Robert E. Lee statue should be removed

In regard to Charles B. Nunn Jr. letter, Robert E. Lee was not a gentleman. He stood behind slavery.

If the South had won the war, slavery would have continued while Lily White Lee walked away, having done his job to preserve it.

Yes, let’s not forget history, but leaving a statue that glorifies what the South stood for has no right to be displayed in a country that is trying desperately to unite.

Carole Olsen


Questioning how sins linger or overlooked

I need some help. I have watched, listened to, and read about the protests, demonstrations, and violence, going on within our country against racism.

Yet, 90 percent of the protesters and demonstrators will go to the polls in November and vote for a Democrat.

The Democrats who gave us the Ku Klux Klan, and the Jim Crow laws, which were enacted to disenfranchise and remove political and economic gains made by blacks during the Reconstruction period.

Many African Americans have the false belief that the Democrat Party was responsible for the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but the truth is that better than 30 percent on the Democrats in the House and the Senate voted against it.

If it hadn’t been for the Republicans coming alongside the Democrats who did support it, the bill would have failed.

I need help in understanding how the sins of the past of some are condemned and the sins of others are overlooked.

Earl Acors


Difficult to list all wrong with Trump Empire

There is so much wrong with our nation under this Trump Empire that I can’t even list it all even in bullet points. But here’s some:

l Trump drives all the people out of government who know anything or care about anything other than themselves.

l Reason and rationality are pointless. We’ve almost come to the point of violence. Oh, wait, we have. George Floyd, to name but many.

l Your tax dollars going right into the hands of the super-rich. This $1,200 people are getting? Peanuts! The “connected” are getting millions! But the little red fools don’t see it, so it doesn’t exist.

l The federal debt is growing under every “Republican” administrator. You know – the party that claims to be “fiscally responsible”? I’ll go into more detail another time. Bottom line? You and each citizen owe about $77,000. “Oh, hogwash. I don’t believe that – no how!” Yeah, that’s why you owe so much.

l Right-wing thugs are at it again, infiltrating the protests. Remember the rioters at the Dade County Courthouse in 2000 to stop the election recount? They were brought in by right-wing money that wanted Bush installed for:

1. The Republicans’ big Bush tax giveaway to the rich;

2. Cutting the leash that keeps big business as honest as we can;

3. Lowering of taxes, but only for the rich and corporations!

How’s the thuggery work? A platoon of on-hand, enthusiastic, fascist troublemakers are sent to a hot spot by right-wing money, put in nice motels, and fed well. The mission: spark furious people into physical violence, and, if arrested, claim to be leftists.

l Pope Trump the First (and last!);

l Get those scumbags out of my way; I want a photo op over there. Just shoot ’em or gas ’em, Bill. I don’t care.

My Baptist friend, in the 1980s, listened to a preacher on “Family Radio” who claimed that 1994 would be the end of the world. I countered and argued with my friend. They based all their cryptic calculations on 1948 and other typical misunderstandings -- and guess what? False gospel.

Now, in 2020, we have this trite, petty, moron rich boy with a team of slicksters that want the Trump Gravy Train to continue. Miraculously, it seems, this totally unqualified “person” became President of our nation.

Then, he dodges every snare, which life and man put to him, including the draft. This consummate loser makes it to our highest office and goes to Vietnam in Air Force One with the top Russian! And his fans see nothing wrong with that!

So, anyway, people said he’s the Anti-Christ and I said, “Nah, he’s just an insignificant weasel whose 15 are way into overtime.” But he escapes more prosecutions as, incredibly, “American” officials lie under oath and aid his treachery! But I still say, “Nah.”

But today ... Trump is shown holding a Bible in two photo ops he created himself. In both photos, he is seen holding the Bible backwards. Then, if you notice the spine of the book, it proves he’s holding the Bible upside down.

This seems trivial, but I believe it is very significant. Many know that a meme of Satanism is to post the crucifix upside down. Did Trump did this on purpose, or was he given to do this as a sign to us, like, “Wake up!”? What if these two photos are Relevation’s two witnesses speaking in the street that nobody can shut up?

Finally, I hate looters more than I can state here. I also hate the right-wing thugs that encourage looting and stir angry protesters to violence for political gain.

But most will not hear the anarchist voices and will remain peaceful.

Yet, our fascist government sneers at their supporters.

They are “Might-Makes-Right” Neanderthals, as are their supporters.They care nothing for egg-head Libtard laws.

“Call out the guns and dogs! Strength wins! Blut und Eisen.”

Don Ducote


Sincere thanks extended to a friendly patriot

I was waiting on the takeout line at the Peking Restaurant in Mechanicsville.

A woman in front of me asked if she could get to her without losing her place in line. I nodded my head and she went to her car.

She returned shortly, said thanks, and asked if I had served in the U.S. Army.

My Army shirt and hat must have been a giveaway.

I said, “Yes”, and she responded with the five works all us vets love to hear: “Thank you for your service”. I responded, as usual, with, “It was an honor and a pleasure”.

She went to the window to pick up her order and I said goodbye as I moved to get my order.

I asked how much and the gentleman said that my $30 order had been paid by the woman that was in front of me.

I turned to thank her but she had already reached her car.

I always try to do the same when I am at a fast food place, but rarely need to spend more than $10.

I got into my car and caught her at the light where I had the opportunity to sincerely thank her.

She was driving a late model Camry with a Wounded Warriors Project License plate holder, in case you know her.

She was attractive, slim, with grey hair, and I want to publicly thank her again and thank any citizen that takes the time to help support a member of the Armed Forces.

God Bless.

Bob Corson


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  • News delivered straight to your inbox via e-newsletters
  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email