Resident offers suggestion on identifying schools

I appreciate the strongly felt citizen angst on both sides concerning our school names. To help resolve this, I propose that we implement a national government school identifier code. The ID convention would be GS-State Code-County Code-School Level code-Identifier.

For example, Virginia’s code might be 46; Hanover County’s code might be 42; the code for School Level might be H (High School); the Identifier for Atlee might be 1. Given this example, Atlee High School would become GS-46-42-H-1. I can hear the fans in the stadium chanting wildly: "Go GS-46-42-H-1 –ers! Fight! Fight! Fight!”

I’ll admit, however, that this gives me pause as I contemplate what the school song might have to be. I hope that this helps.

Tom Mulvehill


Voter will be writing in Peace for House seat

In response to the letter from Nick Colette, Hanover Republican Committee chairman, regarding the write-in idea.

As a citizen of Hanover County, I take my responsibility to vote when needed to vote very strongly.

Prior to the so called “convention of The Republican Party,” I was informed by the media this convention was going to be held at Hanover High School as opposed to a voting primary. Then we were told this convention was cancelled.

No further mass notice was given to “now we are having this convention at Atlee High School”. Had I know in advance I would have been there.

I personally went by Atlee High School for another matter when this “convention” was taking place. My thoughts were “What was happening at the school?” Little did I know that Chris Peace voters were being denied their right to support him.

Yes, Mr. Colette, Chris Peace was “thrown under the bus.” If you doubted that, just look at the turnout of voters at the firehouse election. I was in that line that wrapped around the building. I take offense at the notion Chris Peace has let the citizens of Hanover County down.

If this county was so bad under all those years, why is this county so desirable? My response: Because of Chris Peace. Maybe all his voting did not make all citizens happy, but no one can do that.

I have indicated on the Scott Wyatt website and Facebook page that I could not give my vote to a candidate that won by such a one-sided practice as I witnessed.

I will be one of the voters writing in my vote for Chris Peace. I can only hope others will follow. Our voters need to be heard and have a fair convention or primary.

Faye Smith


Robocall didn’t include Peace in voter options

I recently received a Robocall for a survey regarding the upcoming election for the 97th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. There were four options:

1. Vote for Republican Scott Wyatt.

2. Vote for Democrat Kevin Washington

3. Undecided.

4. Not voting.

As it happens, none of those options apply to me. I tried to get through to a person to explain my intention to write-in the incumbent, Republican Chris Peace, with my vote, but was locked into those four options. So I hung up without answering.

I didn’t have the presence of mind at the beginning of the call to write down the name of the polling organization, but I sure wish I had.

Any pollster for this district that does not acknowledge the possibility of a write-in decision is either ignorant of the facts on the ground or intentionally trying to manipulate the results by forcing a binary decision.

The facts are:

(1) Scott Wyatt received roughly 245 votes at the convention held on May 4th.

(2) Chris Peace received 2,271 votes in the firehouse primary held on June 1st.

(3) Even though Del. Peace chose to concede to the results of the May 4th convention rather than engage in protracted legal proceedings, there are many of the 2,271 June 1st voters who are disappointed with his decision and are actively promoting Peace as a write-in candidate.

It is disingenuous of any political entity to acknowledge only the first fact and ignore the other two.

A good poll should measure the actual inclinations of the participants of the poll. It should not try to force a particular result. This was not a good poll.

Geoff Johnson


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