Washington called clear choice for 97th District

We have an amazing opportunity in the 97th District to elect a servant representative; one who proudly served his nation in the United States Army and now wants to serve in the General Assembly.

Dr. Kevin Washington, a resident of New Kent, has been working tirelessly to meet and listen to the needs of all residents of the 97th.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing up-close and in person how Kevin respects and honors all individuals. He asks questions, he seeks and provides solutions to the people he meets on the campaign trail without waiting to be elected, regardless of party affiliation.

He doesn’t seek to serve in a partisan manner, but in a manner that benefits all constituents of the 97th.

He is dedicated to improving the education system for our children, including making sure our teachers are fully compensated and increasing access to early education. He will work to ensure increased access to affordable healthcare across our region.

Rural counties have been hard hit by the rising cost of medical care and Kevin understands how critical it is to our citizens to have great, affordable care close to home. As part of that, he understands, as an IT professional, how rural broadband extension is an absolute necessity, for medical care and education. He has the knowledge and dedication to bring broadband solutions to our district to benefit all.

Kevin is a man of honor, who has the leadership ability and integrity to ensure that all of the citizens of the 97th have a voice in the General Assembly.

Colleen Berry


Davis responded to need for roundabout

One night just before Christmas several years ago I almost get into a serious auto accident at the Studley/Rural Point intersection.

Yes, I should have looked better before I pulled out. But suddenly the truck was coming at me and I barely made it -- no harm to me or my car!

(My apology if the other driver reads this!)

I got to say it: Praise Jesus!

I decided after that near-miss that I would contact my supervisor, Sean Davis, and let him know that there needed to be essential reforms to this intersection. Somebody was going to get killed or seriously hurt.

Supervisor Davis was responsive and eventually he told me: “We’re doing something about this intersection -- it’s a traffic circle.”

I admit: I was skeptical. But it is a great traffic calming device. It slows down drivers. And it was built without a serious disruption to traffic.

I am glad to see this effort. Perhaps lives were saved.

I am told there will be another traffic circle at Creighton and Cold Harbor.

Maybe more are needed; I’ve already suggested widening the curves at Walnut Grove near Pole Green Road.

Davis’ opponent says: “We can do better.” I don’t know how we can do better than Supervisor Sean Davis. I recommend him to the voters as responsive and effective.

Vote Sean Davis this election.

Elwood Earl

“Sandy” Sanders Jr.


Participation may change GOP in 97th

After reading letters to the editor since the Scott Wyatt/Chris Peace election controversy, I have many thoughts.

First, the Peace corps needs to get out the crying towels. If some of the writers in support of a real Hanover resident (Peace) became engaged and actually attended Hanover Republican Party meetings instead of sending surrogates they would have had a vote on the decision-making process of Convention vs. Primary.

Forget the fact that the leadership of the Hanover RPV (Republican Party of Virginia) was in the tank for Mr. Peace; a legitimate vote was taken.

Second, a well-published meeting was held at Stonewall Jackson Middle School with a very large crowd (many hundreds) that somehow knew there was a meeting to select delegates going on. There were both Peace and Wyatt supporters. It was evident to all that there were far more Wyatt signs and supporters than Peace fans! How did so many people know to be there (long lines registering)?

We saw people we haven’t seen in years but they got the word. Is it possible that Mr. Peace didn’t take serious the organization Mr. Wyatt put together or was his surrogate information just flawed? They packed their bags and left -- it was so evident they were getting smoked!

Let’s go home and pull out all the reasons we were cheated or taken advantage of. All the good people who in good faith went to Stonewall now had to go to Atlee High School for a do-over. Again, many from both camps were in attendance but clearly far and away more Scott Wyatt supporters.

Let’s pack our bags and try another claim of being cheated from the Peace Camp. How about a firehouse convention? Pat yourselves on the back Peacers and try again by writing in your candidate. Help insure that our fully qualified candidate won’t get elected but we are going to take our ball and go home again!

Remember that Red Flag laws will be first and foremost on the legislative agenda and know all you Second Amendment gun owners and supporters will be more than sad.

Please go online and Google how egregious Red Flag laws have been to Colorado residents! Come to our Hanover Republican Party meetings and get engaged and informed.

Amen, folks, and hopefully you will not send another delegate to the legislature to caucus with the Democrats.

Paul Thiel


Dining car spot-on about millennials

I had to smile when I read Jim Ridolphi’s nostalgic look back about the disappearing dining car. He was right about millennials causing this decline but not because they don’t want to interact with strangers. It’s due to their takeover of the dining car. No one can eat there. Last November I was on a train from Richmond to New York and the millennials took over the few tables with their laptops.

