Sliding Hill Road motorists seek solution

Wegmans Distribution Center article, and recent letters, begs a workable solution for us daily users of Sliding Hill Road. The Hanover County Board of Supervisors (HCBOS) needs a “Lesson Learned” from the recent Cedar Lane construction project.

HCBOS’ very own appointed planning commissioners changed their minds, and overruled a second entryway, at U.S. 1.Traffic nightmares occur when the HCBOS, and its own planning commissioners, limit large developments to just one entryway.

Sliding Hill Road is a two-lane winding country road with sharp curves leading towards the Askcake Road intersection. Solution? The HCBOS requires that the Wegmans’ main entryway be at the four-lane intersection of Sliding Hill and New Ashcake roads. That four-lane road directly connects to what is right now being expanded as a four-lane road all the way westward to Interstate 95.

Donald E. White


Impeachment impact on 2020 election

When the notion to impeach Donald Trump first gained traction in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, appeared hesitant to launch the all-out assault in the game of political chess. Eventually, she climbed on board with the clique that wanted to checkmate the 45th President for alleged High Crimes related to pressuring Ukraine to investigate political rival Joe Biden.

The Articles of Impeachment that ensued caused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, to declare the House action a political process aimed at undoing a national election, not a judicial one.

If Trump is cleared, which seems likely in the Republican-controlled Senate, the impeachment will have little effect on voters who faithfully endorse Trump or those who passionately despise him.

As for the voters on the fence who will decide the 2020 election, most have experienced significant prosperity during Trump’s time in office. To sway these folks, Democrats need to lengthen the drama as long as possible with the hope that will destroy Trump’s credibility in the court of public opinion.

Instead of processing the Articles of Impeachment immediately, Pelosi held them longer than expected. And Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, began to beat the drum for new witness testimony during the trial.

McConnell resisted that idea, while reprimanding Democrats in the House for not gathering sufficient evidence in their investigation.

McConnell, who acknowledged he is not an impartial juror, appears determined the Senate procedure will be a formality to clear Trump.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, McConnell stated he would coordinate the trial with White House counsel, which drew outrage from Democrats and a few Republicans.

The informed electorate understands politicians are merely people and thus are capable of using public office for personal gain. Although Trump would not be the first president to do so, proving that he committed High Crimes is an entirely different matter.

And similarly, Biden, who was once recorded as one of the least wealthy senators, also is capable of wrongdoings. If more witnesses are called, Biden and his son Hunter would probably be on the list.

The senior Biden is apparently uncomfortable about testifying, but he should not be blamed for avoiding the center stage of a grueling political interrogation. At the very least, this kind of witch hunt often publicly damages an individual’s veracity, not ideal for a presidential hopeful at this stage of his campaign.

Whatever the outcome of the trial, the impeachment process has likely raised the stakes in this year’s election.

If Trump survives in the Senate, the failed maneuver could actually bolster his chance for re-election and the position of the GOP in other races, which some have predicted. On the other hand, if the unprecedented happens and he is removed from office, the GOP will be in chaos with November rapidly approaching, and the harmful fallout may extend beyond that.

Daniel Corso


Parents urged to pay heed to internet use

Parents: Internet predators want your child to commit suicide and they are doing a good job as hundreds of kids have died. Kids are enticed to make money, accept The Blue Whale Challenge (that gives the kids 50 challenges for 50 days).

The predators ask children to cut a letter or number in their arm. They warn the child that parents and siblings will be harmed if they do not comply. The last challenge is to jump off a high building.

There is the Choking Challenge, where kids are asked to tie a belt around their throats tight enough for them to pass out.

There is the Fire Challenge, where kids are asked to pour alcohol on the back of their hands and set it on fire.

Parents: Protect your child now before it is too late. Federal Law says no child under 13 should have a smartphone.

All computers and smartphones should be removed over night from the child’s bedroom.

Kids claim they do homework but they only do 10 minutes homework and then go online for hours. All app stores should be closed.

Hashtags should be viewed before they are open to children.Talk to your kids and access phones and computers.

Notify other parents to these dangers.

Joan Austen


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