Reader: no live fire demonstrations used by veterans

There are no live fire demonstrations. There are no projectiles. Blanks are used. And it is not all day.

You can verify this with the local police who attend the twice a year events that honor veterans, and educate the public.

Everyone needs to know something about what our veterans and active military have done, and do for this country.

My connection with the VFW is my better half is an honorary member of the auxillary. We attend events there and participate in the twice yearly events to honor veterans – on or near Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day.

He also volunteers every Wednesday, helping with BINGO.

Cathy Cowger

Providence Forge

Writer addresses ongoing issue of school names

Once again in the news a person’s reference on the Hanover County School Board was mentioned about the possible renaming of two schools that have names from the Civil War. I began in 8th grade in 1966 at Lee-Davis High School.

The only good I have to say about Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson is they were exceptional leaders of men. The problem is “the what” they were leading for.

White people are simply called white people so I also call here black people the same. To use the term African-American implies a minority. So I learned at a very young age, on my own, to be respectful of all people and at times we must relent on cultural ideals out of respect for others.

I never noticed the horror of young black men and women who attended pep rallies listening to “Dixie” being sung. I am now regretting ever attending a pep rally.

These students had to enter any classroom knowing it was named after a Confederate general. Think of it, white people, what if you had a beef like that and you knew if you said anything there would be an uprising against you? I look at them now as incredible people to have kept the peace like they did while internally they were suffering.

The book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” who that was about the man is a hero. I also look at Rosa Parks the same way and many others. This did not end with the students -- oh no. Some faculty members were at odds with the black teachers!

I grew up being told a black teacher can’t teach and that from those with just 8th grade educations. If you don’t think they can be smarter than you, look up the life of Dr. Ben Carson who is right now secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Now so many white people, of that I am one, want to keep the school names. Those that feel that way, to me, still hold prejudices when you should be saying, “Wow, look what they all dealt with. The least we could do now is change the names.”

It hurts me now knowing all that they went through to get an education and those names are a vivid reminder.

Let them drive by and see Mechanicsville High School! We should change the school names immediately to show how bad we feel and that we now respect all people.

I also grew up being sold on the idea that white people are supreme beings in this world.

Jesus, our Lord and savior who existed even before the world began, was not white like many still believe. He looked like those he was born around.

To not name a name but I do not think she would mind, I talked with the wife of a former black teacher that was forced out who died a bit ago. She didn’t think anyone cared at all. I care and I know many others who also care.

She got to see her granddaughter be the first to march on the field as the head majorette. That’s one proud lady right there, and I am so happy for her. Let this asinine name go. Show some respect.

The war is over, let it go! It is 2019 not 1966 or 1865. It is not the heritage I want to remember. Let’s begin this new one! When you see a black student from the back or educator from back then tell them how sorry you are for all they endured and to show that you also want the name changed at Lee-Davis and Stonewall Middle.

And let’s allow real Christmas songs for the school choirs to sing not just “Jingle Bells.” Show respect for the season and that is the way to understand respect for each other.

The Bible says those who do not recognize us all as equals Christ will not recognize you at your Judgment Day.

The school calendar used to say Christmas Day not winter break and it said Easter not spring break.

We used to have Bible reading. Washington-Henry, our first school, its main subject was the Holy Bible so we had a foundation to even want to learn. That foundation is long gone so see the results?

Probably 70% of born here Americans do not even know what John 3:16 says.

Larry Johnson


Recyclables urged for local business use

I am sitting here at home having just heated up a leftover dinner from a local restaurant. It’s pretty tasty.

A few weeks ago my wife and I went to the Outer Banks and were served a lunch on a recyclable plate made from bamboo.

So I am suggesting that your paper include a category in its “best of” contest you run periodically: call it best restaurant recycling program.

My wife is always on me about recycling and we do try, although we can always do better.

I complain about taxes on our dinners out, but I, for one, am willing to be charged an extra fee if it means a restaurant is providing recycling material either for carry-out or dining in.

In fact, I am calling on local establishments, especially those that do advertise in your paper, to begin advertising that they use recycling products.

Rick Ciferno


(Editor’s note: The following letter first appeared in the July 31, 2019, edition. Due to a few typographical errors, we decided to publish it again in its entirety. We apologize for the mistakes.)

‘The Cause’: Fearful, stupid and angry

When I was a kid in 1962, it was the Centennial of the Civil War. If you look at old toy catalogs, you’ll see a lot of “Rebel” toys. TV and magazines romanticized the Confederacy. I thought it was just innocent fun about a past event.

Though my father was from Louisiana, he was an officer in the U.S. Army and never promoted “The Cause” or espoused racial bigotry. He was an American and a gentleman.

Today, the issue of “The Cause” is a pathetic, racist push. Like evil, it has persisted. Unlike Evil, it has to be kept alive in each generation by three acts:

Keep ’em fearful.

Keep ’em stupid.

Keep ’em angry.

It started before the “Wah of Nawthun Aggression” when the rich Southerners (like certain rich nowadays) manipulated the uneducated, fearful poor against the black man (like nowadays), warning them that the black man is coming for your money, your “wimmin”, and your liquor. Enter fear.

Did you ever wonder why Southern states are always so down on the Federal government’s control of education? It is simply that they need to keep mis-educating students to believe in “The Cause.” Enter stupid.

Great statues of Confederate “heroes” stand in the South to this day to glorify “The Cause” to remind the black man that this cancer might return someday. But enter the brown man. Not enough wall. Enter angry.

Let’s not mince words; Lee and all his conspirators were traitors to the United States of America. The common soldier was the dupe of his day just as now, fighting to prop up rich people but believing he was fighting for his home and hearth against the scary non-white man. But Putin is OK, huh?

So, in Hanover County, Virginia, the backwater hicks voted to keep the school names of Davis and Jackson and “Keep the Dream Alive”. Let’s ask criminals if we should hire more police. Gee, what would they say?

Don Ducote


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