There were tables for four but you would see one millennial with a laptop, fully settled in, taking up the whole table. The only way you could eat there was if you ask the porter and then he will make a place for you.

Diane Petree


Be heard by voting for Doran

In the next few weeks we will have the opportunity to be heard at the ballot box by voting for representatives at the local and state levels.

James Doran is running for Hanover County Board of Supervisors Cold Harbor District.

I’ve known James and his wonderful family for many years and was thrilled when he stepped up to run for the Hanover County Board of Supervisors representing the Cold Harbor District.

He is an involved and long-time resident of the Cold Harbor District.

Hanover will need strong, informed representation on the board of supervisors to tackle issues like keeping our schools strong and improving, managing growth in a responsible, smart way and, bringing broadband to everyone in the county.

James has been very involved in moving the process forward to get options for rural broadband in Hanover. Learning, proposing solutions and bringing folks together to get this done is work James is already doing on this front. Think of what he’ll accomplish once he’s elected to our board of supervisors!

James knows so much about Hanover County Public Schools. He’s a regular attendee at the Hanover County School Board meetings and school-related events. He knows first-hand how great our schools are and what needs to happen to have them be even better. Our students and teachers need James’ ideas and energy!

Growth in Hanover needs to be managed considering impact on traffic, school capacity, and other public services. James is for strategic small scale growth keeping all this in mind.

For all these reasons, I support James Doran for Cold Harbor supervisor on Nov. 5.

Peggy Lavinder


Write-in is the option for 97th seat

In so many elections people end up voting against someone. This year we have the opportunity to vote for someone.

Chris Peace has served the 97th District honorably and with distinction and I look forward to writing his name in on my ballot.

The local Republican Party made the nomination process this year a complete train wreck. It was a complete disservice to the constituents of this great district.

I’ve seen the back and forth discussions -- if you vote for this person, it’s a ballot for another -- and it’s complete nonsense given the demographics of this district.

Democrats have a highly qualified candidate in Kevin Washington and should be proud to cast a ballot on his behalf.

Republicans have a choice. Elections are indeed a performance evaluation of the incumbent and in my opinion Chris Peace has demonstrated that he deserves our continued support.

This November, vote for the candidate that you support and don’t hesitate to “write-in” your candidate of choice.

Robert Bradshaw


Rebuttal offered to school names

(Editor’s note: The following was submitted as “Rebuttal to Mr. Dickerson’s Lee-Davis/Stonewall Jackson headache.)

Paul. Paul. Paul.

Sorry for this rebuttal since I was determined to write a letter to “rally all patriots” to the (recent) cause to rid the world of Trump (again) because (this time) his phone call to Erdogan ($4 million investor in Trump Tower, Istanbul) is (as I write) causing the massacre of thousands of our allies (force protection units) the Kurdish “Rebels.”

Your racist (I’m not complaining or griping, just warning folks) letter (Oct. 9 Mechanicsville Local) is riddled with ignorance (another one out here in what was once Klan land) about our history or what came as a result of this history.

Dang, Dude (for lack of a more vivid epithet)! Your letter seems to be some type of writing sample for an application as “propaganda minister” for (a “controversial group’s”) furtherance of “the cause.”

You’ve totally lost an opportunity to put yourself in another man’s shoes. You’ve paralleled Obama and King to “rebel?” By the way, J. Edgar Hoover (and George Wallace) called Dr. King a communist as well as “rebel.”

Know what NAACP started out as (I’ll wait as you imagine the Jeopardy jingle running)?

This organization began as a group of folks gathered to see to it that black folks could vote without threat of physical harm! Imagine that, as we’re getting close to another voting poll opening. How’d you feel if you were in fear of simply exercising your constitutional right in your democracy as you voted? Wouldn’t you appreciate assistance even if it meant starting an advocacy group?

Gen. R.E. Lee was one of my heroes. So was Lt. Gen. T. Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X (as well as my dad). So is Barack Obama (mostly for standing up against the continued onslaught of the entire Republican caucus for eight years).

Point of the last paragraph was to show respect for and realize simultaneously that there’s a place and time for everything, which you’ve clearly missed.

What does “neither school denies any race the right to attend it” mean? The UNCF (United Negro College Fund) was meant to give a leg-up in 1944 to black folks (about the same time Harry Truman segregated all the forces). You think these twin causes may’ve been related?

Do you know (by way of similar functions) that you can go to say Virginia Union University or Virginia State University (yes, I remember you’re a “Caucasian”) with a “minority scholarship.”

Do you know that Caucasian kids have dozens and dozens of “college funds” (uh, scholarships). Many of these are private (catering directly to a privileged white child).

