Despite intimidation, White will serve all residents as sheriff

Dear Editor:

It is said that one can be judged by the company he keeps. Is it also true that a candidate can be judged by his supporters? Steven Creasey is running for Goochland Sheriff. His supporters have threatened his opponent Levin White on many occasions: in person, on the phone, and on facebook. The White family has stated that they don’t go to certain restaurants with their children because they don’t want them to be exposed to the comments and threats. They are worried about school starting and their children being bullied. One Levin White supporter put up 8 approved campaign signs. An hour later, 6 were taken down. Some people with White signs in their yards have been harassed to the point that they have removed them.  Another White supporter had threatening phone calls 3 days in a row. That person is now watching his property carefully and keeping all doors locked. This whole process has become very scary!

I support Levin White for Sheriff because of his resume. He has experience in all areas of law enforcement all over Virginia. He has worked on human and drug trafficking cases, which our county is now facing. We do have those problems here and they are growing rapidly! Virginia is #6 in human trafficking and there is not a wall around Goochland. Levin White has a 12-Point plan to address these problems and many others in our rapidly growing county. It is no longer Mayberry RFD and he is working hard to show us how he will work to protect us. Levin White will be the sheriff for all Goochlanders, in both the east and the west. If you are a victim of crime or the perpetrator of a crime, you will be treated equally and fairly. Isn’t that what we want? Isn’t that what the American citizens living in Goochland deserve? 

Don’t be afraid to support Levin White for Sheriff and a SAFER Goochland for each us!

Ann Beauchamp

Goochland County

Change is what is really needed for county’s District 1

Dear Editor,

For the last twelve years, I have resided in Goochland County’s District One. My entire life I have actively followed politics. Before moving to our fine county, I completed a degree in economics, and eventually went on to obtain a master’s in public policy. Local government has always been a top concern, because of the influence on our daily lives. Goochland is not different in the arena of local politics.

This year, we are in full swing of another election season. On the ballot are many important races that are currently underway. There is a familiar face running again in District One. Susan Lascolette is seeking re-election for yet another term, even though she campaigned to stop at two. This does not surprise me, because what politician really keeps their promises?

Lascolette has been able to accomplish many successes in her tenure. Running as a Tea Party Republican in 2011, she along with other newly elected board supervisors were able to straighten a potential nightmarish situation. Many kudos go out to these individuals; however, they were only doing what every other county in the State already does. Goochland must pay their obligations, maintain a police force, and provide public school.

Even though Lascolette can say she contributed in her eight years, what has she really done? District One has not changed a bit in the last decade. Sure, we have a few more neighbors, and there is a porta potty in the woods next to a playground on Matthews Road. But how has the rest of the county progressed while we still remain in 1992?

Some people are privileged enough to have the internet. I am not sure why I am still saying this in our gadget-centric universe. Remember the day of dial-up? Well, that is the latest technology and a reality in District One. Unless the long speculated last mile ISP shows up tomorrow, we are far from having reliable internet service.

The one elementary school did connect to the 21st century this past year. A ten-mile-long cable was run from the Courthouse area to the school. It was promised that citizens would be able to tie in to get service, because additional money was spent to run a separate line. Volume and distance was not taken into consideration, and the cable lies useless for thousands of residents.

When you go vote, remember we still have the same issues that were complained about two terms ago. There is no internet, one half of the county flourishes while the other is left behind, and it still takes upward of thirty minutes for police or EMS. What does a AAA bond rating do for those who die while waiting for police, fire, or ambulance? I am sure it helped fund the capital improvement project of building a new fire station, but what is the point if it did not increase response time?

As I see it, the tipping point is in the future, which will be the great divide. Eventually, eastern Goochland will have too many residents and a new high school will be needed to accommodate growth. For convenience and population needs, a new school will be erected probably somewhere around West Creek. Once this takes place, most of the county will have no reason to travel to the Courthouse area. This issue will further segregate the county, and create an even bigger problem budgeting and allocating funds.

I understand Goochland is a rural county, and citizens desire slow growth to keep its pastoral appeal. But just because the internet is available, does not mean Walmart will look to build a store in the middle of Hadensville. The problem is the equality of our inputs. If I give equal tax dollars, then I should have uniform access to EMS, parks, or public utilities. If my experience in District One has taught me anything, if nothing changes, then expect more of the same for another four years.

Charles Brown


Tale of the T-shirt shows why resident supports Creasey

Dear Editor,

If I may, I want to tell everyone a story. As I pulled my Steven Creasey for Sheriff T-shirt out of the dryer tonight, I recalled the last instance I wore it. A moment I will remember, because it exemplified why I, and many others support this humble man who doesn’t get caught up in the day to day political slander we see on our news feeds. Last Christmas I vowed my support to Steven, but due to some personal conflicts and reasons involving other candidates I have passively lended my support until now.

