Lascolette has proven true to her word when it comes to Goochland

Dear Editor, 

Sometimes I make New Year’s resolutions, and a couple of times it included “more exercise and a better diet.” (I’d like to lose a couple of pounds.) When I stick to my resolutions, things go pretty good; but when I go back to my old ways…things don’t go so well. 

In 2011 I made a resolution to get better government in Goochland, and I voted for Susan Lascolette for our Supervisor in District 1. Goochland had some real problems in 2011 - the sewer bonds were a mess, the schools were underperforming and the Treasurer we had then was sending Goochland’s money to scam artists overseas!

We elected a new supervisor with Susan Lascolette that year; along with a new treasurer. I saw that when we put Susan in the Supervisor’s office she went to work immediately and helped fix these problems. I saw someone put aside their own personal time and issues to help others. Susan works tirelessly for the citizens of Goochland.

Today, the budget and schools are better, our taxes are low and our Treasurer’s office is one of the best in Virginia. I think Goochland is a pretty good place to live today. 

I don’t want to give up on my 2011 resolution to have good government in Goochland, I hope District 1 voters will re-elect Susan Lascolette this November. Please vote and support Susan Lascolette for District 1 Supervisor.

Doris F. McKenzie


White is best candidate to fill county sheriff role

To the Editor,

I have been a Republican all of my life, working hard for the Republican candidates knocking on doors, handing out campaign literature, donations, and anything else that was needed to get them elected.  While attending Goochland Republican Party meeting last week, Steven Creasey, who is running for Sheriff here in Goochland, announced that Sen. Mark Peake had endorsed him as the candidate of choice.  While I have known the Creasey family for many years and realize that they are a nice family, this election is not a popularity contest as many here seen to think. Many in the Creasey age group played with the Creasey’s, or went to school and church with them, speak of them as being nice.  No one disputes this, however, being “nice” is not one of the criteria for being sheriff.  

Creasey is a deputy with the title of Road Sergeant.

Since Sen. Peake is in the Virginia legislature, I am certain he is aware of the tremendous growth in West Creek as well as in the Centerville area, my area.  With this growth comes more crime.  I do believe Goochland needs someone with more than a title of “deputy”.  We have unsolved murders, cases being thrown out of court because of shoddy work, and the citizens’ confidence in the Sheriff’s office is nil.

Goochland needs a competent Sheriff, I believe Levin White, whose credentials are much more numerous than those of Creasey, would do a much better job.  If you will look at White’s qualifications, you will see that he should be the one to be Sheriff.

We all want to feel safe in Goochland, and we want the best to be Sheriff.  In my opinion, Levin White is the candidate for the job.

June Dement Frick

Manakin Sabot

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