“Aren’t the UNCF/NAACP racist?” What kind of (gotta use “danged”‘ again, dang it) question is that? These organizations were founded to stave off racist hatred in the first place.

Remember, three clinical reasons for hated:

1). Fear of the hated.

2). Envy of the hated.

3). Hatred of self.

Sounds to me like you’re envious (at least).

I don’t think Obama High School or Martin Luther King Boulevard makes white folks upset. However, I’m sure Adolf Hitler High or Mussolini Middle could enrage a Jewish kid.

Umm, tell me: Just how would “OHS” and/or “MLK Blvd” interrupt “Caucasian students’ ” First Amendment (free speech) and 14th Amendment (naturalization) rights by existing?

Maybe (indeed) you should sit down and think.

Generals (both dead and alive) do not care about politics (except maybe for Maj. Gen. Nathan B. Forrest). They just do their jobs. Lee and Jackson were just soldiers doing their jobs.

I really think it isn’t their names but their “cause” which may offend folks.

The folks who feel offended also may feel the need to change/foster/progress or move forward by removing certain reminders.

Just like the monuments downtown; maybe there should be a referendum or vote on the matter.

Certainly throwing spears at folks in an unnecessary manner isn’t the way forward.

My 2¢ worth.

Dr. Richard Ryder,



Make sure candidate’s name listed

Every eligible citizen in this country has a responsibility to vote in our elections to indicate his or her preferences in the governing of our nation, state and county.

I sincerely hope Ray Alexander and the folks supporting a write-in campaign for Chris Peace are investing money in signs, one for each polling place, to clarify the correct name for Christopher K. Peace.

I would certainly hate for any write-in vote to be uncounted or challenged.

Deb Merritt Bragg


Voter upset with process in 97th race

I am a voter; I have a voice. I am deeply upset at the way things have been done in “selecting” the Republican candidate for the House of Delegates this year.

Instead of a process that is open, transparent, and allows for majority participation, the “selected” nominee, encouraged and participated in a process that led to voter confusion, a process closed to all but a few, and lacked transparency.

In all my years, I have never seen someone run for office stating they want to represent the “voice of the people”, that has worked tirelessly to suppress the voice of the majority of the people.

I know my friends, family, and neighbors here in Hanover County to be good, God-fearing people that stand firm in their morals, values, and principles.

On Nov. 5, I will be voting my principles, I will write in Chris Peace.

It’s not about any one individual, it’s about integrity.

It’s the principle of the matter.

Linda Witherow

Old Church

Voter explains support for Wyatt in 97th

As we draw near to the upcoming election, I’d like to take a little of your time and let you know about the candidate I’m going to vote for, Scott Wyatt.

I’ve known Scott for over 20 years, long before he entered the world of politics and soon after moving here to Hanover after a 22-year career with the U.S. Coast Guard.

So, no, I’m not a Hanoverian by birth, but being in the military generally means you find a great place to live after traveling and living in many places around our great country. Hanover County is just that kind of place.

My time in the service quickly taught me to determine the character of a person. From the very first time I met Scott he was open and friendly. He wanted to know all about you, and rarely about talked himself -- a true gentleman.

Scott Wyatt is a person of outstanding values.

First and foremost, Scott is a devoted husband and father. You see his family with him all the time -- a true sign of values and commitment.

Through the many years I’ve known him, he has consistently given freely of his time and energy to many noteworthy endeavors; all for the betterment of our community.

He supports the values of religious freedoms and time and time again has proven his unwavering commitment to the citizens of Hanover County, especially our first responders and military.

I encourage you to cast your vote for Scott. He has gained my support, and my vote, as our next delegate.

Jeff Decker


Voter says he was forced out of meeting

I am that man!

On April 11, I was physically forced out of the Hanover Republican Mass Meeting in my own wheelchair. Four days later, a surgeon operated on my spine. I went to the meeting to exercise my constitutional rights as a citizen despite my condition.

Many have and it is fair to ask, “Why was I thrown out of the meeting?”

According to Scott Wyatt’s initial quote to the Richmond Times-Dispatch (RTD), I was ejected because I had reportedly threatened to put the meeting chairman Russ Wright in a “body bag”. That doesn’t even make sense.

I called the RTD and complained about the report because I knew I had never said such a thing. The RTD investigated by interviewing people and reviewing a video of the meeting. The reporter determined what I already knew -- that I had said no such thing.

When called for a retraction, Scott Wyatt knew it too and then claimed that I was being “disruptive”.

Disruptive? I guess that’s what you call it: 1) when you change your story, and 2) when your hand-picked chairman, Russ Wright, and parliamentarian fail to follow the Roberts Rules of Order (Rules) as voted upon at the beginning of the Mass Meeting.

