Reader surprised at number of haters in county

First, may I state that upon reading about the recent Hanover County School Board meeting, I am amazed that there are so many haters in Hanover County.

I am a resident of Mechanicsville and my children attended Cool Spring, Chickahominy, and now Atlee schools.

During this time, not once did I ever hear about any issues when it came to children who are living their truth. Yes, there was bullying, and, yes, there were issues with the bus, etc., but no one used the hurtful and derogatory language that was spouted at the Oct. 8, 2019, school board meeting, such as referring to a child as “it.”

Adults who know nothing about a subject should not be pontificating as if they do.

I cannot believe that there was no one at this meeting to contradict these extremely uninformed individuals, who seem to think that they have all the answers. Good thing that there will be educated adults in attendance at 7 p.m. on Nov. 12.

God created us all and God does not make mistakes. Our brain is the organ that tells us who we are and how we feel. If you’re a child who knows inside who you are, but your body doesn’t match your mind/inner feelings about who you are, that can be a pretty scary thing.

Being transgender is not a medical disorder or a choice; it is who a person is on the inside. Some children know right away in the early years of their life, and some children don’t realize it until they go through puberty -- but it is something that cannot be ignored.

If you’d like to learn more about it, watch the National Geographic special that Katie Couric put together a few years ago; it is quite enlightening.

It is high-time that Hanover County seriously considers a policy that protects all of our children, but especially our LGBTQ+ children, because, like it or not, as a parent of a transfemale, I can tell you that there are many more wonderfully brave children in your schools, towns and families, than you realize. These children deserve the same rights and permissions all children deserve.

There needs to be a way for all children to participate in all activities without ever having stigma attached. If the issue is gym class, then let the child change in the restroom of the locker room, if the other children are actually bothered by them being there.

I often wonder how much of the complaining is the parent, and not the child; I truly think that most of the issues lie with the uneducated parent and not the accepting children.

I look forward to attending the HCSB meeting on Nov. 12. First, to say thank you to Atlee, for not discriminating against our child, and, second, to see if these haters will have the nerve to say those words to the faces of all the parents of LGBTQ+ children that will be there.

Thank you for reading and perhaps learning something new.

Rosemarie Owen


Local thanked for information in special guide

Many thanks to The Mechanicsville Local for running such a comprehensive 2019 Election Guide. It was complete with polling locations and sample ballots for each location. Most interesting was the number of registered voters in Hanover County.

For the first time, I will write-in my candidate of choice. You also gave information on voting with a write-in.

When questioned concerning what was required, Teresa “Teri” Smithson, the Hanover County Voter Registrar/Director of Elections, said it was most important that the voter’s intention is evident.

I will write Christopher K. Peace but Chris Peace would also be all right.

Again, thanks for making voting in Hanover County such a pleasure.

Doreen Peay


HCSB means HCBOS vote counts twice

When you cast your vote for the candidate in your district for the Hanover County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 5, you also are essentially voting for your Hanover County School Board representative.

Hanover is one of the few remaining counties in Virginia that does not allow residents to elect our school board members.

Recently, at the Hanover County Board of Supervisors Candidate Forum at Randolph-Macon College, the two Cold Harbor candidates, James Doran and Michael Herzberg, were asked what they are looking for in the school board member they will be responsible for appointing.

James Doran, who has two children in our school system, is looking forward to interviewing multiple interested members from our community while Michael Herzberg responded that he intends to reappoint the current Cold Harbor District School Board representative.

When you have made your decision about who you will appoint before you’ve been elected, community input has been stifled, and a closed process has been created.

As a parent of children in Hanover County Public Schools and a resident of the Cold Harbor District, I want my supervisor to enter the process with an open mind rather than one that circumvents the entire process.

Fellow Cold Harbor residents: Are we looking for a supervisor who is willing to put forth the effort to find the ideal school board representative or are we happy with the status quo?

James Doran has a long history in the Cold Harbor District. His children have attended Cold Harbor Elementary School, Stonewall Jackson Middle School and Lee-Davis High School.

He has been an active volunteer in our schools long before his candidacy and he understands what challenges our schools face.

James Doran is, by far, the best candidate to lead the Cold Harbor District.

Cheryl Campbell


Transgender issue doesn’t apply with child

In reference to the new issue of accommodating transgender students, it is important to first understand that there is no transgender student.

Laws are state to state, but, in researching all states, there are few if any doctors nationwide who will perform gender reassignment on a child.

The exception is on a child with ambiguous genitalia at birth, which is very rare and even then surgery is not recommended. (see case of David Reimes). The surgery is upwards to $50,000.

