I have a confession to make, although to those who already know me this will come as no surprise: I am not a fan of winter.

That general dislike runs pretty much the whole gamut of things related to the season, from cold weather to less daylight to naked trees (no, I don’t hate Christmas, but I would certainly be in favor of moving it to July).

This year, right around the start of February, I found a small measure of solace in playing recordings of birds singing in the forest while I worked at my desk, and for a few blissful minutes I managed to forget the cold, gray weather outside.

Yes, perhaps this is a bit extreme — I’ll admit that. But I’m also sure I’m not the only person in this neck of the woods who was more than a little excited these past few weeks to see the first true signs of spring popping up.

As it often happens, it’s easy to miss the signs at first. But then, suddenly, it’s as if the trees simply can’t wait another second to burst forth and everything begins greening and blooming with abandon.

Here in Goochland, with so many beautiful recreational spots, getting out and enjoying the spring could not possibly be easier.

Thanks to the work of the county’s amazing Parks and Recreation staff, Goochland residents have their choice of seven different parks to enjoy, all of them beautifully maintained with various amenities for all ages to enjoy.

There also are so many lovely winding roads to travel— windows rolled down, of course, to enjoy the fresh air — and so many reminders of why keeping Goochland predominantly rural is a worthwhile goal indeed.

I hope to see plenty of our wonderful readers out and about as we celebrate spring and enjoy the well-earned reward for having slogged through another long winter.

I’ll be out there for sure, smelling as many flowers as I can and reveling in the sounds of the birds I no longer need an internet connection to hear.

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