The chair may have thought I was “out of order” but only because he failed to acknowledge the “appeal the decision of the chair” motion, which I had made.

By rule, I was totally within my rights as a delegate to the meeting. The reality is that Russ had already lost control of the meeting. I was the least of his problems. Nonetheless, he used me as his scapegoat to regain control of the meeting. Shame on Russ Wright.

I will stand up for what is right. Russ refused to follow parliamentary procedure. Russ then failed with my subsequent “point of order” for his failing to obey the rules.

Russ was wrong and used his bully power to eject me. He was obligated to respond by rule to both of my motions. Oh, he responded all right, not in the appropriate parliamentarian way but by physically removing me.

What Russ Wright did was he cheated me out of my voice as a delegate and my opportunity to vote at that meeting.

What Scott Wyatt did was he made up a lie why I was ejected from that meeting. This is unjustifiable and inexcusable for a politician.

I’ll share with you one other fact: On Wednesday, Oct. 9, I had a “private message” discussion on Facebook with Scott Wyatt regarding a “Write-In Chris Peace” yard sign, which was removed during the week of Oct. 6. It was a civil discussion.

No one can know who took the sign, but we can guess, especially when Wyatt’s yard sign was placed within two feet of my sign at the same time the yard sign for Chris Peace went missing, eh?

Anyway, Scott has never apologized for the ejection from the Mass Meeting. When I mentioned the above situation during our Facebook conversation, Scott did not acknowledge it had happened and, consequently, still did not apologize for what happened to me personally, much less what he had said about why I was ejected.

Think, also, Tom Miller, a key player in Wyatt’s campaign who bullied the Republican Local Planning Committee (LPC) when Miller wouldn’t answer questions from the other representatives in at least three of the LPC meetings. At the end of those meetings, he stormed out and never answered the questions.

At the June LPC meeting at the Mechanicsville Library, Miller answered those fiscal and logistical questions. A little bit late, wouldn’t you think? He knew the answers during the spring but wouldn’t answer them prior to the May Convention. Strange.

This is all so shameful of Scott Wyatt and his team that it makes me sick with anger.

Is Scott Wyatt, his supporters and campaign staff the kind of people we want representing us in the General Assembly’s 97th District? We must respond by saying “No”.

And here’s how to say, “No”. We still have a choice and it’s not a Democrat. I can still vote Republican; not vote for Scott Wyatt; and keep the Republican majority in the House. The fact is that I was removed because I had stood for my rights. On Nov. 5, you have a choice to stand for your rights.

Write in Chris Peace, a loyal Republican even to this day.

The polling officials cannot tell you for whom to vote. The directions are on the ballot and the officials will share with you how to write-in your name of choice.

Stay tuned.

Ray Alexander III


Washington supported for 97th seat

I am writing in support of Kevin Washington in his bid for our House of Delegates seat in Hanover. He is a military veteran, as am I, and I am particularly impressed that he was able to obtain his bachelor’s degree, his master’s and his Ph.D. through the G.I. Bill while on active duty.

He served in the enlisted ranks and had one tour of combat duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I have met Mr. Washington several times and he is earnest and a good listener.

When I wrote him that I thought his policy about gun control was unclear, he immediately clarified it on his website. I have the impression that I could talk to him at any time about anything, and he would listen respectfully.

Scott Wyatt, his opponent, seems to be basing his campaign on denying people health care.

He torpedoed Chris Peace after Peace compromised with the Democrats and health care was extended through Medicaid to many thousands. This just strikes me as selfish. Is Wyatt saying, “I have mine, you don’t get yours”?

If we vote for Mr. Washington, we will have a delegate we can be proud of.

Bill Butler


South Anna urged to vote for Sue Dibble

Voters in the South Anna District will be voting for a new supervisor Nov. 5. I am asking that you vote for Mrs. Sue Dibble.

Sue is currently a member of the Hanover County Public School Board, which she has served on with distinction for the past six years.

How many times have I heard parents say, “Yes, Sue was with us during the whole time of the event.” “When there are school activities day or night, Sue is there.”

Think of the benefits we will reap by having a current school board member transition on to our board of supervisors.

Sue Dibble, a successful business person, is continually active in county affairs and dedicated in making Hanover County number one.

Sue, strong in financial services, has developed and monitored corporate, non-profit and school board budgets.

A fiscal conservative, Sue is committed in seeing that we get the “biggest bang” for every tax dollar spent.

She is dedicated in preserving the rural character and history of the South Anna area, and dedicated in preserving the safety and well being of every citizen in Hanover County.

See you at the polls Nov. 5.

Dan Johnson


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