Citizens should get educated on federal debt

I write about today's "Republicans" and the insane spending by the Trump Administration. Oddly, the only person mentioning this publicly is the disgraced former governor of South Carolina who was recently on ABC's “The View”.

He noted that Trump keeps up this endless “news cycle” of stupid things he said, and people's reactions to it. This way, important, adult matters are dropped by the ratings-craving media.

Few remember the Concord Coalition -- a bi-partisan group of congressmen and others who made the federal debt their main issue. They wanted the public to be made aware of it, and the financial waste it creates, robbing us of national prosperity. Look it up. I was a member.

Republican administrations had run up the federal debt to a sky-high level in the 1980s. Under President Bill Clinton, the entire federal debt was paid off, but not by anything Clinton did. It was actually the surprise revenue from the new dotcom phenomenon.

With the debt gone, the Concord Coalition was happily disbanded. Then, after the Bush Crash in 2008 (again, a Democrat administration had to come in and clean up the Republican mess), the debt reappeared.

Under Trump, this debt had grown far worse than anyone thought possible. But shhhh! Let's talk about some stupid Thing trump said!

Most Americans are in debt. A few can handle credit, but most cannot and, interest rates keep them poor. They either don't understand math or are too undisciplined to heed a bank balance. Most are ignorant of what the federal debt is or its significance. They often hear about the budget deficit, but that's a laugh compared to its father, the debt.

The last “Republican” budget handed your treasury money over to corporations. Simply put, your kids and grandkids will try and pay that debt back. Goodbye, prosperity! Or; we'll have another “Republican” crash. Until then, enjoy your bread and circuses, and ignorance.

Daniel Corso


Resident doesn’t agree with KKK or the NAACP

Well, it appears the paper desires to continue with letters, photos and prayer events related to the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) conducting a peaceful demonstration at the courthouse.

It’s interesting that Canova Peterson, in an effort to protect his votes (he lost mine with his flip-flop), has decided that the KKK does not have the same privilege to peacefully gather as other groups, such as the NAACP, which is a hate group for all conservatives.

Derrick Johnson, current NAACP president, calls President Trump racist and he calls the Tea Party racist (although there is a racial mix of members).

Past President Julian Bond stated Republicans are the “White People’s Party” (even though the KKK raged against Republicans and were all Democrat) and he called us “a crazy swarm of right-wing locusts.”

The NAACP (its name itself is racist) is aligned with the anti-Christian ACLU and Planned Parenthood, and I’m baffled how local pastors inserted themselves and their church members with the group just as I would be if they did the same with the KKK.

I decided to read the articles on the KKK website -- clearly they are a white only group, although I don’t think there are any white people in the Black Riders, Muslim Brotherhood or any of the other 200 known Black only groups, so that is not surprising.

And like the black groups, the KKK is racist in the real definition. Some articles were about history and heritage but one article pointed to the interesting trend today to inspire white guilt and that the Democrats running for president are on that bandwagon.

I don’t agree with the KKK, but I don’t agree with the NAACP either. The Constitution allows for the co-existence of both.

Interestingly, one article on the KKK website talks about the “Tiny Town Tyrants” that rant, rave, call police, and otherwise try to negate their gatherings and literature distribution and the KKK won their case with the Department of Justice.

Our Tiny Town Tyrants have been following the same pattern as has happened in other states. It has just made me more curious, more investigative, and intent on educating myself on what these groups are up to and how they are influencing us with their propaganda.

Patricia Lassiter


Name changes for schools is protest issue

It is clear that those persons protesting the recent appearance of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) at the Hanover Courthouse are the ones who are not only pleased but perhaps overjoyed at that KKK non-event. I say non-event because the entire membership of the KKK would likely fit into a small room. The average Hanoverian wouldn’t have even known they were there if they had simply been ignored.

One would have thought that these protesters would have lain low following their failure, by a vote of 84% of Hanoverians, to change the names of our Hanover County Public Schools, Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson Middle School. That certainly is their real goal, at least for starters. But, showing their detestation for democracy, they quickly regrouped and decided to force the issue. Using the golden opportunity of the KKK non-event, they targeted and attempted to shame the Hanover County Board of Supervisors. Yes, cut off the head and the body will die. Good strategy if we as Hanoverians let it work.

