Trump defended after Army officer addresses Ukraine

The truth about the President’s telephone call to Ukraine is finally being made available to the public. It appears this whole uproar started with two complaints filed by Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

Col. Vindman is an immigrant born in Ukraine. That, combined with his military background, should have raised questions related to the validity of his claims.

Many immigrants serve in our military in an effort to avoid deportation. Their loyalties do not lie in the interest of our country primarily but in the interest of their own status regarding their presence here.

In addition, the military complex’s primary interest is in protecting their readiness to provide military assistance to those elements useful to their actions in foreign countries. They are not concerned with the legislative or administrative efforts to solve matters diplomatically and, in fact, are frequently in disagreement with those diplomatic decisions.

Thus, Rep. Adam Schiff should have known to be wary of these claims. But instead, in his zeal to justify his impeachment claims against our President, Rep. Schiff jumped on these claims apparently assisting in their further development into formal accusations to his committee.

Our country has every right to deny aid to a foreign country if past aid has been lost due to corruption in that country’s handling of the funds. In that respect, Trump had every right as our President to delay funding of an additional $391 million of taxpayer funds until Ukraine provided assurance that former corruption would be investigated and not be repeated.

Running as a candidate for President of the United States does not, and should not, render an individual immune from corrupt financial dealings with foreign countries. In fact, it is even more important that any such corruption be exposed.

If Joe Biden has used his political offices to enrich his family this needs to be brought out in the open. It is reasonable to be suspicious of transactions that provide a $50,000 monthly salary for Biden’s son Hunter with a company known for financial corruption in Ukraine.

Likewise, billions of dollars from China related to Biden’s son should be investigated as well. Especially since Hunter Biden had no experience in the business of these companies.

The Democratic Party should be careful about throwing rocks from glass houses. Trump’s efforts to clean up this corruption should be applauded not reprimanded.

The voters should be doubtful of any claims from those in the swamp in Washington, D.C., who attempt to hinder investigations into these practices which have been accepted by both sides of the aisle in the past.

I would like to know why an immigrant from a foreign country whose only claim to fame is that he served honorably in our military is now in such a sensitive security position to be listening in on confidential telephone calls between our President and the President of the country from which he came.

Perhaps Rep. Schiff can provide an answer to this as part of his investigation. But I doubt he will do any such thing in view of his televised internationally broadcast false and prejudiced script of the telephone call in his opening hearing statement.

Martha Cole


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