Immigrants have always served the U.S.

I feel I must respond to the person who wrote an extremely long letter to the editor in the local issue on Nov. 6. The title of the letter was Trump defended after Army officer addresses Ukraine.

Immigrants have served in our Armed Forces since the beginning of this nation’s history. Immigrants were drafted during the Vietnam War, World War 1 and World War 2.

Why the letter-writer suggests the intentions of an immigrant, who came to this country when he was 3 years old, might only serve to prevent deportation is absurd. I can’t imagine a 3-year-old having memories and allegiance to the country where he was born. I suppose if you had ancestors in Italy, for example, someone could accuse you of being loyal to Italy. But you’d be laughed out of the room.

The original complaint came from a whistleblower whose identity, so far, we don’t know.

There is no proof whatsoever on any of the claims Trump is making about the phone call and his reasons for denying the aid Congress approved. It is a violation of the law to ask or accept assistance form a foreign country to help with your campaign. Maybe the letter-writer has been watching too much of the Fox Network. Let’s remember their evening shows aren’t news -- they’re entertainment and the hosts offer their opinions, not facts.

If Trump is so concerned about corruption, he only needs to look in the mirror to see first-hand what corruption looks like. Five witnesses have come forward all saying the same thing. Republicans complained about a closed hearing demanding an open one. When the time came, they voted against holding an open impeachment inquiry.

Anyone with sense should realize Republicans in Congress only care about and support the party not the people.

I’m not about to debate the issue on Trump and his administration or to the many other accusations made in the letter. History will no doubt have plenty to say about it and it will not be positive.

Kevin Damian


Voter: denied preferred candidate

I would consider myself an Independent-minded voter.

I was looking forward to casting my ballot in the Republican Presidential Primary.

As I was researching which candidate I wanted to vote for, I realized the Virginia Republican Party decided to close ranks and deny myself and all Republicans the right to vote in an open primary. They instead chose to hold a Presidential Preference Vote at the State Convention.

The people of Virginia deserve to be able to vote for whomever they want to without having to jump through hoops or prove their allegiance to a political party.

I call on both the Republican and Democrat Parties to stop holding conventions/firehouse primaries and give the power back to the people.

If you want to vote in the primaries, I believe you should be able to vote for the candidate that best fits your views and convictions.

Conventions trample on our right to choose because it gives power to the few instead of the whole.

I wish parties didn’t try to protect their incumbents by using a convention and instead let the people make that decision on their own.

Alex Culp


School name issue needs to be examined

In light of new information that the Hanover County School Board has disclosed, all of the taxpayers in Hanover should examine closely the renaming of schools. It will cost half a million dollars to change the names and the board will incur hundreds of thousands in legal fees.

A million dollars of school money to change names of schools is not what parents want.

The board is currently searching for land to build new schools within the decade and then the schools will be renamed.

The NAACP’s declaration that the current names violate the Constitutional Rights of African American students is far-reaching subjective nonsense.

No one at any school in Hanover is “championing the legacy of segregation and oppression in order to participate in school activities” (as stated by NAACP)

I have attended Lee-Davis High School football games this year and befriended a woman and her mother and her two daughters, African American students, who perform in the band.

I note African American cheerleaders, football players and dancers as well. They all look happy.

I discussed the name issue with mom and grandma and they both shrugged – it would be nice, they said, but their first priority is school excellence, which is why they live in Hanover.

Neither has written letters or are involved in name change. They are satisfied with the education their girls are receiving and ignore the name.

My African American neighbors all graduated from L-DHS and their rich legacy of education support in Hanover is well known.

One was a Army Ranger in Vietnam, his son is a high ranking LEO, his daughter a teacher, and their children attend L-DHS and Stonewall Jackson Middle School. There are many more families like this one whose children have done well and do well at the schools.

I have been a proponent of name change for L-DHS but when the cost that needs to go to uniforms, books, supplies, equipment will be spent on doing so outweighs the desire to do so, I take the position that needs are more important than wants and that waiting for the new schools and renaming then is the most judicious, reasonable, cost-effective path to take.

If indeed black students were being harmed in any way by the school name, then it would be important to address that issue, but from what I have seen and know that is not the case -- all children thrive in Hanover County Public Schools.

