Nina Marsho

Nina Marsho (7) goes for a kill at the net in her Powhatan volleyball team's Oct. 8 home game versus George Wythe.

POWHATAN - Everyone on the team contributed to Powhatan Volleyball's straight-sets victory (25-4, 25-9, 25-7) over George Wythe on Tuesday, lifting the Indians to 12-1 on an 11th straight regular-season win.

Bryson Amorese delivered 10 aces and served a 9-0 opening stretch, Kara Huber served 8 aces, Zoe Higley made 5 aces, Natalie Mueller rocketed 7 surefire kills across the net and McKenzie Goacher added 3 aces to 10 assists.

Goacher, Higley and Nina Marsho - who has been working her way back into the rotation after enduring an ankle injury earlier in the season - all showcased laserlike approaches to their serves, firing them like line drives across the net and picking up points that way against the opposing team. Amorese also had a late ace scrape the top netting and drop onto the shallow floor on a similar serve.

"It stays in my mind that that laser serve is in there - if we can ever work it in, we might need it sometime, just say: 'Hey, we've got to have that...right now, just-give-it-a-try type thing," Powhatan coach Cindy Bryant said; she added of 5-foot-10 Marsho: "She has a really aggressive serve and she's above it with her height, she gets above it really well."

Powhatan's anticipating the closing stretch of its regular season, with three consecutive games against opponents (at Monacan on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m., at home versus James River on Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 7 p.m. and at home versus Clover Hill on Thursday, Oct. 17 at 7 p.m.) whom Powhatan had to beat by playing more than 3 sets (they edged James River 3-2 with an 16-14 5th set), and an Oct. 30 regular-season finale on the road against an intriguing opponent in Class 4 team Patrick Henry.

"We’re trying to improve some things, and our mental game is one of those things for sure," Coach Bryant said, noting that they've also been working on some specific plays that they would run if their passes are what the team is hoping to see.

As they continue on, the Powhatan Indians continue to be stacked with players who can make plays.

"We definitely have players vying for positions on the court - I love that," Coach Bryant said. "I have girls texting me for extra reps after practice."

She has girls trying to say: "I want on the court; how can I do that?"

"And I love that - that's healthy for a team that's winning to have competition for court time," Coach Bryant said. "We welcome that - it always stays nice. They're nice about it, but they need to be working hard to get out there. It's a competitive court."

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