I’ll go ahead and put it out there before I proceed: I am a transplant. I arrived in Winchester, Virginia, in 2005 after nearly 50 years in West Virginia. Mechanicsville became home in 2008, and I truly felt welcomed by the community as I settled into a new job and residence. Thank you to those who were and have been so gracious since that time.

Now we’re at a crossroads of opinions following the NAACP filing a lawsuit seeking to change the names of Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson Middle School. We have covered the lawsuit since the action was announced.

Our letters to the editors section and comments on our Facebook page have been varied to say the least. However, we shouldn’t have to act like a hall monitor to keep the conversation civil.

Everyone is welcome to their opinion, but the profanity and ugly name-calling won’t solve anything, and it won’t ensure that the schools keep those names.

This is a decision for the courts, which means it isn’t a matter for the Hanover County Board of Supervisors or Hanover County School Board to determine. I think some folks may have lost sight of that fact.

The passion exhibited by some who are in the keep the names the same category is very vocal and, without question, shows a dedicated commitment to their cause.

Those supporting the NAACP in pursuing the changing of the schools’ names are just as steadfast in their goal.

The bottom line is the court system will have the final say in this deeply divided issue.

As for the letters and social media posts, we always welcome them -- doesn’t mean we agree -- but we want you to know that you are part of this publication through your opinions.

In the meantime, keep it clean and avoid nasty remarks. The end to this story may be awhile before we learn the outcome.

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