I wasn’t always a nice person. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype, especially when you’re younger. With age and religion (the most important part), a sense of others’ feelings has become pronounced.

Reading posts on social media or watching people in traffic can be disheartening. What has happened to common courtesy? Behaviors are reminiscent of elementary school playground disagreements.

Admittedly, despite my age (yes, I am old enough to have membership in AARP), when it comes to the holiday season, especially Christmas, I am a kid at heart.

I love the sights, the sounds, and, most of all, the reason we celebrate Christmas.

With two great-nephews in Midlothian, Christmas has become even more special by seeing the excitement through the eyes of a 7- and a 3-year-old.

But, as usual, I digress. Kindness seems to have taken a back seat in society. I’m not going to get into politics and why this may be the case. Rather, I think it’s a matter of each of us taking the time for a little self-examination.

My father’s sudden death in 1992 was a real eye-opener for me. That’s when I knew I had to make some personal changes to become a better person. Those changes included the treatment of others. This is a lesson we are never too old to learn and make part of our daily routine.

Simple gestures can mean so much. Do you acknowledge those who stop and let you into traffic? I tend to offer a backward wave of thanks. Do you thank the person who holds a door open for you when you enter a business?

Are you thinking about families who may not be as fortunate as Christmas approaches? You still have time to support the Christmas Mother program. God bless the Doswell Ruritan Club for continuing this tradition.

For those of us who have never had to worry about a Christmas dinner or gifts under the tree, we can do more for those in need.

Be generous. Be thankful. Be kind. Let’s make Christmas 2019 memorable in many ways. Most of all, let’s take the time to make it about others.

As a new decade nears, kindness can be the word for 2020. Let’s live it.

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