I can’t wait for Gov. Ralph Northam and the Democratic General Assembly in January to give us free college. At 68 years old, I am heading back to school. I will take art, literature, music, etc. I will audit them or take them pass-fail. I am sure they will have a free seat for me.

Michael C. Boggs,



Bernie Sanders is accusing Michael Bloomberg of trying to “buy” the Democratic nomination. At least Bloomberg is using his own money to campaign and is not determined to use the power of our government to form a Marxist utopia. Perhaps we should all be slightly more concerned about Mayor Mike’s declaration that his international news organization will lay off investigating Democratic opponents and himself, yet the current president can expect lots of scrutiny. This seems to be a much greater abuse of power and wealth than self-funding.

Alan Pillow,

Glen Allen


We’ve had hours of Adam Schiff, stuff about Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, congressional meetings and firings. Has there been any current news about the fires and the demolition of large portions of California? Were the fires so great that the newshounds there also were destroyed?

Sam Holland,



What is to keep terrorists from using drones for their purposes? Like guns that get into the wrong hands, it seems that terrorists could deliver explosives into a crowd just like Amazon delivers packages.

Gary Grove,



Most home fires are caused by heaters like space heaters. We should ask the manufacturers to build in smoke detectors in such heaters so that people in their homes get an immediate sound of alarm to extinguish the fire or can get away. Some people might not have working smoke detectors near such heaters.

Jay Mittal,

Glen Allen


Amen to Mac Hart, the RTD’s Correspondent of the Day on Nov. 24, for saying, “Do away with high-capacity weapons.”

Ron Reed,



After reading in your paper the cost to rename two schools in Hanover County, I feel the NAACP is only interested in erasing history and is not concerned with the education of all Hanover students. The money would be well spent on things needed to improve and provide needed items for the schools. As former Prime Minister of Israel Golda Meir said, “One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.”

Wayne Shortt,


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