I am an avid golfer, whom found myself at Golf Galaxy in Short Pump wearing my support T-shirt buying some wants and needs. A middle aged man approached me and asked, “Are you Mr. Creasey?” I stated, “No, but an avid supporter and career long friend that has served beside him since I was 17 years old. He says, “Thank you for your service, are you a police officer?” I quickly answer “No, but a proud member of Goochland Fire-Rescue.” (Which he did not realize was part of Steven’s resume) As we small talk, he says “I see the support all over, I live in Goochland, but I’ve never met him, what can you tell me about him?”

To summarize, I said, aside from his obvious physical and social media campaign, his Sheriff’s Department resume and education, which I’m assuming you have seen, I’ll tell you some things you might not know. Steven Creasey is a family man, with a legacy and deep roots in Goochland’s growth and public safety. His entire family is engrossed in public service and his late father was a well-respected Supervisor. He was my first Lieutenant as I began my fire department training in 2007 and has a long standing volunteer resume including making Captain and President of the Board of Directors. He is a lifetime member of Goochland Fire-Rescue and a lifetime public servant of the county he is so passionate to serve. He not only gives his professional time to the county he loves, but gives his free time to serve the great county of Goochland. He is the definition of selfless public servant.

As I’ve aged I’ve been able to count the fewer and fewer men who helped to shape me into the person I am. Steven is one of those people, I literally cannot think of a single negative interaction I have ever had with him. A single time where he did not have positive things to say, positive things to teach you, and positive outcomes to achieve.

As the political climate becomes more volatile, I’ve witnessed Steven rise above, non-wavering, keeping his head held high, and has never been baited into the negative banter. That my friends shows the maturity, humbleness, and overall demeanor of the man I expect to be my next Sheriff. I truly believe he gained another supporter that day, and I can’t be more proud than to publicly support:

Eric Lehmann


Creasey is the right choice to elect as county’s next sheriff

Dear Editor,

I have been all over Goochland County and have lived here for many years. I have knocked on many doors and put up many campaign signs, all with homeowner’s permission, and one thing is certain, the citizens of Goochland County absolutely love Steven Creasey and want him as their next sheriff. You will not find a more dedicated and faithful employee, friend, father, brother, and husband.

While I can appreciate other candidates pursuing the office of sheriff, I would rather back a candidate that does not have a questionable work history or questionable integrity or character. One that often raises more concern and questions rather than positivity.

With that being said, there is only one choice and that is to elect Steven Creasey as the next sheriff of Goochland County.

Outgoing Sheriff Jim Agnew said best and that is that Sgt. Creasey has an employment history with the county that is unblemished, which is rare to find, and that is the reason why sheriff Agnew is fully endorsing Steven Creasey. The Sheriff trusts Steven, his Major supports Steven, the whole department has faith in him and stands behind him. Why shouldn’t we?

Please join me in voting on Nov. 5 for Steven Creasey to be the next sheriff of Goochland County.

Mark Plummer

Sandy Hook

White has the right experience to lead our sheriff’s office

Dear Editor,

When I need work done on my car, I go to my friends and check with them to see what mechanic they would recommend that I use. The same thing holds true of the sheriff’s race here in Goochland.

In my working career, I had the good fortune of working with several law enforcement investigators, and so I went to my friends to ask them about Levin White. These investigators highly recommended him for sheriff. I also did my own research and I found that he loves his family, he loves his country and this county of Goochland and I like his platform.

For your information, here are his credentials:

(1) Recruit on Feb. 16, 1990

(2) Police Officer 1 effective Sept. 1990

(3) Police Officer 11 effective July 1995

(4) Police Officer 111 effective Sept. 1997

(5) Police Officer 1V effective Sept. 2000

(6) Police Officer V effective Sept. 2002

(7) Training Division - Feb. 1990 to Aug. 1990

(8) Street Enforcement - Sept. 1990 to June 1991

(9) Strike Force - June 1991 to Jan. 1992

(10) Street Enforcement Unit (Gilpin Court) Jan 1992 to May 1992

(11) Weed and Seed (1st Precinct) June 1992 to April, 1993

(12) Investigative Operations April 1993 to July 1993

(13) Weed and Seed - August 1993 to January 1995

(14)Division (Burglaries) Jan. 1995 to December 1995

(15) Organized Crime - Vice Unit December 1995 to Oct. 1996

(16) Organized Crime - Narcotics (Loan) October 1996 to Oct. 1997

(17) Organized Crime - Vice Unit October 1997 to Nov. 1998

(18) Homicide Division - Nov. 9, 1998 to April 2005

(19) Fourth Precinct FMT - April 2005 to March 1, 2010.

No records could be located concerning any demotions during his tenure with the department.

In my opinion, no other candidate’s credentials compare with those of Levin White and I highly recommend him to be Goochland’s next sheriff

Michael Umstead



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