Therefore, we can be assured that there is no transgender child in Hanover County Public Schools, but a child who cross-dresses and may be hopeful for gender change, but it has not happened. Therefore, there should be no issue, just as there was not for West Point Schools when Gavin Grimm was pursing special accommodations (she is still suing everyone as a boy but still a girl as has not had reassignment surgery). (She is in California hoping to be a teacher).

The following information is from Kenzi Mudge, a vocal LGBTQ advocate:

Q: At what age can children have sexual reassignment surgery?

A: At no age.

I have never heard of any doctor approving sexual reassignment for a child. They would likely lose their license.

Children are often not even prescribed hormone replacement. The whole concept of children making decisions about their medical transition is an uninformed, alarmist lie to oppose supporting trans people.

The most that happens to children with gender dysphoria is:

• Social transition. They are often allowed to engage in activities with other children of the same gender, and they usually dress the same.

• Puberty delay. Because some components of puberty are permanent, and we don’t like transgender kids making any kind of permanent decisions, puberty is medically delayed until, at the earliest, 16 years of age.

At the age of 16, some doctors will approve hormone replacement therapy.

Around the age of 18, trans people start to get options in hormone replacement and surgery.

Ms. Mudge is quoting from law and it amazes me that Hanover County School Board members have not researched this issue to make a reasonable policy based on the fact that there are no transgender students in our school system. Cross-dressing is not transgender and does not allow for special treatment.

Parents should arm themselves with all the information on the subject they can research and go up against any school that wants to allow boys in girls’ private spaces.

Patsy Lassiter


Reader goes with ‘If it ain’t broken’

I went to the “Candidates for Supervisor” forum Wednesday night, Oct. 16, held on the campus of Randolph-Macon College. The attendance was very friendly.

If you did not attend, you missed a chance to hear where the candidates stand on different topics that could have major effects on the future of Hanover County and its citizens. One of the candidates from the Beaverdam District stated, “If I am elected, I will seek to have our school board members elected.” I can assure you that candidate was not Aubrey “Bucky” Stanley.

I saw red lights flashing and sirens blaring. There is a phrase or word used when someone tries the same thing over and over again and comes up with the same results. Let’s look at counties in and around us that now have elected school board members. How many times have we heard of school board members having legal battles with members of either city council or board of supervisors members or vice versa?

The moment one is elected to something, getting re-elected is priority. What county with a large school system has all of its schools accredited? Yes, it is Hanover County. Can any county or city in our area with elected school board members claim that? What county in Virginia has the lowest “dropout rate”? Yep, you guessed it, Hanover County. What county has one of if not the highest graduation rate in Virginia? If you said Hanover County -- spot-on.

I have seen counties that in the past that were highly-rated experience drastic declines in student performance once they initiated having elected school board members. Ladies and gentlemen, we need a level-headed, clear-thinking person elected to our board of supervisors and that candidate is Aubrey “Bucky” Stanley.

Dan Johnson


As Dr. Bosher retires, patient recalls visit

I join many others who wish Dr. Paul Bosher well as he closes his medical practice and begins his well-earned retirement.

But I have to admit that he hurt my feelings one time. Yes, he did! It was about 40 years ago when I was pastor of Walnut Grove Baptist Church. I was having some persistent throat problems that wouldn’t seem to go away with my OTC skills. So I went to the Medical Center, the only one in town to see the doctor. Dr. Bosher was the one I saw. He was substituting for one of the physicians there. I think it was for Dr. Wysor.

I explained my problem and he looked carefully at my throat, asked me to make some noises while he was watching. He checked me over very carefully and then looked again at my throat.

He looked me straight in the face and said with great conviction: “You have the preacher’s disease. You talk too much.” Oh, it hurt me deeply! It took me years to get over it. (His brother, Dr. Bill Bosher, would have told me that for nothing.)

Of course, I’m just kidding. He has many appreciative friends, and I am among them, for the great work he has done. We send him our thanks and our best wishes for many happy years ahead.

Dr. Fred R. Skaggs


Resident urges support for Scott Wyatt

In less than a week, it will be Election Day here in the Commonwealth. The issues we all care about are more at stake than in any previous election in Virginia’s recent history.

I’ve repeated this to many friends, to which they accuse me of hyperbolizing and exaggerating the magnitude of what could change if Democrats’ take the majority in both chambers in Virginia’s government. Issues like sanctuary cities, gun control, high taxes, and other liberal policies will permanently change our Commonwealth from the wonderful place it is now.

