I generally avoid mingling sweet fruit with savory meat, but pork has always managed to defy my insistence that fruit and meat be separate.

The sweet, usually acidulated fruit complements rather than competes with the mild flavor of the meat, while cutting through its rich fattiness. Think stewed oranges in a long braise, sautéed apples with loin, and spit-roasted pineapple with tacos al pastor.

For me to fully enjoy fruit and meat together, I steer hard into the savoriness. This means that, no matter what fruit I’m using, I’m going to add lots of alliums, like chopped shallot, or, as I did here, thinly sliced red onions. They’re tossed with a bit of vinegar and the aforementioned fruit (firm, preferably slightly underripe plums), which, after a trip to the skillet to deglaze all those porky bits, end up with a slightly softened but decidedly unmushy texture.

The result is a sort of DIY sweet-and-sour sauce but with no added sugar, more sour than sweet. It mixes with the tawny brown juices from the resting pork, making a sort of impromptu dressing for topping the sliced chops.

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