Patsy Lassiter


Questioning letter about call to Ukraine

In responding to Martha Cole’s letter, I don’t know quite where to start.

I would first ask if she actually read the “non-transcript/transcript” of the phone call to the President of Ukraine released by the White House. It’s chilling.

Not entirely sure why that “excellent” transcript alone is not enough to move forward with impeachment as the intent of the call has only been collaborated by testimony and the President has even admitted as such:

The President is illegally seeking to have foreign government interference in the election process of the United States and withholding military foreign aid if the interference is not forthcoming.

As we’ve learned, it’s really not material that the foreign aid was ultimately provided; the solicitation for foreign interference is enough in and of itself. I’m not entirely sure why this doesn’t scare even the Trumplicans.

That said, I’m going to take a wild guess and suggest that perhaps Ms. Cole has not served in the military.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman came to the U.S. when he was 3 years old. He has served with dedication and honorably as many immigrants have.

He also has been stationed where he can provide valuable assistance and input.

For some reason, I’ll suspect that Lt. Col. Vindman has passed some pretty exhaustive security checks.

What sort of litmus test is Ms. Cole suggesting? Only domestic-born individuals should be allowed to serve in the military? What about second generation? Third?

So, Timothy McVeigh is fine because he was born in the U.S.? Sure, let’s enlist more just like him.

So, it’s all a matter of rooting out corruption? “Former corruption should be investigated and not be repeated.”

Clearly, that’s a different sort of litmus test that apparently doesn’t apply to the administration’s dealing with Saudi Arabia, but I digress.

Also ignoring the fact that no one has been able to provide a scintilla of evidence for corruption on behalf of the Biden family.

And before you throw stones at the possibility of perhaps bad judgment, the President promised to drain the Washington, D.C., swamp.Instead, he has surrounded himself with family members, appointees and advisers who’ve been accused of conflicts of interest, misuse of public funds, influence-peddling, self-enrichment, working for foreign governments, failure to disclose information and violating ethics rules.

Some are under investigation or facing lawsuits, others have resigned, and five have either been convicted or pleaded guilty, including three for lying to government officials.

Even the non-transcript/transcript alludes to corruption by the Administration and a further violation of the Constitution in a statement attributed to President Zelensky.

There is clearly a cult of personality for Trumplicans who seem to walk around with blinders.

The President’s actions, and of those on his behalf, would not be tolerated by anyone if they were conducted by someone else.

Ronald Reagan was accused of being a Teflon President. Not sure how to describe the current administration.

Rob Wittman: Seriously listen to the testimony.

Yancey Bradshaw


Rebuttal to Ms. Cole’s Nov. 6 letter

OMG, lady.

Are y’all Trump thumpers (as opposed to “Bible thumpers”) ever gonna stop worshipping lard-gawd, great leader Trump?

During your (absolutely ridiculous) Nov. 6 Mechanicsville Local letter, you begin by: 1) insulting immigrants and 2) folks “with a military background” . . . and soooo close to Veterans Day to boot!

Lt. Col. Alex Vindman was 3 when he came here. Three! He’s the very epitome of what this country is all about. Betcha the “Kohls of Germany” or the “Coles of Scotland” could tell you a similar story.

He was injured defending your right of free speech (and free press as well [unfortunately]) and received the Purple Heart. Trump received five illegal and fraudulent draft deferments in comparison (more “real validity”).

Are y’all Trump thumpers so screwed up that you’re insulting “folks with military backgrounds” by inferring “these should have raised questions related to validity?”

Do you know what valid is?

Valid is the US Attorney’s Office in New York convicting the “Trump Mgt. Company” of discrimination in a housing scam against African descendants in 1973.

Valid is the same charge being levied against the Trump Mgt. Company (again) in 1979. These illegal crimes began Trump’s mafia enterprises 46 years ago!

There are dozens and dozens, more and frankly, rebutting your letter filled with incorrect fabrications isn’t worth too much an effort on my part.

I won’t go into the usual extended diatribe this time because after the upcoming live/public testimony (against more Trump crimes) given by a plethora of career professionals (of which most are Republicans) I’m sure y’all’s lard gawd will remain unscathed (or will he?).

Yes: great leader could, in fact, shoot someone on 5th Avenue and this: your lard ’n’ saver, gawd Trump would get away with it.

Simply pitiful.

Dr. Richard Ryder


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