Scott Wyatt has been a champion for conservative policies during his entire tenure on the Hanover County Board of Supervisors. He’s stood his ground on taxes, funding great public schools that remain among the best in the Commonwealth, and has fought for sustainable growth that allows for new businesses while maintaining our rural heritage.

As a delegate, I have no doubt that Mr. Wyatt will continue to serve the people of Hanover and that’s why I’m asking you to join me in voting for him on Nov. 5.

When the only two choices you have are a strong conservative like Scott Wyatt, and a Democrat who is too scared to actually run as a Democrat because of the district profile, the choice is abundantly clear. Scott Wyatt will make a great next delegate for the 97th District.

Hannah Kraynak


Conversations with Herzberg convince voter

After voting in the Hanover County Board of Supervisors Republican primary back in June, I had the pleasure of speaking briefly with the now Republican candidate for the Cold Harbor District seat on that board, Michael Herzberg. Recently, I had an even more pleasurable and enlightening experience of speaking with him by phone.

Based on our conversation, I am convinced that Michael Herzberg would make a very worthy successor to Scott Wyatt and to the late great Elton Wade.

It matters little to me how long Michael has lived in the Cold Harbor District. As one who has four children who attended Hanover County Public Schools, including Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson Middle School, and as one whose maternal ancestry goes back centuries in what is now the Cold Harbor Distract, my only concern is a candidate’s values.

Michael Herzberg has the conservative values that we as Hanoverians cherish. A vote for him is a vote to keep Hanover great.

Michael T. “Mickey” Reardon


Supporter says Wyatt supports Republicans

The (true) Republican nominee for the 97th House District, Scott Wyatt, supports everything true Republicans believe in and reflects the type of nominee, I think, every district in the Commonwealth would be fortunate to have.

Support for Mr. Wyatt is critical to help maintain the razor-thin Republican majority in the House of Delegates in the Virginia General Assembly.

However, the former Republican challenger for Mr. Wyatt’s being the Republican nominee for Delegate of the 97th House District, Chris Peace, has not gone away.

I understand that supporters of Mr. Peace are running a strong sub rosa campaign urging these supporters of Mr. Peace to write him in on the ballot for the delegate for the 97th House District on the upcoming Election Day.

This campaign is far deeper than the occasional “Write-In Chris Peace” road side signs that have popped up here and there around the area. The only effective way to overcome this rising write-in tide and write-off Chris Peace is to get out and vote for Scott Wyatt on Election Day.

John Wetlaufer Sr.


Changing party for convictions was surprising


I read the letter from Tywana Hampton with interest and wondering where it was going. Well, to my surprise, she has become a Republican because of her conservative convictions. I would support her for any political office!

She stated that “Policy is more important than people.” That is a powerful statement. Think about it, in this election for the 97th District representative that could not be truer.

Mrs. Hampton and I were in the same boat when it comes to friendship with Chris Peace and Julie, his Chief of Staff. We both love them but “policy is more important than people.”

On Nov. 5, read Mrs. Hampton’s letter to the editor and vote Wyatt.

John T. Wash Sr.


Leaders’ support for Wyatt angers resident

I’m mad as hell with the Hanover Republican Party leadership that supported Scott Wyatt. They took away my right to vote at the Stonewall Jackson Middle School Mass Meeting when they removed my name as a delegate to the Convention.

At that meeting, Scott Wyatt asked his people if they had the list of names to remove (Chris Peace supporters).

They prevented Hanover County residents from joining the Republican Party in fear they would vote to retain Dale Taylor as chair. Against all their rules, they installed a paid political consultant, Nick Collette.

They kicked Ashley Peace, the wife of Del. Chris Peace, out of the Republican Party for supporting her husband. Are these the type of people you really support? They have threatened to kick your current delegate, Chris Peace, out of the Republican Party if he does not do exactly what they say. What can we do to send these elite Republicans a message?

In the Oct. 16, 2019, edition, Tywana Hampton writes: “I have a great deal of respect for Chris Peace and his family and his assistant. I love them all.”

Perhaps she can share the love and join thousands of voters who will be writing in Chris Peace for House of Delegates on Election Day.

In looking at the numbers as we head into the Nov. 5 General Election:

486 -- The number of votes cast at the Convention; 470 votes were cast for Scott Wyatt, I think. Everything is converted to weighed votes and he got 244 weighted votes, so it is hard to tell exactly what happened. You see in the rigged 97th District, everything is weighed in favor of Hanover County. A Hanover County vote counts more than a New Kent County vote and a King William County vote is the same as a Hanover County vote.

