So, according to Wednesday’s front page of the RTD, “Virginia is a blue state.” I trust that all existing and newly elected members of the General Assembly will remember that they were elected to serve all citizens of the commonwealth, and not just those who voted for them.

Jim Elliott,



My grandfather had a saying: “When the politicians offer free stuff, 51% of the voting population will vote for that candidate.” Welcome to the Democratic Party.

Bill Mayes,



Now that Virginia has turned “blue” and joined the other states in the Northeast, only one thing is certain, and that’s that taxes and spending will be going up. Hold on to your wallet.

John Kmec,



To all my friends and acquaintances: Don’t bother to call my telephone the day before the next election. I won’t answer it. I received two calls from our commander in chief on Monday. He must have had a slack day.

Holt Livesay Sr.,



I would like to thank the city of Richmond for finally repaving what was arguably the bumpiest stretch of road in town: Williamsburg Road west of the Henrico line to Fulton.The city catches a lot of grief for potholes, but this is now the smoothest part of my commute.

J.J. Morrison,



One way to help students eliminate student debt would be for the college or university to help them pay it off. Universities have endowments in the millions of dollars, and they should be able to reduce some of the debt.

Jim Millner,



Has any winning or losing politician, at any time, anywhere, ever created a “thanks for listening” ad for those who endured months of political commercials and heaps of political flyers?

Robert Green,



I would hate to be out in the middle of the ocean in a boat as leaky as the intelligence hearings.

Fred Dendler,

North Chesterfield


Apparently President Donald Trump gained enough wisdom, having been married more than once, not to divulge a top-secret military operation to someone with the title of Madam Speaker.

Alice E. Hague,



The buzzword used by social justice warriors, especially those in education, is equity. It might sound positive but let’s be honest, it is not equality. Equality means that the rules are the same and equal for everyone. Equity means that the rules are different for individuals because we are all different. The powers-to-be get to determine the rules. A perfect example is Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Jason Kamras calling for a “weighted” lottery in school preference. This discriminates against some and shows preference to others — not equality.

Alan Pillow,

Glen Allen

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