for Habitat affiliates.  Habitat houses are not “free” housing. We build the homes and then sell them at cost to our partner families who, in turn, pay us back through a no-interest loan over a 30-year term. The mortgage payments we get from them are then used to partially fund ongoing construction.

Our operational system has worked well over the years. Private donations to fund our operations along with generous volunteerism supporting our construction has been a successful operating model. But HHG is desiring to achieve more scale going forward, with a goal of building two to three houses per year. To do this, we are facing some headwinds.  Land costs have dramatically increased in the county, are continuing to rise at a rapid rate, and that has increased our net building costs by over 35 percent. This increases our operating budget and the purchase cost we pass on to our partner families.

The service we provide – affordable housing  – is one of the most significant catalysts in breaking the poverty cycle. Most of our client families reduce their monthly housing outlays from $900+ per month (rent) to $400 per month toward home ownership. It is easy to see how this is such a game-changer.

So how can you help GHH scale up and continue this vital community service? First, we are in dire need of affordable land on which to build our homes. If you have land in the county and are willing to donate it (optimal) or sell at a reduced market price, it would be a major catalyst in our growth plans.

Second, we need funding. Until this year, we have relied primarily on private contributions solicited via our annual newsletter that we send out November.  While we have been blessed with generous private community support, we are now looking to expand to engage corporate and business sponsors. This year, we were most fortunate to partner with HHHunt, who provided generous funds and volunteer manpower to assist us on this year’s house construction. Their generous sponsorship has been a game-changer for this year’s operation and we are eager to engage other corporate entities and businesses who operate in Goochland to help us sustain and grow this vital community service.

Goochland is a special community with a remarkable culture of giving and community service. If you or your business are interested in helping us grow Habitat for Humanity of Goochland through land procurement and/or corporate, business or private support, please contact me at jpmorgan038@comcast.net. Thanks so much for your consideration in support of our organization.

Joe Morgan

Board of Directors / Construction

Habitat for Humanity of Goochland

Creasey has spent life putting family and community first

Dear Editor,

I write this editorial with mixed feelings.

While I am excited to see Sergeant Steven Creasey pursue his dream of becoming Sheriff of Goochland County, it saddens me to see that it comes at the expense of his family’s good name.

I have lived in the county for over 60 years and actually lived next to the Creasey family for over 20 of those 60+ years.

I can say without hesitation that you will not find a better family dedicated to helping others.

Ned Creasey was a dear friend and served on the Board of Supervisors with honor and commitment, his son Shawn has been a dependable deputy, wife Diana dedicated her life as a nurse along with his daughter Teresa. He was also so very proud of his son Scott, daughter Tonia, his grandchildren who serve as Marines, and even a reputable veterinarian here in the county.

I feel it doesn’t even need to be said but seeing his son Steven dedicate his entire career to the Goochland Sheriff’s department and doing so at the highest level made Ned extremely proud. Let me be clear in saying that any candidate for sheriff that wants to go knocking on doors to simply smear a family’s good name versus talking about what makes them the best candidate, will get nowhere in this election. If you want to go toe to toe when it comes to honesty, integrity, ethics, character, you will fall well short. 

Larry and Jane Proffitt


White’s experience, skills make him best choice for sheriff

Dear Editor,

As citizens of the Commonwealth, we have an election every year.  This year, our lovely county, will elect Board of Supervisor and School Board members and also, this year, a new Sheriff.  All very important, as we would like Goochland to be rural, but also, to grow in a sane and safe way.  We will be impacted by this growth, especially in the eastern part.  Some growth good, some not so good-like human trafficking with the new hotel on Broad St. We must be ready!  

The race for sheriff has been an eye opener, to say the least.  If a person is a citizen and willing, they have a right to run for office, even if it is a challenge to the “good ole boy network”.  We should all want someone that will serve all the citizens without bias. Nor should they have to fear the retribution by innuendos to smear their reputation or especially to their family members reputation by the opposition.  

After hearing the candidates speak and doing my own research, there is a clear  choice.  We need a candidate that has a wealth of experience in different areas of law enforcement.  Someone that has moved forward with an upward progression in their years of service.  With that evidence, that would be Levin White

I encourage everyone to review Mr. White’s 12 point plan for a safer Goochland, a plan he put together over a year ago.  We need a sheriff that is proactive, ahead of the changes and challenges. Mr. White has lived in Goochland for 17 years and he has worked hard in the ranks of law enforcement in Richmond. Experience that will secure Goochland’s future.

Please attend a candidate forum, ask your questions and vote Nov. 5. The Sheriff’s Forum is Sept. 24, 7 p.m. in the Goochland High School auditorium.

Charlotte Whitmire


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