My paternal great-grandfather, Charles Reardon, was a member of Company A, 71st Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment. You can find his name on the 10-foot monument to the 71st on the Gettysburg Battlefield. He fought on the Union side in every major battle of the Civil War, from the Seven Days to Fredericksburg to Antietam to Gettysburg to Cold Harbor and everything in-between.

At Gettysburg, his Regiment was stationed at “Bloody Angle,” where the fiercest fighting took place. And he did not fight to free slaves

That is because the war was not fought over slavery. Who do you think bought that Southern cotton for their Northern textile mills, and who bought that sugar cane for their Northern Distilleries? New England mills alone consumed over 283 million pounds of slave-produced cotton, or 67% of the 422 million pounds of cotton used in U.S. mills in 1860. And we might mention those quarter million slaves on the Union side that Lincoln did not free with his Emancipation Proclamation.

Yes, change those Hanover County Public Schools names, and the next target will be the Monument to Hanover County Confederate soldiers at the Hanover Courthouse. And I proudly mention that among those many brave Confederate soldiers listed is that of my maternal great-grandfather, George Burnett, the only Confederate soldier from Old Cold Harbor.

Michael “Mickey” Reardon


We have heard enough of the pretend talk

We live in a fallen world. We need representatives that are willing to work for solutions: U.S. Sen. Mark Warner and Gov. Ralph Northam just want to talk about it then decide to push the so-called talks back until November. Shame on you.

We need committees throughout Hanover County held accountable and they have the obligation to provide solutions and not just talk. So many just to step down – they see only what they choose to see and are not willing to see the real problems.

I grew up where we always respect our elders, not the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office. They choose to lecture a senior citizen on what they should have done; the conversation was recorded how many times was it said. You shoulda, you shoulda – then the solution that the resident should move. Is that the reposition you want?

Talks on gun control possibly new laws – that’s a dead end. There’s no one to enforce laws already in place. Some gun problems we’re having never should have been on the streets in the hands of the general public.

Proposed universal background checks – is not a solution, only another waste of taxpayers’ money. The general public doesn’t understand that background checks are not foolproof. A crime can be committed today here or another state. That person might not be charged until a month or more later depending on the state, geographic jurisdiction, or court system. Those are just a few of the factors that could allow a gun to be purchased today. This rule could only apply to honest gun collectors. I’ve stated over a decade that the face of crime has changed: they’re younger and different methods. Law enforcement still uses outdated guidelines. I once lived in Atlanta, Georgia, during that time known as the murder capital; yet I have seen and experienced more unlawful issues here in Hanover County in the past 10 years than I did in my three years there.

I know it wants to work – the guns are already out there; let’s take a different approach. “Guns don’t kill,” but the ammunition you put in them does. I was 9 years old when I fired my first gun, a Colt .22 pearl-handled similar to what Gen. George Patton carried. I get, however, even a responsible gun owner doesn’t need and never should have had access to magazines that would hold 10, 20 or more rounds, so stop the useless talk and do an immediate recall today as it is a safety risk to all “humans.” Ammo and magazines that hold over 10 rounds, as well as military equipment, need to stay. They’re not for resale to the general public. At this point, hold the manufacturer accountable; we don’t need detachable double-stack shotgun mags and our private gun shops as well.

I had my uncle lose a wife – a normal summer day doing laundry, back door open, enjoying the day just off Woodman Road. Her ex-husband would park at the end of the block, walk in the back yard of the neighbors, and stand in the backyard, would fire shots through that screen door. She would lay all alone until later that evening. It would take days before that person would be found and charged.

Step up! Stop the violence that starts here. You’re allowing innocent people and our children to be in the line of fire.

Blanche Roberts


Soccer team admonished for actions

I want to congratulate the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team on its championship, but that is where it ends.

The actions of several team members since the win have been vile and disgusting. The example they are setting for their fans is reprehensible.

They will do much more for their “cause” by acting like adults rather than spoiled rotten babies.

Unless there is a big change, women’s soccer goes in the same bin as NFL football. Good riddance!

Oh, and how about being able to beat a junior high boys’ soccer team before you start talking pay equality.

John Crockett


Writer seeks to educate KKK supporters

In regards to the many letters written to the editor published in the July 31 Mechanicsville Local, I would absolutely love to further educate those who see themselves as Klan enablers, supporters, members, or whoever.

First, to the “gentleman” Lee Turner: I wonder if you know that the first chapter of the NAACP was formed in 1909 as a biracial endeavor to advance justice for “folks of color” by a group of people far more intelligent than you or I to end the numerous lynchings that occurred with such evil regularity that white folks had picnics during such.