2,448 -- The number of votes cast in the Firehouse Primary. Chris Peace got 2,271 votes. These are actual votes. A New Kent County vote and a King William County vote are are the same as a Hanover County vote. Think of that. What a great process.

I think I will go with the 2,271 and write in Chris Peace on Election Day.

John Hopkins


King William resident: write in Peace

As your readers get ready to select their delegate, they should remember:

Let’s spread the word,

Have your voice be heard,

Give the 97th District a sign.

It’s really no trouble,

First, fill in the bubble,

Then, write-in Chris Peace on the line!

Leslee Breeden

King William

Got anarchy rather than monarchy

I voted for the monarchy, big mistake, got anarchy instead. Noticing the praise President Donald Trump “from whom all blessings flow” letters in The Local I find they all seem to be themed from the same source, Hannity, Carlson and Fox News.

I am under the opinion that we are now the closest we have ever been to having a dictator. That will change to a full blown dictator if he gets re-elected.

The guy has hijacked our Department of Justice with scripted acting actors under the direction of himself, fires anyone who does not stick to the script, and can’t be believed in anything he says.

I find it hard to believe a third of the American people will condone this dangerous disregard of our Constitution just to have a Republican president.

For the gift just given Turkey I assume they will have a repayment plan by way of helping in the 2020 election; Russia is happy with the way things are going so don’t count them out of the 2020 election; China will be more apt to help in the 2020 election with some tariff relief; and soon we should find what North Korean Kim’s role will be.

Amazing how different things look, and sound to an Independent without a dog in the fight.

After three years of daily tweets and speeches from the Rose Garden, Trump has convinced me that he is a genius, successful businessman and legend in his own mind.

The one prediction I make that will surely come true is that Trump backers will be a sorry bunch when Democrats take over and try to control our government the same way they think Trump is entitled to do.

Ted Mentz

Old Church

King William resident weighs in on 97th race

Up until now, Republican voters in the House of Delegates 97th Legislative District have been denied their right to vote for the candidate of their choice by the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee (SCC).

Corrupt Boss Tweed and the Tammany Hall political machine, notorious for picking candidates in the 1800s in New York, or today’s Chinese Communist Party Politburo couldn’t have done a better job than the SCC Bosses in disenfranchising their voters.

There have been many media reports, the most in-depth ones by Bearing Drift’s Rollin Reisinger, about how the Republican Party of Virginia SCC Bosses took away the voting rights of 97th District Republican voters. I want to share my witness to two incidents of many that help illustrate how this travesty on the voters was orchestrated.

The first incident occurred at the March 19, 2019, meeting of the 97th District Committee when the Convention “Call” (the official Convention document) was approved. I watched Scott Wyatt’s “proxy” continuously look at his smartphone during the meeting and appear to be receiving instructions on how to vote. He even changed one vote after looking at his phone. I wondered at the time who was instructing him and only later did we all find out that the SCC Bosses were behind the voter theft all along.

The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) chairman, Jack Wilson, had to cancel the Scott Wyatt-rigged Convention in accordance with the RPV Party Plan.

Rather than not have a Republican Party nominee, the 97th District Committee met again on May 8 and voted to have a Canvass, which would allow all Republicans to vote for a nominee.

It was on the steps of the King William County library a few minutes after the meeting that I spoke with Sen. Tommy Norment’s spokesman, Jeff Ryer. He was confident that it didn’t matter that the RPV chair had cancelled the Convention in accordance with the RPV Party Plan or that RPV legal counsel rulings supported his decision.

Scott Wyatt would be the nominee. What Ryer knew, and I didn’t, was that 53 of the RPV SCC Bosses had decided to overrule their own Party Plan, Party chairman, and ignore its own legal rulings to declare Scott Wyatt as the nominee and they didn’t really care who the voters wanted.

The Bosses were confident that after stealing the nomination, the 75% of voters who always vote Republican in the 97th District would vote for the candidate the Bosses selected. What they didn’t take into account were the many voters who would be angry that they lost the right to vote for a Republican and smart enough to know that they could finally vote for the candidate of their choice without fear of a Democrat winning on Election Day.

Voters can now make the choice that has been denied to them for so long. They can choose the candidate the Republican Bosses picked for them, Scott Wyatt, or they can finally have their voice be heard by taking a few extra moments to fill in the write-in candidate bubble and then writing Chris Peace’s name on the line on the ballot.

The choice is now finally in the hands of the voters.

John Breeden

King William County

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