Voter: Wyatt deserves our support for House

I met Scott Wyatt several years ago, when we both showed up with donations for a Hanover family who had lost everything in a fire.

Later, when Scott became the Cold Harbor representative on the Hanover County Board of Supervisors, I remembered his affable manner and neighbor-next-door demeanor.

Over the years I have been impressed by Scott’s role on the Hanover County Board of Supervisors, and have applauded his contributions to our community.

I was delighted to see that Scott was challenging Del. Chris Peace, who had become an unreliable representative in the General Assembly over the last several years.

In addition to being pro-life and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, Scott’s conservative platform also includes decreasing regulations, managing growth, lowering taxes, supporting small businesses, and public safety. His record shows his commitment to those principles.

In 2018, Scott worked to rein in development. He pushed-back on Hanover’s 5-year comprehensive plan, reducing the density of multi-family complexes by 25%. Scott shares our concerns for out-of-control development!

Scott also has demonstrated his support for small businesses. In his role as an appointee to the statewide towing board, he fought against regulations that would have crippled many towing companies, especially smaller companies in rural communities like ours.

Scott also worked closely with the owners of Breakthrough K9, as they worked with the county to establish their business in Hanover.

As someone who spearheaded the fight against the movie theater in Mechanicsville, it is important to me that Scott protects the rights of property owners.

Last year, the county edged towards building a large athletic complex at the site of the Gaines Mill and Cold Harbor battlefields. As a soccer mom, I recognize the need for more playing fields. However, like the movie theater, this was the wrong location for the project.

A quiet, rural neighborhood needn’t have high traffic, noise and bright lights next door! Scott listened to constituents and worked with the American Battlefield Trust, which purchased the property from the county. Scott protected that quiet neighborhood, while also preserving a piece of Hanover’s rich heritage.

Scott also pushed back against higher taxes. When the county was looking to increase taxes through vehicle registration, Scott joined several other supervisors and killed the plan.

Scott has the utmost respect for the men and women in public safety, whether that’s Fire-EMS, Animal Control, or the Sheriff’s Office. He volunteers at fundraisers to support East Hanover and Black Creek Volunteer Fire Departments, and has done numerous ride-alongs with sheriff’s deputies to gain insight into the challenges they face on every shift.

Members of the Sheriff’s Office speak of their appreciation for Scott’s frequent visits, in which he inquires about current happenings and to learn about their needs.

Scott’s insights into the inner workings of public safety allow him to address the needs of those departments, while still advocating for a conservative county budget.

Finally, prior to retiring, Scott worked for 33 years in the private sector before entering politics. His real world experience is a welcome change to career politicians!

Scott Wyatt’s consistent conservative record reflects the 97th District’s values, and I look forward to voting for him in November!

Deb Wetlaufer


Resident urges support for ‘Mrs. Bubbly’

I will never forget the first time I met Angela Kelly-Wiecek. I nicknamed her “Mrs. Bubbly”.

Angela never ceased to amaze me in all the activities she was involved with, which turned out perfect. Her willingness to hear all sides of a challenge and then was able to develop a successful solution.

Angela and I participated in the Hanover County Planning Academy. I could tell then that she would go far in holding positions of responsibility.

Angela was elected supervisor of the Chickahominy District eight years ago.

I have been to a number of meetings that Angela chaired. Meetings that were well directed and had as their objectives meeting the needs of the citizens of Hanover County.

How many times did I hear her constituents say, “You can depend on Angela to do what she says she will do.”

What a record: chairperson of the Legislative Committee, member of the Safety and Security Committee, Finance Committee, Joint Education Committee, and Road Committee.

Angela has been a member of the Hanover County Board of Supervisors during the time that this county is one of only two counties of its size in the nation that has a triple AAA bond rating. Talk about “squeezing out every penny of every dollar” to get the very best for the citizens of Hanover County.

I have been in meetings of the Joint Education Committee. We can all be proud of the dedication that each of our supervisors have shown in providing the very best for every student in our county.

Angela has fought successfully in obtaining funding for U.S. 360 Phase 2 and funding for the widening of Pole Green Road.

Yes, Angela Kelly-Wiecek has been a leader that every citizen of the county can be proud. A leader that holds the needs and concerns of our citizens at the highest level. A leader who has proven her merits and abilities. Dependability and dedication seem to be rare qualities these days. To be sure that those qualities continue, vote for Angela Kelly-Wiecek.

Dan Johnson


Resident urges election support to supervisor

This letter is in support of Canova Peterson, who is running for re-election to serve as our Mechanicsville District supervisor.

I live in the Suburban Service Area of Mechanicsville and have had the opportunity to work with Peterson on several community projects. He was most helpful in answering questions, listening to concerns, and attended all community meetings.

He addresses issues with a watchful eye for all residents uin our district.

As Mechanicsville continues to grow and change, we need a supervisor with experience, knowledge, and is available to listen to the concerns and ideas of the people he serves.

Please remember to vote in the Primary Election on June 11. Our voices count.

Patty Thomas


Via proves candidates go door-to-door

It’s quite refreshing to talk with Sarah Via and her desire to run for the Cold Harbor District seat on the Hanover County Board of Supervisors.

In an article in a recent issue of The Local written by Jim Ridolphi, he mentioned years ago candidates went door-to-door to meet people and ask for their support. I have not heard of it happening today.

Well, Jim, it still happens today. I just found out that this energetic mom, Sarah Via, went door-to-door looking for support.

She is not looking to be a politician but a servant of the people of this district.

She sees changes that need to be made and is willing to step up to the plate and make it happen.

She is a good Christian mother and a lifetime resident of our county.

It is wonderful to see an ordinary citizen running for this office.

She is a conservative person (look at the small signs she has put up — not those huge $500 signs). This speaks volumes to me as she will do the same thing when she is in position of handling our tax dollars.

Please give Sarah your support. I am most anxious to see what she can achieve.

Gwen Townsend


Stanley merits support for years of service

I was going through some old notes the other day and came across an article. The main theme centered around serving others. We have heard the saying, “To Serve, Not to Be Served” I am sure. We all know those who live by that motto of serving and not seeking to be served.

There is one particular gentleman that comes to mind that I met about 30 years ago.

I was impressed by his friendly smile, his genuine caring in helping me solve a problem that I had asked him about.

You know, that gentleman still has that friendly smile and still has that total commitment to helping others.

Yes, Aubrey “Bucky” Stanley still lives that motto “To Serve Not to Be Served”. I have seen Bucky’s monthly schedule a number of times and I have to ask him each time, “When do you sleep?” Many days, Bucky’s days start at 6:30 a.m. and do not end until 10 or 10:30 that night.

How many times have I heard residents of the Beaverdam District say, “If Bucky says he will meet at such and such a time, he will be there. If Bucky says he will do something, you can count on it getting done.”

I know that there are those that say, “Thirty-six years is long enough, we need someone new.” There are things that you have done all your life and have not changed and I ask why. Why – because they work. You can depend on them.

For 36 years, the citizens of Beaverdam have elected Aubrey “Bucky” Stanley because he has worked for them; he is a person you can depend upon. He is a person that “Lives to serve”.

I urge you to vote for Mr. Dependability, for Mr. Total Commitment in serving the Beaverdam District, Aubrey “Bucky” Stanley.

Dan Johnson


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