I wonder if Mr. Turner also knows that there had been dozens and dozens of other NAACP chapters founded throughout “the South” for much the same reason(s) ... to enable group-protection from vile and evil participation of frightened whites in felonies against many black folks; some for just being successful.

You can go to the “Lynching Museum” just outside Montgomery, Alabama, to learn all about the people (names included) who were lynched all over “the South” because white people(s) saw these innocent folks as dangerous threats who “are taking our land and our women” (quote from the little mislad [brainwashed] white boy) who murdered nine folks at Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, a mere four years ago this past June 17 -- the same butcherous and foul opinions that have darkened this society for 400 years (happy anniversary).

Point is that for you to compare the NAACP to the cowardly Klan shows exactly where your (and all those like you, y’alls) “hearts” really is. To think that one group that was founded by a sore loser general (Forrest), which relied on “terrorism” at night (under the cover of darkness) to “show them #%*?!@& folks freedom” to another group that stands for simply enjoying what the Constitution guarantees to all ... makes my blood boil!

I know a “certain someone” who also was a stupid and ignorant kid who got their “battleflag-tats” almost 40 years ago because of the thought that all this (Klan, flag, pride) was for “heritage.” It never was. It never should be. It never will be. It never amounted to a tinker’s damn. It’d be just like any German being proud to display the Swastika. Evidence of this can be seen in any video(s) of the despicable White Right March that fouled the air around Charlottesville two years ago this August (happy anniversary again).

This “certain someone” has elected to leave these (two) racist-tats on to educate narrow-minded people such as yourself since the advent of the dark and evil underworld power that’s stolen the White House has given all these Klan folks the courage they need to come out of the cracks in the walls.

To Dan Corso: Thank you, sir, for educating folks as to the blame we all need to face. The dark past that began as a simple and greedy method for Southern planters to become wealthy (even in today’s standards) with “free labor” grew into the hatred of brown folks by white folks, which, still today, is seen within the clowns parading around in their costumes with the white bonnets, where some are still hidden behind their masks (a Class 4 Felony in Virginia I believe).

By the way, two requirements to join the Klan: You’ve got to be white (almost getting impossible anthropologically) and you’ve got to be a “Christian.”

I wonder: Don’t these Klan folks know that Jesus Christ is, was and always will be ... brown. That’s correct. Geography doesn’t lie. His Mother Mary was from Southern/Central Judea. Two thousand years ago, there weren’t the transplanted white folks that there are today in (Israel).

I’ll stop now (my wife’s reminding me to shut up). Last thought: This country (along with the help of the most dangerous human to ever occupy the executive branch) is methodically moving to the same breaking point of the late 1850s.

If there is another civil war (which I’m sure the Klan would simply lust for), there will not be a “Restoration.” There will not be a “white separatist utopia” set aside in Idaho (or wherever).

Russia, China, North Korea and ISIS will all come in and carve it up and the precious little dream of a nation of immigrants who wanted freedom and self-governing will die on the ash heap of history (with Nazi Germany).

Dr. Richard Ryder


Fake news: Truths that are not for public

The letters to The Mechanicsville Local editor these days are all about local politics but has anyone noticed that the President’s name comes up daily due to fake news trying to associate him with criminals, criminal activity, lying, bad decisions and tweets. All this is unfairly orchestrated by the Washington post, NYT, CNN, MSNBC and Democrats to name a few.

My definition of fake news would be: “Truths that fake politicians don’t want you to know about”.

A simple solution to stop this harassment of the President would be to somehow buy up these fake news papers and TV stations and close them down. Not only would the Democrats and other sore losers not have an outlet any longer but having only one opinion on all matters pertaining to the American people would solve a lot of arguments.

The Media should stick with news of importance such as animal rescues and acts of Mother Nature.

I’m pretty close to agreeing with the die-hard supporters of a party that the U.S. Constitution was for existing conditions in 1787 and does not apply to present day politics.

Our present and future presidents, either Democrat or Republican, should have full control of not only the Executive Branch but full control of the Legislative and Judicial branches without interference from the media or an opposing party.

This type of system has proven to work well for some Third World countries such as Venezuela, Russia and North Korea whom we could use as role models.

If anyone wants to organize a fundraiser to buy up these fake news outlets and stop the harassment, count me in. I can throw in my profit from the sale of my PEZ dispenser to get things rolling.

Ted Mentz

Old Church

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