All voters urged to take part in election process

As the Presidential Primary election arrives on March 3, I just wanted to remind everyone that there will be a Democratic Primary; however, no Republican Primary will be held.

I say this because I want to alleviate confusion and make sure Republican voters don’t show up to the polls unless they choose to.

I ask everyone who wants to vote in the Democratic Primary to do so even if they identify as a Republican.

It is, in my opinion, voting for the candidate that most fits your view will result in better governance.

Every election (even primaries) are extremely important and voting in them will result in better representation.

I look forward to seeing each and every voter at the polls.

P.S. If you are interested in working the election, please reach out to your local registrar’s office.

Alex Culp


Resident says no compromise with NAACP

The NAACP is a well-funded national organization that is clearly not interested in the betterment of humanity as a whole. They should be spending their money where it makes a difference like the inner cities of America, and of Richmond, just 10 miles away, where the very people they claim to advance are struggling with real life crises today. They should not be investing in cozenage away from reality here in Hanover County. Yet, instead they chose to spend their money on lawyers and apocryphal lawsuits bullying the citizens of Hanover County into demonizing prominent Virginians.

The lawsuit against the school system in Hanover County is sophistical, tyrannical, and propaganda in its simplest form. The NAACP is hoping for an easy victory in their credulous motives, with the citizens of Hanover County compromising outside of the court room -- a compromise that will be borne in monetary leverage by the NAACP and not in true bipartisanship with the Hanover County citizenry.

Under the conditions premised by the NAACP, there can be no compromise.

The citizens of Hanover County should stand up to the NAACP and expose this lawsuit for what it really is, the promotion of division, hate, and propaganda to push a political agenda of tyranny, selfishness, and fallacy.

If the Hanover County School Board is fearful they do not have the monetary resources for defense in this lawsuit, I am confident there is support from the citizenry. All that needs to be done is ask. I am not talking about support from extreme organizations like Nazis or Unite the Right, but about support from legitimate, concerned everyday people that want sanity, equality, and peace.

Gregory A. Wetzel


Reader defends Trump and his welfare work

Joan Austen ends her rhetoric in “America needs a President for the People” with “We need a President who has the interest of the people of America”.

And you say make America great again was in the past? Did you just land on Plymouth Rock? Or do you live in a vacuum?

If you want to help the poor, homeless and hungry, start a soup kitchen, pay their medical and welcome them into your home. Because Trump has done more to get people off welfare than you can possibly imagine. And you say he’s self-absorbed. He doesn’t take a salary ... how’s that for self-absorbed?

John St George


Outright ban on firearms unconstitutional

“Paranoia strikes deep in the heartland.” This was my first thought after letter-writer Jeff Kleb said that those wanting sensible gun regulations are “wannabe tyrants” who will “inch us closer to their totalitarian objective of a disarmed citizenry.” I’m getting tired of hearing such uninformed rants.

The Supreme Court decision McDonald v. City of Chicago (passed in 2010 during Obama’s presidency) made it clear that an outright ban on ownership of all kinds of firearms would be unconstitutional.

Why don’t the Jeff Klebs out there stop pretending it’s not the law or that it’s only a worthless, unenforceable interpretation of the Constitution? It is not.

What is allowable under the Constitution are laws that have been passed and found constitutional at the state and local level, which (1) prevent persons with no legal right to own firearms to purchase them from “private sellers” without having their backgrounds checked, (2) prevent citizens from firing dozens of high-velocity bullets in seconds, (3) prevent someone to fire those bullets in urban areas where they can pass through walls and across streets, and (4) prevent an individual in severe crisis to remain armed until after he takes his own life or the lives of others.

These laws are considered “sensible regulations” to the majority of American citizens and their passage will not occur without the intense scrutiny of pro-gun advocates.

I’m hoping anxious pro-gun folks will cool their jets and will increasingly present themselves as knowledgeable about the law and less cynical about the agenda of those wanting more control over firearms.

John Schuiteman


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